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Dallas Cowboys-Only Mock Draft, Version 5.0: The Final Picks | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys-Only Mock Draft, Version 5.0: The Final Picks

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Note: This is a two-page entry.

We have previously completed four other Cowboys-only mock drafts, listed here: Version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0.  Some of those predictions were based on various scenarios, such as a stud player at a position of “non-need” dropping to the Cowboys.

This mock draft, our final version, will include our best guess for each Cowboys draft selection.  How many will we predict correctly?  I’m going to say either zero, all six, or somewhere in between.  You can take that to the bank.

Round 1

Nate Allen, S, USF

Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins claimed Allen is the best safety in this class.  We know the Cowboys don’t have him rated as such, but we simply do not see a top safety (or offensive tackle) falling to the Cowboys’ 27th selection.  We previously liked Florida G/C Maurkice Pouncey here, but the chances of him being available are dwindling.

Despite Jerry Jones’ proclamations to the contrary, we see Dallas moving out of the 27th slot.  They will either package a few picks to move up so they can acquire a true play-maker or slide back into the early second round to grab either Allen or Georgia Tech safety Morgan Burnett.  The cost of moving up is significant, so we will go with the latter scenario.

This prediction is also based on a hunch that the “interest” in USC safety Taylor Mays is a smokescreen.  The Cowboys know they need a ball-hawk at safety, i.e. not Taylor Mays.  Hopefully another team selects the workout-warrior before Dallas even has an opportunity to contemplate his addition.

Round 2

Eric Norwood, LB, South Carolina

No offensive tackle in the first two rounds?  If the Cowboys don’t select one in the first round, it is unlikely they will address the position until round three at the earliest.  We don’t see the value at tackle in the second round.  The team could probably grab similar prospects whether they select an offensive tackle in round two or three.

Further, we see the outside linebacker position as similar to offensive tackle.  The coaches seem to be satisfied with the starters at both spots (OLB is a no-brainer), meaning a rookie at either position will become a backup.  The depth at both OLB and OT is also weak, with second-year players Brandon Williams, Victor Butler, and Robert Brewster at outside linebacker and offensive tackle, respectively.

Norwood is a player we love and think would fit well into the Cowboys’ 3-4 scheme.  He needs to improve in coverage, but his pass-rushing skills are first round-caliber.

Round 3

Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas

The Cowboys are reportedly “in love” with Shipley, and so are we.  Not only is he an NFL-caliber slot receiver, but his return ability alone justifies his selection in the third round.  The question is whether Dallas will wait this long to select him–they are rumored to be contemplating grabbing him in the second round.

Ultimately, we believe the ‘Boys will hold off on Shipley until the third.  Moving up in the round is a possibility, but there is a decent shot that Shipley’s small size and lack of elite speed will allow him to be available for the Cowboys in the back of the third.

Shipley’s arrival will likely spell the end of Patrick Crayton’s tenure in Dallas.  Crayton is a solid player, but he lacks the game-breaking ability that the Cowboys covet right now.  Could a draft day trade be in the works?

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20 Responses to Dallas Cowboys-Only Mock Draft, Version 5.0: The Final Picks

  1. Craig Kocay says:

    I would rather have Brandon Spikes or AOA in the second.

    Also… could we really fetch anything from crayton?

  2. Craig Kocay says:

    I take that back.
    I would rather have Gaither in the second.

  3. Craig Kocay says:

    oh (sorry for putting this in multiple comments), and seeing that the eagles (who are desperate also at safety) have Washington’s second rounder, would you expect us to just take nate in the first rather than trade down a few spots to get him.

  4. Craig Kocay says:

    And what are your thoughts on myron rolle if he falls late?

  5. I would expect Crayton could help slightly in a move up within a round (such as the 3rd), but I don’t think Dallas would do it unless they were definitely going to get Shipley, McCluster, etc.

