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April’s Hot Football Babe, Part II: Jasmine Sadry

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We’ve had such great responses to our first two editions of  the “Hot Cowboys Babe” feature–Amber Leigh and Sybil— that we decided to turn up the pace on this monthly feature.  We will be posting new babes, well, whenever we want–but you can expect two or three a month.  Thank us later.

This edition profiles radio host Jasmine Sadry.  Yet another native Texan, Jasmine will own you in anything dealing with sports–and look good doing it.

Name: Jasmine Elizabeth Sadry

Age: 28

Website: 1053thefan.com, facebook.com/jsadry (Jasmine Sadry)

Astrological sign: Virgo

Heritage/ethnic background: Persian/Armenian… more importantly, Native Texan, baby! :)

Location: Irving, (Valley Ranch) Texas

Profession: I’m a morning radio show co-host on The Jagger & Barsky Show on 105.3 The Fan, as well as radio co-host on Saving Your Financial Life with Rodney Anderson on 105.3 The Fan and News Radio 1080.

College: UNT

Likes: Well, I can’t live without my friends and family, my pets, Sportscenter (ESPN), my Blackberry, Diet Coke, manis/pedis and Neiman Marcus.

Favorite physical feature on a guy: Arms, shoulders/back, smile, and when guys have just a bit of stubble on the face (I know, I’m weird and apparently indecisive.)

Top three qualities you look for in a man: Honesty, sense of humor, and athletic (either playing a sport or is a sports nut himself.)

Best way for a guy to approach you: PLEASE don’t use any cheeseball pick up lines!

Best place to meet guys: ANYWHERE but a bar…

Best advice for guys: Just be yourself and don’t try too hard!  A girl can pick up on that and it’s an immediate turn off!  And NEVER ask if she has a hot mom or hot sister!

Worst pickup line you’ve heard: Per an actual voicemail left for me, “Hey Jasmine. I’m free tonight. You better be smart and take advantage of that because God blessed you with this chance.” Really? Are you SERIOUS?

Favorite TV Show: These are all in reruns but Will & Grace, I Love Lucy, All in the Family, and the first Man Show era with Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.

Favorite Movie: I love everything from the classics–Cool Hand Luke, The Hustler, to movies like Super Troopers and Varsity Blues… so random I know.

Favorite Book: I’m a book worm so I like to constantly read but more recently, my favorites are Marley & Me and Peanuts: Life Principles. I know they sound so simple, but there are some really eye-opening lessons regarding true happiness in life in both books!

Favorite Food: I LOVE the traditional Southern comfort foods (if it swims in gravy or is deep-fried, I’m in!), hole-in-the-wall Italian and Mexican places, Greek/Persian and Chinese Food!  There’s also something so comforting about stadium/ballpark food too!  As you can tell, I’m not picky :)

Favorite Music: I’m an instrument junkie (piano, guitar and trying to teach myself the violin) so I appreciate all genres of music; everything from classical, to hard rock, to really BAD cheesy pop!

Favorite Chuck Norris joke: “Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups… He pushes the world down.”

Best Physical Feature: My eyes

Biggest Insecurity: My laugh! I tend to cackle and laugh really loud sometimes–but I can’t help it! I LOVE to laugh :)

Years as a Cowboys Fan: Since I was a kiddo in 1989!

Thoughts on TO: We’re STILL talking about this guy?  Just kidding.  Honestly, I know that Cowboys fans are relieved to see T.O. off of the roster because of the drama that seemed to ensue around him and the alleged divisiveness he brought to the locker room. Take all of that hoopla away and here you have one of the most dominant wide receivers of his era.  T.O. brings such a passion and potential for big plays and it’s disheartening that his career with Dallas played out the way that it did. It would have been interesting to see what could have been.

Thoughts on Tony Romo: Living in Dallas I’ve watched him ascend from being an undrafted free agent in 2003, to being third on the Cowboys’ depth chart (behind Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson), to now a starting quarterback with multiple Pro-Bowl selections under his belt.  He’s been such a fascinating success story to watch in recent NFL history.

As a quarterback, he’s so interesting to watch given his elusive style, instinct in the pocket, solid arm strength,  and superb accuracy. When he’s on top of his game, he’s unstoppable!  He has such a keen sense of field perception and the ability to find an open receiver whether he’s stationary or while escaping the rush.  I love him as our quarterback and can’t wait to see what the future of the team holds with him at the helm!

Favorite current Cowboys: Tony Romo, Tashard Choice, and Miles Austin

Favorite all-time Cowboys: I would say almost all of the players that made up the early 90s dynasty, among them being–Troy Aikman (I had THE biggest crush on him), Daryl “Moose” Johnston, Kenny “The Shark” Gant (I used to totally rock out “The Shark” celebration dance), Darren Woodson, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Ken Norton Jr. and Jay Novacek.

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: There’s so many to count!  Of course, it goes without saying all FIVE Super Bowl appearances make the memorable list. Although I STILL try to forget the gut wrenching Thanksgiving 1993 game.

With that said, I LOVE watching footage from the 1975 Hail Mary Game– one of THE greatest comebacks in NFL history.  Let’s also add the NFC Championship game in 1993 at Candlestick Park.  That game validated and solidified the Cowboys’ presence in the NFL with a 30-20 win over the 49ers in a muddy clash of two NFL powerhouses-all warranting Jimmy Johnson’s famous “How ’bout them Cowboys?” rally cry in an uproarious locker room.  Most recently, I would also have to say Tony Romo’s 5 TD tosses in a 38-10 rout of the Buccaneers on Thanksgiving Day 2006.

You can follow Jasmine on Twitter or connect with her on Facebook.

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  3. Michael Duncan says:

    Hi Jasii, just wanted to say its hard to start my morning without hearing your voise,so dont you leave me,,have a great day,

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    I truly miss hearing you every morning on 105.3…won’t listen to them w/out you!

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