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2010 NFL Draft: 10 Bold Predictions

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Every year we make a list of somewhat bold predictions concerning the NFL Draft.  Below are this year’s forecasts–five general NFL predictions, and five dealing solely with the Cowboys.

Non-Cowboys Predictions

1. Florida QB Tim Tebow will be drafted in the first round.

Is Tebow a first round talent?  We think so, but obviously a handful of teams do not (Jerry Jones, do you have any thoughts on Tebow?).

Nonetheless, someone will covet Tebow’s leadership and willingness to work as hard as possible to become a winner.  Expect a team in the early second round to jump up to the late first to grab him.

2. Oklahoma’s Trent Williams, not Oklahoma State’s Russell Okung, will be the first offensive tackle off of the board.

This prediction is based on draft order.  In all likelihood, the Redskins will have their choice of offensive tackles at the 4th overall selection.  Okung is the consensus #1 LT, but Williams seems to better fit their offense.  Coach Shanahan loves zone-blocking–a scheme that emphasizes athleticism among linemen.  They don’t come much more athletic than Williams.

3.  Texas QB Colt McCoy will get picked no later than the 38th overall selection.

Who selects at that spot?  The Cleveland Browns.  Expect the new head honcho Mike Holmgren to select McCoy–perhaps the most accurate quarterback in this class–to run his West Coast offense. . .but only if no one trades up ahead of the Browns to snatch McCoy.

4.  Virginia Tech DE Jason Worilds will go to a 3-4 team in the mid-second round.

Worilds is so under-the-radar it is unreal.  We assume many of you have never heard of the V-Tech product, but he had the fastest 10-yard split of any defensive end at the Combine.  With all of the talk of Michigan’s Brandon Graham and TCU’s Jerry Hughes, Worilds is in a perfect position to be the first “Who the **** is he?” player drafted this year.

5.  No tight end will be selected in the entire first round.

Oklahoma’s Jermaine Gresham and Arizona’s Rob Gronkowski are the only tight ends with a legitimate shot to go in the first round.  The Cincinnati Bengals have been linked to Gresham, while a recent report calls Gronkowski a “darkhorse” selection for the Baltimore Ravens.

However, both teams have more pressing needs and with such a deep class tight end class, other squads may prefer to hold off on selecting one as well.

Dallas Cowboys Predictions

1.  Dallas will trade at least one player on the current roster on draft day.

The front-runner?  Martellus Bennett.  The darkhorse?  Marcus Spears.  An early second-rounder would probably suffice for both players (although it is more realistic for Spears).  This would allow the ‘Boys to acquire two first round-quality impact players.

2.  The Cowboys will not select at pick#27–they will either move up or back.

If the Cowboys do trade a player on draft day, don’t rule out the team using that player as trade bait to move up in the first round.  If a stud offensive tackle or safety drops into the mid-first round, they may be inclined to package their first round pick and a player like Spears to go get him.

If no quality offensive tackles or safeties drop (which we see as more likely), the Cowboys could move back into the early second round.  This would allow them to acquire both an extra pick and a player like USF FS Nate Allen.

Also, read our article on why the new draft format might make Dallas more inclined to move out of the first round.

3.  Dallas will make an inordinate number of trades–even more than last season.

We already detailed why the new draft format will cause more trades.  The extra time between rounds gives organizations all day (literally) to dangle picks.  Expect the Cowboys to make multiple moves just within the first two days of the draft.

4.  R. Okung, B. Bulaga, T. Williams, A. Davis, B. Campbell, C. Brown, E. Berry, E. Thomas, M. Iupati, and M. Pouncey will all be selected before the 27th pick.

Many people are assuming that a run on offensive tackles will force other players at positions of need down to the 27th pick.  Not so.  Of the players listed above, only Campbell, Brown, Iupati, and Pouncey have a realistic chance of falling to the Cowboys’ selection.  We still don’t think any of them will.

