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Breaking News: Donovan McNabb Traded to Redskins | The DC Times

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Breaking News: Donovan McNabb Traded to Redskins

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Donovan McNabb is officially out of Philly.  The Washington Redskins acquired the veteran quarterback for a 2nd round pick this year (37th overall) and either a 3rd or a 4th round pick next season.

Yesterday it was reported that Washington was interested in dealing for McNabb, but today sources from the Redskins said that train had sailed.

Apparently not.

It appears the Eagles had enough confidence in either Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick to make this deal, but it is rather surprising that Philly traded him within the division.  McNabb has got to take that as a slap in the face, as it could be perceived that the Eagles are threatened so little by his skills that they are unafraid to deal him to a hated rival.

It is unclear if Washington will extend McNabb’s contract, which has just one year remaining on it.

New Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has certainly made a lot of moves this offseason, including bringing in veteran running backs Willie Parker and Larry Johnson.  It appears that, despite the presence of Shanahan, the Redskins are still willing to deal draft picks for older players.

For all practical reasons, this also rules out Washington selecting Texas QB Colt McCoy, a player in which they were rumored to have interest.  It will be interesting to see if Washington still selects Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford if he drops to their 4th overall selection in the draft.

Former starter Jason Campbell’s future is uncertain.  Washington will likely attempt to deal him, but the presence of McNabb could drastically alter his trade value as teams know Campbell is not a starter for the Redskins.  Still, we assume some team will want his services.

We are not yet sure what we think about this move in terms of its effect on the Cowboys.  Dallas still has to (gets to?) face McNabb twice a year.  This time around, we will see what McNabb is able to do with a ‘swiss cheese’ offensive line and less talented weapons around him.

If Kolb becomes the primary starter, we think Dallas fans have got to be happy.  Yes, McNabb was less than spectacular down the stretch last season against Dallas, but he is an adequate quarterback.  With Kolb–a player with just a few career starts–the Eagles are uncertain with what they are dealing.

More to come soon.

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4 Responses to Breaking News: Donovan McNabb Traded to Redskins

  1. Omar says:

    i’m shocked

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