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Cowboys 2010 Schedule Analysis: The Five Most Important Games

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5.  Week 12 Saints

To be the best you have to beat the best.  The Cowboys did just that last year, rolling over the then-undefeated Saints in a Saturday night game in New Orleans.  Unfortunately you don’t win rings for beating the champs during the regular season.

This year, the Saints will be seeking revenge over Dallas.  They were one of the few teams who openly spoke about their desire to go undefeated.  The Cowboys ruined that for them.

For the Cowboys, the game marks the start of what must be the NFL’s harshest six-game stretch to end the year (NO, @IND, PHI, WSH, @ARZ, @PHI).  It will be imperative for Dallas to start off that sequence of matchups with a win.

4.  Week 6 @Vikings

This game is very similar to the Saints contest, except the roles are reversed.  The Cowboys are the team who got demolished in the playoffs last year and you can bet they will be pumped up for this one.  We can’t wait to see Keith Brooking’s pre-game face in particular.

Also like the New Orleans game, this matchup kicks off a brutal stretch of games (@MIN, NYG, JAX, @GB, @NYG).  The Cowboys might be happy to come out of that firestorm at 3-2.

3.  Week 7 Giants

We had thought the NFL would let the Cowboys have the opportunity to ruin the Giants’ home opener, but that is not the case.  Instead, Dallas will have to settle for a Monday-nighter in their own building.

They key for the ‘Boys will be if they can maintain the adrenaline from the previous week in Minnesota.  We don’t think they will have any problems doing so.

2.  Week 17 @Eagles

This is the third straight year the Cowboys and Eagles will meet up in week 17, so the NFL is apparently going to make this a tradition.  The bad news is Philly is a pretty strong team.  The good news is that it allows the Cowboys to be one game back of Philly entering the final week and still overtake them in the standings.

With the Eagles figuring to want to make amends for last year’s late-season collapses against the Cowboys, it would be nice for Dallas to already have a playoff spot secured heading into this one.

1.  Week 1 @Redskins

A week 1 game against Washington as the most important game of the season?  You bet.  After week 5, the Cowboys play only four teams who did not make the playoffs last season, with two of those being divisional opponents.  Let that sink in.

Dallas has a legitimate shot at kicking off the 2010 season at 4-0, but it all starts in Washington.  The revamped ‘Skins will come out firing in a nationally-televised opening night game in their own building.

It is crucial for the Cowboys to get this win.

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6 Responses to Cowboys 2010 Schedule Analysis: The Five Most Important Games

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I agree with all selections but I think the week 17 game @ Eagles won’t be the 2nd most important game as I really don’t think the Eagles will be in playoff contention (and the Boys will have sewn it up by then). I could easily see the Eagles at 6-9 and the Boys at 10-5 at that point. And, depending on the Giants record (not totatlly discounting the Skins but I don’t think they’ll be much better than the Eagles), the Boys will most likely have the NFC East in the bag.

  2. I sure hope you are right in your thinking, but I’m not ready to write off the Eagles just yet. Kolb is inexperienced but I don’t think that much of a downgrade from McNabb. Plus the teams only need be within a full game of each other for it to determine who comes out on top in the standings.

  3. Omar says:

    I’d say the games against the Eagles and the Giants are more important than the first game of the year against Washington. It’s a bigger game for Washington and McNabb than it is for the Cowboys…don’t get me wrong I’d like to crush the Skins in the first week and quash their hopes as much as anyone, but realistically they’re an eight win team at best, unless someone really good fall in the draft and they’re able to trade Haynesworth for a first. The Eagles and Giants, are all legit playoff contenders, and it’s important that the Cowboys hands them as many losses as they can. The Meadowlands and The Linc are very tough places to play in December, the Cowboys need to make sure that they crush them there when they can. That and I hate The Motherfucking Giants more than any other NFL franchise.

  4. I get what you are saying. My point is that because those away games in Philly and NY are so difficult, going 1-1 in them is an okay thing. The Cowboys can afford to do that IF they win at Washington. If not, going 1-1 in those two games would put Dallas at 1-2 on the road within the division…which means they would have to win all 3 division games at home just to get above .500.

  5. john coleman says:

    I would agree with all but the week 17. I just think Philly is in trouble. Westbrook was the guy that killed us anyway. Also Philly is not in trouble because of Kolb. Their defense is suspect and will be loaded with inexperience. Their oline is suspect as well. Their offense will be better if they give Kolb time. He won’t miss easy short and intermediate throws. Donovan had footwork issues that made him inaccurate. The Giants have issues on defense as well. Week one is no joke. The skins will be ready. Shanahan and McNabb will be ready. They have turmoil internally and lack playmakers. If we show up 6-0 in division. In fact, this year the division may be a break.

  6. 6-0 in the division is a lofty dream. 5-1 is even pushing it. It really doesn’t matter what the records are at the time–@WSH, @NYG, and @PHi will all be extremely difficult games.

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