    I would expect the Cowboys to take Nate Allen in the first (or ahead of the Eagles’ second pick) if they Eagles bypass the position in round one. If they land E. Thomas, though, there’s nothing to worry about.

    Myron Rolle is a guy I’m unsure about. I LOVE intelligence in players and he is obviously the cream of the crop in terms of smarts, but he also has super stiff hips and poor ball skills. Can his intelligence put him in a position where he can hide his lack of elite athleticism? I don’t know.

  6. Omar says:

    I don’t really want Dallas to draft Allen in the first…I bet I could come up with 27 players I would rather have than Allen? Well…maybe 25 or so excluding the obvious players that WILL go before the Cowboys pick like Bradford, Clausen, Spiller, Pierre-Paul, and Dez Bryant, so really 22 players that I’d rather have in the first. Because lets be honest, they’ll be long gone by the time the Cowboys pick. In no particular order

    Russell Okung
    Trent Williams
    Brian Bulaga
    Anthony Davis
    Gerald McCoy
    Ndamukong Suh
    Eric Berry
    Derrek Morgan
    Joe Hayden
    Mike Iupati
    Rolando McClain
    Earl Thomas
    Dan Williams
    Brandon Graham
    Maurkice Pouncey
    Kyle Wilson
    Sergio Kindle
    Jared Odrick
    Jerry Hughes
    Brian Price
    Sean Weatherspoon
    Kareem Jackson
    Devin McCourty

    Basically, suffice it to say I don’t think Nate Allen will be the first round pick. Yeah, he’s comparable to the guys later down the list…but like the talking heads have said, it’s a deep draft. Because of which some people will value talent differently, for example, the Redskins…the “consensus” number one O-Line is Okung, but the Redskins prefer Trent Williams. This may happen with guys at other positions, WR, QB, CB, DE, and teams may jump ahead and pick a guy like an Everson Griffen in the late or early teens and a guy like Derrek Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul, a higher “consensus” pick…fall to a team that won’t be willing to pass up a talent like that. Because of this, I think it’s safe to say that Nate Allen, while he would fill a very serious and immediate need and there is little to no doubt in my mind that he’ll be there at 27, I feel that there will be better players available and that the Cowboys will be able select a player like that instead, and hope that Burnett or Allen falls in the second. It’s late and I’m tired, so maybe I’m rambling here…but I might feel another situation a la Mike Jenkins is coming with an OL prospect…Charles Brown is moving up on on some boards, why I don’t know, but Anthony Davis is falling…I’m hoping he falls and the Boys trade up with say the Pats (swap first rounders) and maybe some later round picks…during which NE would flip to Buffalo for Tebow….and take Anthony Davis.

  7. David Mark says:

    I would be reasonably happy if Dallas drafted as Version 5.0 suggests. I really don’t see anyone in this draft starting for Dallas in 2010 (barring injury–knock on wood). The Cowboys starters are all very-very good. But I do have 2 concerns:

    First, depth at OL. There isn’t any. Unless Dallas takes one early, I think they could be digging themselves a very deep hole for the future.So I’m thinking Dallas should focus on OL guys who could be future stars–guys like Vladimir Ducasse (perhaps trade out of the 1st into the 2nd in order get him w/o reaching).

    My other thought is ony 6 picks in a draft considered the deepest in recent memory? I think Dallas has a huge drop off of talent once you get past the starters (at most positions). And whatever talent Dallas doesn’t draft will go to their opponents. So I really, really hope Jerry Jones makes some moves to get more draft picks. That would actually make me very happy.

