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Flozell Adams' Release: Is Tony Romo Upset? | The DC Times

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Flozell Adams’ Release: Is Tony Romo Upset?

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When asked about the release of Flozell Adams last week, quarterback Tony Romo responded “Give me a week.”  So now that the week has passed, what are Romo’s thoughts on having someone replace the guy who has protected his blind side his entire career?

Per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Romo was a bit shocked by the news.  In fact, he learned about it at the same time as everyone else–through the media.

Said Romo, “I learned about it the same as everyone else.  No one asked me about it, nor should they, in my opinion.  There are people [at Valley Ranch] who work very hard in evaluating each position, and we’ve just been given those evaluations over the last week.  I trust those people to make the right decisions and I will go from there.”

Romo is saying all the right things, but surely he realizes the potential impact this move could have on the team.  Whether he agrees with the decision or not, however, Romo is doing the right thing in backing the club.

“It does impact me, obviously,” he said.  “It’s kind of hard for me to even talk about it, due to the respect I have for Flo.  I know I’ve never had to worry about that left side with him over there.”

It is a difficult spot for Romo to be in–forced to simultaneously support his friend and longtime protector and the higher-ups within the organization.  So far, though, the veteran quarterback is taking it in stride.

What do you think?  How upset is Romo?  Do you think the organization should have consulted with him prior to Adams’ release?

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4 Responses to Flozell Adams’ Release: Is Tony Romo Upset?

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Consult Romo – not at all. Flozell was not cut for performance reasons. Yes, he led the league in false starts, yes he did have some issues w/ speed rushers but overall and yes he was getting up in age but he did a good job and was in the top of the league at his position – he actually earned a few trips to the Pro Bowl.

    So he was cut primarily for $ reasons. And that has nothing to do w/ Romo.

    Besides, what is Romo supposed to say if they notify him beforehand? Is he to express his dislike w/ the decision? Should he clap and jump for joy to win the approval of JJ? Would either response affect the decision?

    Absolutely not. Romo wasn’t notified of the move because his reponse wouldn’t have mattered and there’s no reason to put him in the position to make a response.

  2. Good comments. I agree that no player should be consulted–even Romo about bringing in potential WR’s, linemen, etc. The team has a ton of great talent evaluators whose job it is to find talent. Players, ironically, are generally very bad evaluators of talent themselves.

    As far as cutting Adams being a financial issue: perhaps, but had he played at a Pro Bowl level last season he would still be on the team–so it is a combination of his play and his contract.

  3. I don’t think consult is the right word, but informed yes, he should be informed if his LT is getting cut

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