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Are Redskins a Division Contender With McNabb? | The DC Times

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Are Redskins a Division Contender With McNabb?

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We are still in shock that the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb–their franchise player for a decade–to a division rival.

Was the deal they received from Washington really that much better than anyone else’s?  Well, there were reports that Philly could have landed either Nnami Asomugha or Albert Haynesworth, but chose instead to accept a couple of draft picks.

But does it even matter what was involved in the trade?  After a night to sleep on it, our official position is one of apathy–we just don’t think this deal is that big of, well, a deal.

The Redskins upgrade their quarterback position (perhaps only slightly), but the rest of their roster is simply not talented enough for it to make a difference.  Their offensive line is porous and even the addition of the top left tackle in this year’s draft will not be enough to sufficiently protect McNabb in 2010.

Further, the trade doesn’t exactly make the Eagles the cream of the NFC crop either.  Despite Kolb’s limited success last season and the presence of Michael Vick, the position is still a huge question mark right now.

Yes, they received draft picks which, according to our calculations using the NFL’s Draft Value Chart, should add up to around a late first-round pick.  Is that a lot to receive for an aging quarterback with just one year left on his deal?  Perhaps, but don’t forget only one of those picks is in 2010.

Would you give the Eagles an early second-rounder in 2010 so that they were forced to unleash their (still productive) starting quarterback and begin the season with a signal-caller with only a handful of career NFL starts?  We would.

Overall, the deal just balanced out the power a bit more in the NFC East.  The Redskins still won’t make the playoffs, and the Eagles will still lose if they get there.

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6 Responses to Are Redskins a Division Contender With McNabb?

  1. john coleman says:

    Washington will be better, no doubt. That was going to happen with or without McNabb. They have a good defense. They are terrible at WR. Their Oline is decimated and RB is a big question. So no, they are not a contender this year. They need to clean house and restock. I mean Haynesworth is already complaining. Guys like him need to be put out of the league. If teams would let these crybabies go, and agree to let them stay home, the crap would stop. The skins will be dangerous any Sunday, but still have too many holes. Shanahan with his offensive genious is worth 2-3 wins. I still see us as the class of the East. New York is fading and Philly is rebuilding. But if we are not careful, in 2yrs that will not be the case.

  2. What are your inititial record predictions for the division then? Do you think the trade ultimately helps or hurts Dallas?

  3. john coleman says:

    It is a wash. Philly is a little worse and Washington is a little better. Philly is going to be young, so there will be a curve. Washington is still thin on the Oline, and their receivers are lackluster. Also, their RBs are aging. So my best guess is Giants 10-6, Redskins 9-7, Eagles 9-7. If that gets them in the p;ayoffs so be it. I think 11-5 for us again would be good. If we are better than that, thenlook for a deep run in the playoffs. We are a good team and were last year, but remember7-6, remember KC OT. Point is wins are tough to get against anybody.

  4. You are right. My early prediction is similar….Dallas 11-5, Philly 10-6, New York 8-8, Washington 7-9. To be seven total games over .500 (for the whole division) everyone would really have to do well outside of the East, which will be tough with everyone playing the Colts, Packers, Vikings, Texans, Titans, etc.

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