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Dallas Cowboys 2010 Schedule Announced

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Week 1: Cowboys at Redskins, 8:20 (Eastern Time) NBC ****Sunday Night

Week 2:  Bears at Cowboys, 1:00 FOX

Week 3:  Cowboys at Texans, 1:00 FOX

Week 4:  BYE

Week 5:  Titans at Cowboys, 4:15 CBS

Week 6:  Cowboys at Vikings, 4:15 FOX

Week 7:  Giants at Cowboys, 8:30 ESPN ****Monday Night

Week 8:  Jaguars at Cowboys, 1:00 CBS

Week 9:  Cowboys at Packers, 8:20 NBC ****Sunday Night

Week 10: Cowboys at Giants, 4:15 FOX

Week 11:  Lions at Cowboys, 1:00 FOX

Week 12:  Saints at Cowboys, 4:15 FOX ****Thanksgiving

Week 13: Cowboys at Colts, 4:15 FOX

Week 14: Eagles at Cowboys, 8:20 NBC ****Sunday Night

Week 15:  Redskins at Cowboys, 1:00 FOX

Week 16:  Cowboys at Cardinals, 7:30 NFLN ****Christmas Night

Week 17:  Cowboys at Eagles, 1:00 FOX


Our initial reaction to this schedule is mixed.  The Cowboys have to like their first four games, which gives them a legitimate shot at opening the season 4-0.

Kicking off the season in Washington will be difficult, however.  They have improved of course, but playing a division rival on the road in a nationally televised game is never easy (particularly in an opening night atmosphere).

The Cowboys then have three of their “easier games” in the following weeks with a bye sandwiched in between them during Week 4.  The team must be upset about that–players generally like late bye weeks so they can rest and heal up.  A Week 4 bye doesn’t do the Cowboys any favors.

You’d like to see one of your more difficult opponents come after the bye, as you then have two weeks to prepare for them.  The Cowboys get the Titans, though–not a cakewalk, but not exactly the Colts.

Week 6 is where the tide turns.  The Cowboys will travel to Minnesota in a rematch of the Divisional Playoffs contest.  We think Dallas will be as pumped up for that game as any.

The team will follow up their trip to Minnesota by hosting the Giants on Monday Night Football.  Will they be able to maintain a playoff-like mindset for two straight weeks?

The Thanksgiving game against the Saints is quite surprising.  The NFL generally schedules “dud” games on Thanksgiving because they know fans will watch anyway.  It is apparent they are taking a different approach in 2010.

The Cowboys have to like that they get the Colts after the Thanksgiving game (relatively speaking).  Traveling to Indy could be the Cowboys’ toughest game, but they get three extra days to recover and prepare for the defending AFC champs.

The last quarter of the ‘Boys season is quite rough.  The NFL has obviously emphasized the importance of late-season divisional matchups, as the Cowboys play three of their final four games against the Eagles and Redskins.  The Sunday Night matchup against the Eagles is always a classic.

Plan your Christmas holiday schedule now, as Christmas night will feature Dallas at Arizona.  This is a good sign for the ‘Boys, as traveling to the desert in late December is a lot better than heading to, say, Green Bay.  The Cowboys really don’t have any outrageous cold weather games over which to worry.

The final week of the season will feature (yup, you guessed it) the Cowboys at the Eagles.  Let’s hope the Cowboys already have home-field advantage wrapped up by then!

Overall, the schedule is a tough one, but not as big of a factor as you might think.  The Eagles, Giants, and Redskins each play 12 similar opponents (plus the Cowboys twice).  In the end, the Cowboys just have to win football games.

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10 Responses to Dallas Cowboys 2010 Schedule Announced

  1. Omar says:

    The Champs on Thanksgiving kinda sucks.

  2. Eh have to get em sometime. I hate the week 4 bye.

  3. john coleman says:

    If we can’t beat them in the regular season, we can’t beat them in the playoffs. No matter who it is, bring them on. I just hope we don’t get the Eagles 2 wks in a row again. I haven’t looked at the Giants,Skins or Phillys schedule. The division will be tougher for sure. I have to give Shanahan some respect.

  4. The other teams in the East only have four games different from Dallas (and two of those are the Cowboys). Everyone has a difficult December. The key for Dallas will be staying healthy.

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  6. Jonny Danger says:

    Assuming we stay healthy and the Defense continues its dominance and growth we can beat any team. Wish we had the bye in week 8 but oh well. Get it done Boys!

  7. john coleman says:

    I took a look at the schedules around the league and there were some eye openers. However, it seems the weak schedules are tied to the weaker divisions. Arizona has Seattle and St.Louis, no fault of their own. As far as the NFC East, all of us are in the top 10. So 10-6, could be a winner. The Colts are going to hate playing the whole East. If they go undefeated this year, they have done something. One question though, and I haven’t checked. Didn’t we go to Greenbay last year?

  8. Yeah the week 4 bye really is a downer, but it really doesn’t matter who the ‘Boys play or when.

  9. Yes we went to Green Bay last year. Unfortunately home and away games don’t necessarily rotate (it would make scheduling impossible).

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