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Cowboys-Related Post-Draft Thoughts

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  • This draft was a roller coaster for us.  The selections of Dez Bryant and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah held tremendous value, while every other pick was ‘so-so.’  We particularly dislike yielding a second and fourth-rounder for Sean Lee.  Nonetheless, we like Bryant and AOA so much that we will probably provide the Cowboys with a respectable draft grade.
  • Speaking of draft grades, they will be coming tomorrow–round-by-round, in depth analysis of each selection.
  • We are shocked the Cowboys selected OT Sam Young in the sixth round.  The value isn’t terrible, but players such as West Virginia’s Selvish Capers and Abilene-Christian’s Tony Washington were still on the board and can probably play either tackle position.  Young is likely a right tackle only.  Washington went undrafted, though, so Dallas still has an opportunity to sign him.
  • The selection of Texas Tech CB Jamar Wall in the sixth round means Owusu-Ansah will be playing free safety for Dallas.  His ability to move to cornerback was still a likely factor in Dallas valuing him highly.  AOA’s return ability also contributed to his worth, even with Bryant being the first round pick.  Once Bryant takes over as a starter, the Cowboys will most likely take him off of returns.
  • In addition to Washington, LSU guard Ciron Black, Texas Tech guard Brandon Carter, Virginia Tech guard Sergio Render, East Carolina defensive tackle Jay Ross, and Fresno State cornerback A.J. Jefferson are all options for the Cowboys to sign as free agents.
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15 Responses to Cowboys-Related Post-Draft Thoughts

  1. Omar says:

    Sorry to be an asshole Jon, I can’t help it it’s who I am, but I’m coming around on the Lee move…I no longer hate it. Looking at what Mayock and others have to say about him:



    Mayock had him as the best ILB next to McClain…some had him rated only slightly below the first round LBs. He seems kinda like an inverted Brandon Spikes…still has the great game film, but he’s undersized and doesn’t suck against the pass, two things unlike Spikes. I don’t think he was worth a two and a four, and I would have MUCH rather had Vlad Ducasse…and probably would have slightly rather had Spikes, but I no longer hate the pick.

  2. You aren’t being an ass at all….love to hear your thoughts. I still don’t like the pick because I think Lee is a low-ceiling player. How good can he really get? I’m not sure he has the ability to potentially become a top linebacker in the NFL, no matter what he does. I love hard workers, but this kid has worked so hard that I think he is already at his peak. You never want a player who isn’t going to work, but I think you could find a lot more upside at that point in the draft.

    In some ways, I think Jason Williams impacted this selection. Williams is a high risk/high reward guy. He could be incredible, or he could flop. Lee is the exact opposite. It is unlikely he will be a terrible player, but it is also unlikely he will be outstanding. He is the “safe” guy to complement Williams’ risk.

  3. Omar says:

    Yeah, I still don’t love the pick…but I’m okay with it. Maybe he’s a Dat Nguyen (lazy comparison, I know), he doesn’t necessarily need to become a top LB, just someone who merely an above average player. With Brooking retiring soon, I think that’s mainly what they wanted with this pick. On the plus side, he’s probably the best LB the Cowboys have in covering the pass.

  4. Perhaps…I tend to think Jason Williams will be pretty darn good. I am rooting for Lee though obviously.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Omar, I agree w/ you. I’ve known that Lee was a decent ILB.

    My issue w/ the pick is that he probably would’ve fallen to 59. And, if he didn’t, then I would have moved on to someone else. Morgan Burnett was still on the board at 59 as well as many oher good prospects.

    Outside of Lee becoming a Pro-Bowl LB for 3 years during his career, then giving up a 2nd and 4th in what will probably be one of the BEST drafts in history, then it was a less than stellar move.

  6. john coleman says:

    I’m kind of in the boat with Omar about the Lee pick. I don’t mind the player, but the move up to get him is puzzling. They think he is a player. We will see. We definitely needed a backup at ILB. Williams is still really an unknown quantity, although I expect good things. If one or both pan out, It’s an upgrade over Carpenter. As far as Young goes, he will press McQuistan, if not replace him. RT only is acceptable in the 6th. I’m not high on him, but he was in a pro style offense. My guess is they view him as a swing backup. His measurables especially, height,arm length, strength, and a decent 40, make him workable. I would have liked Capers better as a project. Washington may end up in the fold anyway. Bryant and Ansah were good picks. Wall is supposed to be a thumper. Don’t know about Church, but McCann has the tools. I like all of your FAs listed above. Overall, a decent weekend.

  7. Martin says:

    It’s very hard to judge the ceiling on a player. After the playoff lose to Seattle, back in ’07, Miles Austin ran back a kickoff for a touchdown. I remember watching ESPN and what did the analysts say? “Well, that’s about as good as it will get for Miles Austin.”

    Lee was a value pick, IMO. He was a projected first-round draft pick, before he tore his ACL. If his health doesn’t hinder him at all, there is no telling how good he could become. He’s a heady player, is phenomenal at wrapping up, and knows how to lead a team by example, but can also put on a bit of rah, rah, to get the team motivated.

    As for AOA, great pick. If the transition to safety is a smooth one for him, he could definitely become an asset for the Cowboys, as coverage skills is a high priority for their safeties. Will be handy on KRs, too.

  8. moses says:

    I am a bit wary of Bryant. He is a great talent and has the potential to really be a star in the league.
    I just wonder if he has the right character and attitude to be successful.
    I remember a talented receiver out of Pitt that had all of the potential but a poor attitude. He wore 88 and was named Bryant too. Antonio Bryant

  9. Yeah, agree that Lee himself wasn’t a terrible pick, but moving up for him seemed unnecessary.

  10. Yeah, AOA just makes this draft IMO. He can develop into a top returner once Bryant takes over full-time at WR and is removed from returns.

  11. Martin says:

    Yes, it did seem unnecessary, but then again they could have heard something none of us did. And since he was top-16 prospect on their board, it probably seemed like the right thing to do, to guarantee that they could select him. Apparently, the Saints were very interested with Lee in the first round but didn’t want to reach for him.

  12. Yes I am sure they had some sort of inside information that we do not know of which prompted the trade up.

  13. Eric Auston says:

    I’m pretty happy wth the draft choices. Although, i didnt think we would spend our first round on a wideout, but aye Dez Bryant is a good player. You find alot of great lineman coming out in the later rounds. So waiing isnt necessarily a bad idea.

  14. The ‘Boys obviously took the best player available at each spot, regardless of position. I think their roster put them in a position where that was the best idea.

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