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Cowboys Poll: Brandon Marshall

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11 Responses to Cowboys Poll: Brandon Marshall

  1. Craig Kocay says:

    I agree that there is a good chance Roy has a much better season this year, but it still hurts to see guy this talented go for cheaper than what we paid for roy.

    Anquan for even less……..

  2. Yeah, it is tough. Holmes for a 5th (even with his off-field problems), Marshall for two 2nd’s. . .imagine if the Cowboys had Marshall and their first-rounder from last year.

  3. Craig Kocay says:

    You have got to think that if jj does not use a first for (a proven) Brandon Marshall, that he wont take Dez if he falls to the near twenties.

  4. Exactly. I can’t see the Cowboys moving up for Bryant (more than two spots or so). If he does happen to fall to 27 though (which seems HIGHLY unlikely at this point), I don’t see how Dallas will pass on the value.

    In a way, it would almost be better for Bryant to be gone so they don’t have to make the decision. What do you do with Roy Williams if Bryant joins the team? When do you address the O-line and FS? When do you get a return man? Does Ogletree’s progress get stunted? It really could create a lot of problems.

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