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2010 Cowboys-Only Mock Draft: Version 4.0, Post-Adams and Hamlin | The DC Times

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2010 Cowboys-Only Mock Draft: Version 4.0, Post-Adams and Hamlin

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In our analysis of the ramifications of releasing Flozell Adams and Ken Hamlin, we noted that Hamlin’s departure indirectly affects the Cowboys’ cornerback depth.  FS/CB Alan Ball will likely move to free safety full-time, leaving Dallas with just three viable options at cornerback.

Would Kyle Wilson's value in the late first round be too good to pass up?

So what happens if one of the Cowboys’ top-rated cornerbacks slides to their selection?  Would they have the bravado to pick him despite recently losing two starters at key positions?

In this Mock Draft Version 4.0, we will take a look at the path Dallas may take should they pull the trigger on a sliding cornerback.

Round 1

Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

Wilson would represent great value with the 27th pick, but he doesn’t fit an immediate need for Dallas.  Yes, the cornerback position is extremely thin, but the top three guys (particularly Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman) are exceptional.

Wilson could compete for nickel duties in 2010 and aid the Cowboys significantly in the return game.  Will that be enough to justify his selection?

Round 2

Vladimir Ducasse, OG/OT, UMass

We have a slight man-crush on Ducasse.  Big, athletic, and versatile, Ducasse has enormous upside–even more so than a lot of first-rounders.

The problem with Ducasse is that he is so raw that it may take some time for him to develop.  Could he have an impact in 2010?  Probably not as large of one as you might expect from a second-rounder.

Round 3

Darrell Stuckey, S, Kansas

The main issue with selecting Wilson in the first round surfaces itself here.  Stuckey is a project and not someone who can be counted on for immediate help in the secondary.  By drafting a lineman in the second round, the Cowboys would ultimately be forced to start either ball or (Michael) Hamlin at FS.

Round 4

Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame

We really believe Dallas could select a multitude of linemen this year.  With Ducasse able to play either tackle or guard (we think he is a tackle), the Cowboys are free to select an offensive lineman who plays basically any position in the later rounds.  Young or Miami’s Jason Fox could be options here.

Don't sleep on the Cowboys drafting a fullback.

Round 6

Clifton Geathers, DT/DE, South Carolina

We have been pushing the need for a versatile DT/DE of late, even projecting the Cowboys to select Penn State’s Jared Odrick in recent mock drafts.  However, selecting Wilson in the first round pigeon-holes Dallas into drafting an offensive lineman and safety in rounds two and three, so the DT/DE hybrid spot cannot be addressed until the later rounds.

Round 7

John Conner, FB, Kentucky

Conner may not last this long, but he is perhaps the top fullback prospect in this class.  With Deon Anderson’s future up in the air and John Phillips unable to convert to fullback full-time, Conner makes a lot of sense for Dallas.


Overall, this mock draft seems a bit weaker than our previous ones.  Sure, the Cowboys obtain a player of great value in Boise State CB Kyle Wilson, but at what cost?  Can this team really afford to go into the 2010 season with Alan Ball, Michael Hamlin, and Darrell Stuckey as the choices at free safety?

Ultimately, if Dallas does not make a move for a free safety or left tackle prior to the Draft, we fear their options could become quite narrow.

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15 Responses to 2010 Cowboys-Only Mock Draft: Version 4.0, Post-Adams and Hamlin

  1. chris says:

    it funny you assume ball is the starter in 2010. No way. Either Hamlin, Alen, Thomas or Burnett. Brutal draft man, step that shit up.

  2. As of now, yes, Ball is the starter at FS. Unfortunate but true. Burnett and Nate Allen are legit options, but I don’t see Dallas having any shot at Thomas.

  3. Long Ball says:

    I like Wilson, but heard the Cowboys have McCourty in their sites — Stuckey is another RW, big-hit/no-cover safety and I don’t see them drafting him. Sam Young is a stiff, I would take a flyer on Tony Washington later in the draft.

  4. Dallas is more likely to take McCourty because of his projected draft position, but they likely have Wilson rated higher. I also like Tony Washington but I think he will go MUCH higher than people think….like 2nd round.

  5. chris says:

    I heard they ay trade up with miami for ET or with Oakland for Berry

  6. Wow…that would just cost too much. The price would be the Cowboys’ entire draft and more. It is just too far to travel.

  7. Tyrone Biggums says:

    One big glaring omission from this mock – a kicker. I guess an assumption can be made that either Beuhler will get the job or a FA will be brought in, but I think the 6th and 7th picks will go to FB and kicker. Also, I think if Brandon Spikes (ILB from Florida) is there in round 4, he will be the choice.

  8. john coleman says:

    I could easily see JJ swapping picks. Our first for an early 2nd and a mid 3rd. Or maybe our 1st and a player to move up a few. Who knows, but anything is possible. One player you didn’t have, but others have mentioned here is Tony Washington. My understanding is Dallas scouts were the only ones at his pro day. One of them even ran the drills. All of his measurables are LTacklish. IMO he will be in a Cowboy uniform. Just days after his pro day Flo is gone. I agree that Ducasse is a possibility because of the G/T thing. But I still think he is a guard.

  9. Tyrone-I don’t think Dallas will draft a kicker. With Buehler and Hughes on the roster, I don’t think the upside is there to use a draft pick on a kicker when they could obtain (hopefully) a future impact player, esp in a class as deep as this.

    John- Washington is a definite option. He has 2nd round ability at worst IMO, but will drop due to some character concerns.

  10. Justin Shoe says:

    Do you think their is a good chance Major Wright is still there in the 3rd, instead of drafting Stuckey?

  11. Good question. I project Wright to get taken in the early 3rd. If he is available in the back of the 3rd, I think he has the range and play-making ability to be higher on the Cowboys’ board than Stuckey.

  12. john coleman says:

    Washington’s issues are from some time ago aren’t they?

  13. Absolutely…from when he was 16. As far as I know he hasn’t done anything since then, but what he did (Google it if you don’t know) was so weird (I guess that is the best word to use) that it may scare teams off. I’m not really sure exactly how it will affect him to be honest–kind of a rare situation haha.

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