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April’s Hot Football Babe: Sybil Summers

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This month’s Hot Cowboys Babe is from Arlington, Texas and is just as funny as she is attractive.  Judging from that description, you might think she’s a stand-up comedian.  Bam. . . count it.

Name: Sybil Summers

Age: Older than Romo, younger than Aikman.

Website: sybilsummers.com and twitter.com/sybil1053

Astrological sign: Pisces

Heritage/ethnic background: 1/2 Latina.  Mom is Mexican.  Dad is Gringo.

Location: Arlington, TX- The cleavage of DFW!

Profession: Radiogirl

College: Tarrant County (back when it was called TCJC)

Likes: Dogs, Springtime, Traveling, Cold beer, Conan O’Brien, NASCAR, Cupcakes, iPhones, Cuddling, Rainy days, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Steak, Improvisational comedy, Hiking, Bubble baths, Poker, Filling out questionnaires

Favorite physical feature on a guy: Rock.  Hard.  Booty.

Top three qualities in a man: A good sense of humor, confidence, and the ability to make me feel safe

Best way for a guy to approach you: With a smile and a Bud Light.

Best place to meet guys:   Craigslist

Best Advice for Guys: On life?  Work hard to play hard.  On women?  Pay attention to her little details.  On career? Don’t burn bridges.

Worst pickup line you’ve heard: I love pick-up lines so there isn’t a “worst”.  My favorite one was: “Let’s make out…from the waist down.”

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

Favorite Movie: Borat, Wedding Crashers, Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Book: Anything by Charles Bukowski or Erma Bombeck (I know… they’re total opposites!) **Editor’s Note: I will give $100 cash to anyone who read the names ‘Bukowski’ and ‘Bombeck’ and truly thought to themselves, “Wow, total opposites.”  My thoughts were more like, “Hmmm. . .was that the name of the coach in The Mighty Ducks?”

Favorite Food: Hot wings.  Preferably Cajun at Wingstop.

Favorite Type of Music: Indie/Alternative.  All-time favorite band is The Toadies.

Favorite Chuck Norris joke: Chuck Norris visited The Virgin Islands.  They’re now just called “The Islands”.

Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes

Your Biggest Insecurity: That someone will mistake me for a stripper

Years as a Cowboys Fan: 21.  Went to my first game at age 11.

Thoughts on TO: I realize he wasn’t well-liked in the locker room, but he gets a bad rap from fans.  Yes, he’s a drama queen (overdosing, attempting suicide, starring in reality shows, end zone celebrations, etc), but he backed it up on the field. You may not like his antics, but there’s no disputing that he was a rock star player.

Remember when he danced on the star?  Then he was spotted wearing a Michael Irvin jersey when he played for the Eagles?!  Those are directly opposing actions.  Clearly, he does things just to spark controversy.  We all know he doesn’t care what people think and that he craves attention.  So why not just “get your popcorn ready” and enjoy watching the spectacle of TO?

Thoughts on Tony Romo: His new girlfriend (Candice Crawford) is hotter than Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood combined.  High five, Romo!

Favorite current Cowboys: Miles Austin and Martellus Bennett

Favorite all-time Cowboys: Troy Aikman and Drew Pearson

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: 1995 Super Bowl win over the Steelers. We were at a friend’s apartment, and I remember when the ‘Boys won, everyone piled into the bed of a pickup truck and we hauled butt around the area with the music blaring and a Blue Star flag flying high–yelling and cheering all the while!

Don’t forget you can see more of Sybil at SybilSummers.com or follow her on Twitter: @sybil1053

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11 Responses to April’s Hot Football Babe: Sybil Summers

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, that Sybil is beautiful, intelligent, funny, witty, and the smartest person I know. (plus competitive, very..very competitive!) Congrats Syb! You look amazing!

  2. Nothing hotter than a competitive woman.

  3. Amber Leigh says:

    SYBIL!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!! hotttttt!!! <3

  4. Thanks, Jamie, Jon and Amber!

    I wanna have your babies.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyy I can’t wait to get started.

  6. Amber Leigh says:

    Seriously??? We would have the hottest baby ever!!! (is that possible??) <3

  7. Are you talking to me? haha I THINK it is possible but we’d prob have to try to find out for sure….you wouldn’t happen to be able to fly out to Florida soon to meet up with a random old man from Facebook, would you?

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  10. Vedeževanje says:

    I have digg your site thanks for the information.

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