5.  The Cowboys will not address either left tackle or safety with their first selection.

This prediction goes hand-in-hand with #4.  With all of the top-tier players at both tackle and safety off the board, the Cowboys will either 1. select a player at a “non-need” position, 2.  move out of the first round, or 3. reach for a player at left tackle or free safety.

The Cowboys have done an admirable job in recent years of not reaching for players in the first round.  So what does this mean?  Probably that the majority of Cowboys fans will be unhappy come April 22.

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18 Responses to 2010 NFL Draft: 10 Bold Predictions

  1. john coleman says:

    To me the Tebow thing in the 1st is the only one that is a stretch. However I believe the guy will play in this league. Look out in 2 to 3 yrs. People with his drive and intangibles are rare. He will make it. I could also see DT/DE or CB at 27th. That would fit our trends anyway. No way JJ makes this boring. He’s so edgy now that he is drinking and spouting.

  2. Hey John,

    The attributes you assigned Tebow are the reason I think he will go in the 1st…some team will be willing to take a chance.

    Odrick is a big-time possibility if he is still on the board, although he seems to be moving up. Do the Cowboys like McCourty enough to select him at 27? My guess is they would take Nate Allen over him, with Wilson the only CB they might select who has a chance to drop.

  3. Craig Kocay says:

    What are the chances of trading players like martyb, marion, Spears?

    What could we get from them?

  4. You named the three guys who are probably most likely to be traded, although I doubt Barber is going anywhere. Realistically, I can’t see a team really giving anything more than a late-round pick for him with his contract.

    Bennett and Spears would both fetch mid-round picks in my estimation (early 3rd would be pushing the limits). Spears is the most likely to be dealt on draft day IMO.

  5. Craig Kocay says:

    Do you think spears trade makes odrick a frontrunner to be picked up? Or Brian price

  6. Odrick is definitely a much better fit than Price. Most scouts don’t think Price can move to DE in a 3-4 (we think it COULD work), but Odrick is a perfect five-technique player. If Odrick is available at 27, he will likely be at least top 3 players left on the Cowboys’ board.

  7. Omar says:

    I can totally see the Cowboys taking Odrick, Kiper has them taking Charles Brown and McShay has Taylor Mays (gross), IIRC. I’m guessing they’ll either trade down or take Odrick. If they trade down, I’ll be disappointed, but if all the OL prospects are gone, but I think it will be the right move…just because it’s the smart decision doesn’t mean I have to be happy about all the good OL prospects being gone by 27.

  8. Yeah I am in the same boat…I will be in NYC for the Draft so I obviously want to see a pick on Thursday night. If the smart decision is to trade out though, then I can’t be too upset.

  9. BTW Omar, did you submit your Mock Draft on the website here? I got your e-mail, but submit it in the comments here if you haven’t yet: http://dallascowboystimes.com/2010/04/dallas-cowboys-times-2010-nfl-mock-draft-challenge-win-a-signed-tony-romo-mini-helmet/

  10. Omar says:

    I’m going to laugh when Tebow gets eviscerated by NFL defenses.

  11. Omar says:

    Also, how do people feel about the Cowboys taking Charles Brown?

  12. I’m iffy about Brown. He doesn’t fit the system, but maybe that is just what Dallas needs. The problem would be if Free eventually takes over at RT, you would have two finesse guys without much “mauler” in them. Selecting him would be a clear sign the Cowboys are going in a different direction in terms of their offensive mindset.

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  15. Miami guy says:

    Great job with the predictions. Not perfect, but really way more accurate so far (after Day 1) than almost anyone else. Did you think the ‘boys would pick Dez?

  16. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I gotta be honest, I thought the LAST person JJ would pick at 27 would be Dez, let alone move up 3 spots. I definitely think he’s a TREMENDOUS value at 24, but there are more needs.

  17. Yeah the value is amazing. Let’s hope Bryant uses the slide as motivation now.

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