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2010 Dallas Cowboys Schedule/Opponents | The DC Times

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2010 Dallas Cowboys Schedule/Opponents

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We already know which teams the Cowboys will play in 2010, just not when they will play them.   The official schedule does not come out for five days but we have analysis of each Dallas’ opponent below, including a few schedule predictions.


NYG, @NYG: These games are always a battle.  There is a rumor the Giants will host the Cowboys in their new stadium in Week 1–a chance for payback.

PHI, @PHI: The Cowboys obviously clipped the Eagles’ wings three times last season, but the 2010 Philly team will be a much different version than the ’09 edition.

WSH, @WSH: The new-look Redskins may not be such an easy win this year.  With six extremely difficult division games, Dallas would probably do well just to go 4-2.


CHI: We predict this game will be on Thanksgiving.  The Cowboys will likely play a non-division NFC opponent, leaving Chicago, Detroit, and New Orleans as the only options.  Detroit has its own Turkey Day game and the NFL will likely save the N.O. matchup.

DET: One of the Cowboys few “automatic” games, the Lions could act as a buffer between division opponents.

NO: The Cowboys play the NFC’s other 2009 division winners in 2010.  The Saints will likely have revenge on their minds, but at least Dallas gets them at home.

@GB: Dallas has got to be praying they get to travel to Green Bay early in the season.  Last year’s mid-season trip to Lambeau was arguably the team’s worst game all year.

@MIN: Everyone in the organization will have this one circled.  Expect the ‘Boys to come out firing.

@ARZ: Arizona lost a lot of impact players (Warner, Dansby, Rolle).  The Cowboys 2008 season fell apart in the desert.


JAX: When the Jags are the second-easiest opponent on your schedule, you know you have a difficult road to the playoffs.

TEN: The Titans were a playoff-caliber team with V.Y. at the helm last season.  Let’s see if the Cowboys have the speed to contain Chris Johnson.

@HOU: We are predicting the Texans to be a playoff team in 2010.  Whether or not that is the case, this intra-state matchup will not be easy.

@IND: We really don’t need to say much about this one.  It could be the Cowboys’ most difficult game.

No matter how the schedule turns out, Dallas has an incredibly difficult road to, well, Dallas–the home of Super Bowl XLV.  In fact, it is statistically the hardest in the NFC (based on teams’ 2009 winning percentages).

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7 Responses to 2010 Dallas Cowboys Schedule/Opponents

  1. john coleman says:

    4-2 in division will be good. The rest of it is a crap shoot. We will shut down Chris Johnson, but VY may hurt us with his legs. Indy will be exposed, provided we can get pressure on Peyton, and get solid safety play. We beat NO at their house this year. GB, Minn, and Houston worry me. GB and Houston always play us tough. IMO Minnesota was the best teams in the NFL last year. They handed the game to NO, with turnovers. With all of that said we could be anywhere from 7-3 to 5-5 outside of the division. So 10-6 or 9-7 is a reality. However, with no fall off at LT,WR, or safety, or any slight improvement at those positions we could go 13-3. I’m also assuming the defense continues their overall stellar play, and we make 80-85% of our field goals.

  2. 13-3 is certainly a possibility, but IMO very unlikely with their schedule. 11-5 looks most likely to me right now.

    I think the defense will play well again, but assuming 80-85 percent FG’s could be a little optimistic. I certainly hope Buehler (or whoever wins the job) can hit 85 percent, but I wouldn’t assume it just yet.

    I see GB, IND, NO, and MIN as the toughest games next season. 2-2 in those is probable. 3-1 would almost guarantee playoffs.

  3. Jackalot says:

    I really liked your post. i’am find to long time with to see it. Thank you for New Knowledge

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