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Jared Gaither Not Truly an Option for Dallas? | The DC Times

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Jared Gaither Not Truly an Option for Dallas?

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After reports that Baltimore left tackle Jared Gaither could be had for less than the first-rounder that his tender offer would require another team to unleash, Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun is claiming the story was nothing more than a motivational tactic to persuade Gaither to attend offseason workouts.

Gaither ultimately did start working out with the team.

However, don’t panic yet.  Not only can Gaither join a team that signs him to a deal and yields their first round pick, but Preston also reports that a draft-day deal involving a second-rounder and a conditional pick in 2011 is a possibility.

So, nothing has really changed.  Would you want Gaither for, say, this year’s second-rounder and next year’s third or fourth?  We would.

We still have a feeling Jerry Jones has a draft day trick up his sleeve.

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21 Responses to Jared Gaither Not Truly an Option for Dallas?

  1. Super Steve says:

    Please tell me Jerry Jones is going to get this guy. with flozell gone it opens the LT job up for gaither, he is young, has great size which we know dallas loves, and he fills a need. this would allow free to play RT and columbo as a heck of a backup. I say ship them our second round pick and a pick in next years draft or even our 4th or 5th this year. we can then draft BPA for the entire draft which is always a good thing.

  2. I really hope so. You are right about Free–he is a great swing tackle and having him as that insurance policy is awesome. Starting him at LT with brewster backing up..not as awesome.

    the move would just give dallas so much more freedom on draft day to, like you said, truly take BPA and maintain their 1st rounder (perhaps even move back a few spots, grab nate allen, and secure another 3rd rounder).

  3. Martin says:

    I agree that Gaither would be a better option. I wrote an article on it a while back, but even went as far as to say the Cowboys should give up a first-round pick.


  4. john coleman says:

    We need to do something and Gaither had a good year last year. My problem with this is, why do the Ravens want to get rid of him. I do agree we need somebody and that there should be a rotation.

  5. john coleman says:

    Also a 2nd rd this year and something next, I’m liking that. We could drop out of the 1st, get two picks, and have our LT problem solved. Am I correct in thinking that would leave us as only losing a late pick next year. Gaither would be like a 1st.

  6. We have wondered that too. It is true they want to move Oher to LT, but you don’t just get rid of top OT’s.

  7. Well, it would leave us effectively losing a 2nd probably. The move out of one would probably net a 3rd or 4th (unless we really move far). This would negate the second pick for Gaither and leave the Cowboys effectively spending just a 2nd.

  8. soldierhorn says:

    The way I heard it was: Gaither hurt his ankle and rehab’d. Ravens wants to move Oher to LT in the mean time; probably permanently. Gaither got his feelings hurt and emphatically states that he is a LT and that is the only position that he will play. His agent then makes a statement that Gaither will do private workouts and will not attend the “voluntary” team workouts. The coaches called his bluff and now Gaither is working out with the team.

    The Ravens really dont want to get rid of him but they want to make some moves and dont want the drama. A change of scenery is probably good for all involved. Dallas needs a starting LT and he would fit perfectly; still get a project in the 3d round; and bring in probable undrafted serviceable OL. I understand that UT’s and SouthLake Carroll product will be at the at the Cowboy days workouts.

  9. Nice recap, and I think you hit the nail on the head. I don’t think the Ravens “want” to get rid of Gaither, but it might be the smart thing to do at this point. I personally would give up a 1st rounder if it came down to it, but Dallas can almost assuredly acquire him for less.

  10. soldierhorn says:

    Another option: dallas could even move up in the draft if they sweeten the pot so to speak to get Gaither. The Ravens need a CB, TE, and Kicker. Dallas cant do anything about he kicker but I wouldnt cry one fake tear if Bennett were to go away. At CB… Dallas has some real good backups that could start for some teams: Scandrick, Eatman and Ellis. I would keep Scandrick but either Eatman or Ellis could be thrown into the mix or throw in a big name CB such as Newman and move up in the draft even if it is only a couple of spots or a combo of second to middle round picks and Gaither

    I also think the next group of Cowboy free agents that should be looked at for release soon will/should include Newman. I think it is better to get rid of these guys a year early than wait until it is too late. At the start of his 9th season, Newman will be 32 and on a serious potential downslope. He is already falling behind Jenkins in effectiveness based on stats. If he is marketable, this year or next year is the time to do it before he becomes another overpriced unrestricted free agent.

    In my previous post, I forgot to mention who was coming in to Dallas Day’s workout. It is OL Adam Ulatoski – not great but serviceable

  11. I don’t mind your first scenario, but I wouldn’t advocate trading Newman. He is still a great CB and Scandrick showed last season he has some work to do. Newman’s Yds/Att against is among the best in the NFL every season.

  12. soldierhorn says:

    I am not advocating it either… at least not this year; maybe next; it’s just thinking out loud. I think if they traded Newman this year, all they would be doing is shifting the hole in the OL to CB even though there is good depth there.

    Newman’s yds/att stats are deceiving, IMO. He is just not being thrown against as much as Jenkins is but Jenkins has better averages and stats even with more thrown against him. I think Newman is entering the Deion syndrome at the later stages of his career: teams are not throwing at him due to reputation rather than actual stat evidence – eventually, they will and we will wish they would have already traded him at a better market value. Dallas traded Deion at age 32 – his last half decent year. Newman made the pro-bowl last year, as did Deion at age 31, so this year or next is the time to trade Newman – You cant beat time; it catches us all. One year could make a huge difference in getting anything of value for Newman.

