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Introducing "The Blonde Side" by Amber Leigh Hartman | The DC Times

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Introducing "The Blonde Side" by Amber Leigh Hartman

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A.L.'s blog "The Blonde Side" will be hosted right here and will provide a look at the more personal aspects of your favorite players' lives.

The emphasis of Dallas Cowboys Times is to utilize film study to bring you analytical, stat-driven articles concerning everything Cowboys: the draft, game previews, game recaps, and so on. In our mission statement, we claim that we will “employ any method necessary to allow for fans to gain fresh insights regarding America’s Team.”

Sometimes, though, we know that fans just want to read, well, gossip.

Enter Amber Leigh— the feature of our very first edition of “Hot Cowboys Babes.” Amber Leigh’s blog, “The Blonde Side,” will be featured here.  Having developed connections with multiple Cowboys players, media, and others within the organization, she will be able to provide you with inside information regarding more personal aspects of the players’ lives that, quite frankly, we just are not in position to do.

But don’t let the blonde hair fool you. A.L. (you can call her A.L. . . she really enjoys it) truly knows her sh*t. She is educated, well-written, and a lifetime fan of the Silver and Blue.

The ultimate goal of adding “The Blonde Side” to our repertoire is to allow us to provide you with analysis that is more innovative and comprehensive than that which we were previously capable.

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19 Responses to Introducing "The Blonde Side" by Amber Leigh Hartman

  1. Justen Royal says:

    Really good idea. Not bad to look at either :)

  2. Marcus T says:

    Does she really know sports? How can she really give something to your site that you couldnt?

  3. jongb35 says:

    Thanks Justen.

  4. jongb35 says:

    Marcus, I can assure you she really knows the ‘Boys. She is able to provide analysis of things to which we simply don’t have access.

    I think you’ll enjoy her posts. The first will be up tomorrow.

  5. Brian Rasco says:

    I was hoping we’d see more of Amber Leigh after you guys featured her as a “Hot Babe” a few days ago.

    Well she if she knows the Boyz but who cares if we can c her pix? Lol

  6. Brian Rasco says:

    Who cares man? Lol

  7. Mark says:

    Isshe a cheerleader? She looks liek one I saw. Also, The Blond Side is a really good name!

  8. jongb35 says:

    Haha nope not a cheerleader. You could be confused since they all look like her haha.

  9. Brad Strout says:

    Woohoooo! I will be a reader. Can we subscribe to her posts

  10. jongb35 says:

    Yes. Once we switch hosts in early April we will have a new site layout that I think you guys will enjoy. You will be able to subscribe to posts. Her blog will also be synched with her Twitter.

  11. Amber Leigh says:

    I’m excited to be on the team, and I hope y’all enjoy The Blonde Side! Give me ideas and feedback if you can :)!

    xoxo Amber Leigh <3

    PS. Thanks for the DCC comment ;), I am at all of the games with Official Radio Station for the Dallas Cowboys, 105.3 The FAN…maybe that's what you know me from? 😉

  12. Jason W says:

    Yeah I think i’ve seen u…do you do pictures and stuff b4 games?

  13. Amber Leigh says:

    Yes I do :) mostly at the live broadcast, some walking around! <3

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  18. dallas daniel hessler junior says:

    ill read it

  19. Ryan says:

    I’ve seen this chick at games, what a joke! If cutting up and tying ur shirt in different ways qualifies you to know sports, then we could hire half the bimbos who go to games. All she does is giggle and take pics of the players butts

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