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Robert Brewster: The Key to the Cowboys’ Draft? | The DC Times

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Robert Brewster: The Key to the Cowboys’ Draft?

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Could a player with zero NFL snaps influence the Cowboys' draft plans?

Robert Brewster, the Cowboys’ 2009 third round draft pick out of Ball State, was drafted as an offensive tackle. After tearing his pectoral muscle last offseason, however, Brewster never got playing time or practice reps at tackle.

The team stated a few weeks ago that they would try Brewster out at guard, but there are now rumors that he will actually remain at tackle.

The future position of this second-year player is so important because it could determine which path Dallas takes in the upcoming draft. If they view him as the eventual successor to Kyle Kosier or Leonard Davis inside, then perhaps they will look to draft an offensive tackle in round one. Doing so might require that the Cowboys move up to the early 20’s.

On the other hand, if Brewster is seen as best-suited to play outside, then Idaho’s Mike Iupati or Florida’s Maurkice Pouncey may be on the Cowboys’ radar as versatile interior linemen.

Brewster’s position also has ramifications for current Cowboys such as Pat McQuistan, Montrae Holland, and Cory Procter. If Brewster does indeed remain at tackle, for example, there is little chance that McQuistan remains in Dallas in 2010, regardless of the team’s draft plans.

Perhaps, though, our thinking is backwards. It is very possible that, instead of Brewster determining which way the Cowboys go in the draft, the draft will determine which position Brewster plays. This is a more likely scenario in our opinion, as it makes little sense to let a second-year third-rounder with zero playing time affect draft plans.

Instead, if the Cowboys are able to land a player such as Oklahoma OT Trent Williams, expect Brewster to move to guard. This would be bad news for both Procter and Holland, who are in a bit of a catch 22 situation: if the Cowboys draft a guard early then they are obviously in trouble, but if Dallas drafts a tackle early, Brewster may transition to guard and take one of their roster spots anyway.

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One Response to Robert Brewster: The Key to the Cowboys’ Draft?

  1. john coleman says:

    I think your second scenario is the one. Draft the best lineman available within reason, then figure out where Brewster plays. Some of the reserves from last year will not make the team.

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