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Dallas Cowboys 2010 Mock Draft: The Ultimate Offensive Line

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Before we hear all of the complaints about the unrealistic nature of this mock draft, we must start by saying it is just for fun.  We simply want to take a look at what it would it be like if the Cowboys decided to assemble their offensive line of the future in only one draft.

This mock will take us through the first four Dallas selections.  While the likelihood of this entire mock draft playing out is effectively nil, each individual selection has a tremendous shot of coming to fruition.

First Round

Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida

Pouncey is a guy we love and one who we actually have rated slightly higher than Idaho guard Mike Iupati.  We see Pouncey as more versatile and the eventual replacement for either Kyle Kosier or Andre Gurode.

UMass guard/tackle Vladimir Ducasse.

Second Round

Vladimir Ducasse, G/T, UMass

Some scouts label Ducasse as “a man without a defined position,” but we see this as a blessing in disguise.  Ducasse could theoretically play every offensive line spot and even lined up on defense at the Senior Bowl.  More positions equals more opportunities for success.

Third Round

Tony Washington, OT, Abilene Christian

Washington will drop due to character concerns, but those issues seem to be behind him.  Like Ducasse, he is a bit raw, so Dallas may go another direction if they are seeking an immediate starter.  In the third round, though, they may be satisfied with Washington’s upside.

Fourth Round

Zane Beadles, G/T, Utah

Beadles is another guy with the sort of versatility coaches crave.  Combining him and Ducasse would give the Cowboys two chances to hit on a tackle and two opportunities to hit on a guard (that’s four total for those counting at home) between just two players.

And now, introducing your 2014 Dallas Cowboys starting offensive line:

LT:  Doug Free

LG:  Maurkice Pouncey

C:  Andre Gurode

RG:  Vladimir Ducasse

RT:  Robert Brewster

Swing Tackle:  Tony Washington

Backup Guard: Zane Beadles

How does that look to you Cowboys fans?

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11 Responses to Dallas Cowboys 2010 Mock Draft: The Ultimate Offensive Line

  1. john coleman says:

    Okay with all of that but Beadles. I’m also rating Pouncey and Iupati even. Pouncey is a little better now, but IMO Iupati has a little more upside. I believe Iupati is a touch more mobile, better feet. Still though it is a wash with those two. 4th round is where I’m hoping for a sleeper corner to fall to us, or a burner WR like Sanders. I will be surprised if Sanders and McCann don’t end up Cowboys. I think they are sweet on Newhouse too. He could be one of those G/T guys. I also see Washington as a starter in 2 or 3 years. We would be pretty potent up front with those guys though.

  2. I would think Sanders should be available in the 4th, and he might be a good pick there for Dallas. Same with Newhouse (probably in the 3rd).

    We have Pouncey higher for no reason other than his versatility. Still, with Gurode still relatively young, Pouncey might be forced to become a full-time guard in Dallas. I personally just like him because it would (hopefully) mean the end for Procter.

  3. john coleman says:

    As far as picks go I think JJ is going to do something to get some picks earlier in rds 2 and 3. He may pick up a 5th rd somewhere too. I think he will try to trade a current player before he moves out of the 1st. Of course that depends on who is sitting there at 27th. Also I don’t know why, but I’m feeling quirky about Pouncey. Just a touch, of uncertainty. Wouldn’t you hate to be the one who really pulls the trigger. I live my personal life on gut feelings at times. So the quirky thing is normal for me.

  4. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Pouncey and Ducasse would be excellent 1st and 2nd rounders. Just leaves the secondary w/o a real leader/playmaker at the FS position. If we could just pick up Otogwe…

    I don’t think Dallas needs more than 2 picks toward the O Line. I would think that the only position up for competition is L Guard. I’d be surprised that we could get a starter at LT to beat out Free and Brewster both from the 27th draft pick. Thus, anyone that’s drafted at the T position is essentially backup.

    Also, I noticed the 2014 OL is sans Columbo – is he that old or do you figure he’d be cut/traded by then? Along that line, I would hope Gurode would be replaced by then as well.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    If I were JJ for a day (the day of the draft), I would trade down from the 27th position unless there’s a MAJOR overlook of serious talent like Berry, Okung, Buluga, Pouncey, Iupati, Berry or Haden. If they’re all gone, there’s really no reason to pick anyone as a drop to the upper 2nd round will produce about the same value.

  6. John-
    I see what you are saying, but I personally am not as uneasy about Pouncey. I REALLY think interior linemen are underrated in terms of their importance to a team. Is a tackle THAT much more important than a guard that there are generally 4-6 OT’s in the first round, yet only 1-2 guards and centers? I don’t think so.

    To me, whether the pick is Iupati or Pouncey, it will be a low-risk pick. Minimizing risk in the early rounds and maximizing upside in the later rounds is the best way to go IMO.

  7. Tyrone-
    I don’t think a rookie guard would start in 2010 either. Kosier was extremely underrated in 2010 and I think the organization knows how important he is to the offense. 2011 is a different story.

    As far as Colombo…I think he will either be off the team or a backup by then. He is a solid guy, but we already had Free rated slightly ahead of him last season (before the injury). If the Cowboys acquire a franchise LT (I don’t think that person is Free), Colombo could actually be the odd man out.

    Concerning the players you listed to draft at pick #27…I would say only Iupati and Pouncey have a chance to drop to the 27th pick. I would also throw Kyle Wilson and Earl Thomas in there.

  8. Omar says:

    Gurode on 2014 i don’t thik so

  9. No? Linemen can play fairly long and Gurode isn’t showing any signs of wearing down. 2014 isn’t that far away.

  10. Master B says:

    All along I’ve wanted Pouncey. Not only is he a stud, but he plays 2 positions. He would save us a spot on game day by being able to backup both C & G. The biggest bonus is getting rid of that bumb Cory”can’t play”Procter. That guy stinks, yet he dresses every game because he is the swing interior lineman. He also makes like 2mil which is ridiculous. You know Pouncey is good cause Centers hardly ever get drafted or mentioned in
    rd #1. Iupati would be great also but I think it’s easier to get another Guard in rds 2-5, than getting a stud swing player who happens to be a great Center. We could get John Jerry in rd #3 and the drop of is minimal compared to Iupati.

  11. I agree with everything except the last part about Jerry. I have a feeling he will rise a bit on draft day….I don’t see him being available in the back of the 3rd round (early 3rd is possible).

    Other than that, you are right about Pouncey. C/G are always underrated when compared to tackles, but they aren’t THAT much less important. They generally constitute good value in my opinion.

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