  13. soldierhorn says:

    At the time, I thought getting rid of Deion was the dumbest thing in the world coming off a all-pro year. how can you get rid of the best CB in the league and arguably one of the best in nfl history? In retrospect, it turned out to be the right move at the exact right time. I would also argue that Deion was a better natural athlete than Newman even though terence is great but if Deion’s talents dropped off considerably after age 32, I have little doubt that Newman will too.

    Let’s assume, however, that this is the exact right time to trade Newman coming off a pro-bowl year, just as it was Deion; what do you think they could get for him? I think they could get Gaither, plus a high draft pick and possibly another draft pick in 2011. Not exactly a Herschel Walker trade good but enough to fill some holes and much needed youth. And Dallas has better depth at CB than they do at left tackle.

  14. You are right that Newman is getting older and there isn’t much time left as a top-tier CB. Have you looked at our CB grades from 2009? If not, check those out…we made a custom Pass Defense Rating you might like. That article is in the “Grading the Boys” area.

    If they WERE to trade Newman, there is no way they would get anywhere near what you are thinking (if I am following you correctly). If they could get all that, I would say definitely, but no way. Due to Newman’s age and lack of INTs, I don’t think they would get more than an early 2nd rounder for him. Remember, McNabb, who is not much older but plays quarterback (where you can generally play longer than CB), fetched what was the equivalent of a late 1st rounder.

  15. soldierhorn says:

    no… I havent seen the “Grading the Boys” article. I will have to check that out.

    You are probably right about not getting more than a second for Newman. This draft has a lot of CB depth so the market might be soft right now. IF that is all they can get for him coming off a pro-bowl year, then they probably shouldnt have signed him to 6 years in ’08. If it is not at least a second round pick, then the hole created at CB might not be worth a draft “project” at the position, esp if they have to move Ball to FS. Why would they lock any speed player past age 32 much less to their 35 or 36 birthday? I think Newman has been getting hurt more often since 2006 and his sensitive groin muscles arent getting any younger. This past season, he didnt seem to get motivated until he and campo got into it on the sidelines. IMO, all this points to a possible disappointing 2010 for Terence. Anyway didnt mean to turn this into a Newman thread.

    If they could get a 2d round or possibly a trade for Gaither plus a third or fourth pick, I think I would still do the trade. I would view filling the LT hole with experience more valuable than the potential step down in CB position that currently has decent depth.

  16. You are right that Gaither would be an incredible help, but I’m not sure losing Newman is worth it, even at his age. Remember, we already have Doug Free, so if Gaither doesn’t come it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle.

    Lose Newman, though, and it affects two positions. Your starting CB would be Scandrick, who is better suited in the slot, and the nickel position would be. . . . . .who? No one right now. Alan Ball? A rookie? Dallas would leave themselves one injury away from some major trouble.

  17. soldierhorn says:

    I agree with everything that you stated but I would also add that Dallas is “one injury away from some major trouble” at LT as well. The rest of the OL isnt getting any younger either. By the time the season starts, four of the eight will have double digit years of experience. If Dallas could get Gaither, they could move Free to RT and colombo as a very capable backup. If they dont get someone such as Gaither, then I would argue that the OL situation is more tenuous than the CB position would be without Newman; not to mention the potential harm to Romo from his blind side.

    They just have to pick their potential poison.

    I think they need to see what needs to be done to get Gaither and if that means throwing Eatman or Ellis in the mix, then pull the trigger. I also think if they need Newman to get Gaither, that would be hard not to turn down. I really think that 2009 will turn out to be Newman’s last real good year. Are they going to have to stage arguments with campo to get terence motivated gain? I think we can hope for an above average year from terence in 2010 if he doesnt pull a groin but that will be about it. Frankly, I will be surprised if he makes it the whole season and they will have to make due with what they have right now at CB anyway; if not, definitely by 2011 at which time, he will have very little marketing value.

  18. Good points. I guess I am thinking the team is already likely to address the LT position early in the draft and they also drafted Brewster fairly early last year.

    Lose Newman, and not only are there no young backups at the CB spot, there just are no backups period.

    Let’s just hope Newman can stay healthy for the whole 2010 season. He is obviously a crucial part of the defense’s success.

  19. soldierhorn says:

    In my thinking… with regards to a adequate starting LT, it doesnt matter if they draft a OT high in the draft. Rarely does a drafted player come in and effectively start at LT protecting the QB’s blind side taking on the best pass rushers in the league. Even Flozell started off as a OG for a while until he could acclimated to the quality of play at the next level at AZ. If Dallas has to start a rookie LT, man-o-man, what does that say about Free, Colombo and Brewster?

    I think they need to find someone with experience that can come in and start with some good years left without too much of a drop off in effectiveness – such as Gaither. I was looking at drafting adequate backups as future starters for an aging OL.

  20. james says:

    Mr soldierhorn who are Eatman and Ellis???
    “At CB… Dallas has some real good backups that could start for some teams: Scandrick, Eatman and Ellis. I would keep Scandrick but either Eatman or Ellis could be thrown into the mix”

    never heard of them, when did we pick the up? Where did they come from? IMO we do not have enogh depth to trade Newman. Gaither would be worth what ever pick they can trade for him, but don’t get taken like we did for awful Roy Williams! I hope we can land Pouncey or Lupati for the OL. I like Nate Allen as a safety. Then draft best available along with all the OL they can muster, draft/free agent after the draft too.

  21. I was wondering that myself haha…aren’t they writer for DallasCowboys.com?

    Good thoughts James. Newman is too good to be traded for peanuts. Gaither, even for a 1st, is probably worth the investment.

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