  8. David Mark says:

    How does Robert Brewster stack up against the OL in the 2010 draft? I ask because he will be essentially a rookie this year competing against whichever OL Dallas selects in the draft…and yet he’s being called the go-to guy if Free falters. Would he likely be bettter, worse, or roughly the same as, say Tony Washington or Ciron Black? Brewster’s 2009 Pro Day numbers were: 4.96 40-yard dash … 1.71 10-yard dash … 2.87 20-yard dash … 4.63 20-yard shuttle … 7.82 three-cone drill … 31-inch vertical jump … 9-4 broad jump … 27 bench press reps of 225 pounds. Just wondering…

  9. I also don’t think Nate Allen will be the best player available at 27, but I do think the Cowboys could trade out of the first due to (like you said) it being such a deep draft. If they can pick up an extra third-rounder, I think they’d love that move. Allen would then become a target with that first selection.

  10. Like I just wrote to Omar, I think the Cowboys have a great shot of moving out of the first to get those extra picks. However, I do think there are two rookies who COULD start immediately: a highly-drafted safety and a returner. Now a returner might not be considered a “starter,” but I’d be willing to bet we will (at the very least) have a new kick returner on opening day.

  11. I would say that Brewster’s mental reps and exposure to the NFL game for a full season make him better than both Washington and Black (who I see as a guard anyway). Don’t count out the importance of the cerebral part of the game. Brewster (we hope) put in the effort during meetings/film study so that he effectively knows the offesne and can let his athleticism take over from day one, as opposed to playing hesitantly until you fully grasp the scheme.

  12. john coleman says:

    First, the Black pick surprises me. I see no upside at all in him. Also I’m not going to even take a stab at a mock. I do commend you for your efforts. There are too many variables for me. How about a trade with Tampa? Our 1st for their 2nd(35th),4th(99th), and 6th(163rd). That is even value on the draft value chart, and I would throw in Hurd, if necessary. Then ship Spears to Cleveland for their 3rd(71st) and 5th(143rd). Then we could go; Saffold,Cook,Newhouse,Sanders,Joseph,Edds,McCann,DeGeare, and Moats. I guess I just took a stab at it. Good luck, Thursday and the weekend.

  13. john coleman says:

    BTW I’m saying get rid of all oline backups, except Brewster. Then clean house on the practice squad to make room for everybody.

  14. I don’t think Cleveland would give up a 3rd and 5th for Spears because they likely want to acquire a lot of picks. Also, the way Sanders seems to be rising I don’t think he will be there in the 4th round (or is that a 3rd?).

    As far as practice squad, what about Dixon? Do you think he will make the roster?

  15. john coleman says:

    Sanders is in the 3rd. I want to keep Dixon, my bad. What about Woods and the other backer on the p squad?

  16. Ok I got ya…Yeah Sanders in 3 seems more realistic. As far as p-squad, do you mean Leon Williams? I really only see Dixon with a legit shot to make the 53-man this season, particularly if the Cowboys end up trading back to acquire another pick or two.

  17. Omar says:

    Ehhh…I sure hope Allen isn’t the best player on the board at 27. Maybe Cinci takes Dunlap, or Oakland does something dumb. Hopefully there’s another player that Philly wants not named Nate Allen and the Cowboys can get both of their second rounders and have an awesome second round in acquiring: Nate Allen, Vlad Ducasse, and Brandon Spikes!

  18. You can count on Oakland doing something dumb.

  19. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    That wouldn’t be a bad draft – however, I agree w/ you that not only will Pouncey not be avail at 27 (he will go to either Pittsburgh or San Fransisco) but we will trade down into early 2nd round (around 38-43) to pick up Ducasse. Then Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett w/ the 59th pick. Then Spikes (if he’s there, which I doubt) or a PR/KR cornerback type in the 4th. The 6th will be for John Conner, FB, if he’s there. If not, then the best avail DT/DE/OL. 7th wil be BAP.

    Should be a pretty good draft for us in that the 2nd yr players from last year (Brewster, Williams, Butler, Hamlin) will all be competing w/ the rookies of this year.

    I think that will be enought to win the NFC East but I still have concerns about NO, Green Bay and Minn (who we play at their place).

  20. Nate Allen won’t be available at 59, but Burnett could be. I do think Spike swill be available in the 3rd though, so thats an option.

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