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Jerry Jones Drunk Interview

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We debated whether or not we should even put this video on the site.  We decided to do it because we feel obligated to bring you all Cowboys news, good or bad.

The video is what appears to be an intoxicated Jerry Jones talking fairly harshly about former head coach Bill Parcells and 2010 NFL Draft prospect Tim Tebow.  We apologize for the poor video quality, but it is obviously all that is available.

A transcript (actually our interpretation of Jones’ words) is below the video.

“Romo was a miracle.  He almost never got in.  He almost never hit the field.”

(On selling jerseys) “That’s the only reason I brought in Bill Parcells.  Bill’s not worth sh*t.  I love him.  (He’s) not worth a sh*t, but I wanted — they were on my a** so bad.  J’s gotta have a yes man.  So to get this f***in’ stadium, I need to bring his a** in.”

(On drafting Tim Tebow in the third round) “Why?  He’d never get on the field.  I can’t get him out there.”

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21 Responses to Jerry Jones Drunk Interview

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    WOW – interesting…this will definitely bring about some controversy in the next few days i suppose…

  2. Yeah I would think so. We will see how big this gets.

  3. Travis Croy says:

    I love the Cowboys but Jerry Jones keeps wearing thinner and thinner. He owes every success he has ever had to Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells but he rips on them every chance he gets. Classless.

  4. David Mark says:

    What’s there to disagree with? It really isn’t a little miraculous for an undrafted FA to become a starting NFL QB? A lot of people haven’t said repeatedly (& probably correctly) that Jerry like yes men as head coaches (so he had to hire Parcells to prove them wrong in order to get his stadium)? Even though Parcells was clearly a better head coach than the his predecessor(s), how much playoff success did he have in Dallas? And while Tebow probably could be a star QB for some team, what are the chances it would be with Cowboys?

    I just think it’s pathetic someone went to all that effort to get a drunk JJ to say something controversial just to post it on YouTube…as if Jerry doesn’t do enough of that already when sober.

  5. soldierhorn says:

    What a freakin moron. This says more about JJ than anyone he talks about. Yeah… he runs off the two best coaches because of HIS ego and replaces them with who? Berry “6shooter” Switzer and Wake-me-up Phillips… Way to go JJ. Way to turn America’s team into America’s laughing stock because of YOU. Please sell the team and go back to Arkiesaw. After talking about two good coaches like that, why would any decent coach want to come to to the Cowboys? JJ needs a “handler.” He shouldnt be let out in public without a leash

  6. I don’t know about EVERY success. I think it is unfair to judge Jerry off of this video. We have all done a lot of bad things when we thought no one was watching that we would hate people to see.

  7. Good comments. I agree with you completely. I really debated putting this video up, but I thought it should be done.

  8. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Good call on posting.

    As far as JJ goes, I must admit that that was classless. He is the owner of the most well-known and one of the most expensive sports franchises in the world. He is ALWAYS quotable. He is constantly being watched. I remember once a quote he said – something to the affect of that he could be doing anything, anywhere but he chooses to be involved w/ the Dallas Cowboys. That notoriaty has a cost. You can’t go out and truly speak your mind when you’re not sure who’s listening.

    I am a true fan of Dallas and will continue to support them and their owner, but I gotta call this event like I see it.

    But, I don’t think the failure was just his. Where were his handlers? His son? His wife? Where was the guy in the entourage that, once he realized JJ was acting like a jackass, stepped in, pulled his friend to the side and tell him “Hey, Jerry, I need to talk to you over here.”

    Jerry needs a wingman!

  9. Tyrone…check out the quote just to the right of our logo haha.

    I’m not as harsh on JJ on this one….we all do stuff we wouldn’t want taped. Still, he does need to be careful because of who he is.

  10. soldierhorn says:

    JJ tries to explain himself at a fundraiser last night:

    “Bill, first of all, is a real friend of mine,” Jones said Thursday evening at an American Diabetes Association fundraiser. “He is a great football coach. He probably has as good or better people skills than anybody I ever met. I have complete trust in him.

    “The actual way I express myself is commonly known by my associates as a familiar, caring term of endearment, as you will. If I say to somebody that you’re not worth a flip, then that means I think you’re pretty good, certainly if I follow up with, I love you.”

    You aint worth a flip is a “term of endearment” hahaha you’re a big worthless piece of crap… but I love you man. LOL I think JJ actually makes more sense when he is drunk.

  11. Haha that is pretty funny. Still, people are being too harsh on him. He got drunk— so what?

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  13. soldierhorn says:

    JB… If it is just that he got drunk, why is it news? It isnt because he got drunk and said off the wall dumb stuff. It is news because it validates what people already thought of Jerry – he’s a disingenuous egomaniac. Alcohol is a form of truth serum and who a person really is generally comes out when they are uninhibited. Then trying to explain it away just makes it funnier. JJ is the smartalic weakling at school that now has money to by “coolness” so be can be a “football guy.” Good job Jerry – you’re living your dream.

  14. soldierhorn says:

    ooops I didnt proof before posting. That should be “buy” and not “by”

  15. Lol no problem on the spelling…I see your points, but at the same time we all do stuff A LOT that we would hate for others to see on tape.

    Should he be more responsible with what he says? Yes. But we have all pretty much done the same thing (whether drunk or not)? Probably.

  16. soldierhorn says:

    JB, probably or probably not, it doesnt matter… I also dont have a 60 yard video screen to watch my own stupidity. A guy who has the resources (and ability to get tax money to do it) to build the best and most high tech stadium in the country should understand the cell phone low tech means of showing his arse. I am definitely no angel but I put a two drink rule on myself so dont do stupid stuff like getting in fights or dui. I Jerry wants to get drunk in public (no problem there) and whoop it up with the natives (no problem there either), then HE takes that risk and DESERVES the consequences. It isnt anybody’s fault but his and the Bill Clinton defense… “everybody does it” doesnt wash.

    Good thing that the Big Tuna’s staff saw the value in Romo or where would they be now?

  17. I don’t think the “everybody does it” approach is a legit defense. I simply meant it is easy for people to judge others before looking at themselves.

    And if we wouldn’t have Romo….uhhhh…I don’t even want to think about it. Is Testaverde still in good shape? haha

  18. soldierhorn says:

    I forgot to add that what JJ did isnt the same as some twenty something year old who did something stupid that got posted on the internet that he will regret when he matures. Jerry also isnt a twenty four year old, just finished college but now is a top five percent wage earner, who is likely to do something rash or stupid in public. I give the young’ins a lot of leeway. I also presume that Jerry isnt wearing a diaper nor on the verge of some form of dementia. He is a 67 year old man who has developed a lot of responsibilities for himself. I am sure that gramps understands that he has been around long enough to realize what life is all about.

  19. soldierhorn says:

    As far as Romo and QBs go…. The two best coaches that JJ has hired (coincidentally the two he spoke negatively about) also brought in the best talent at QB. JimmyJ brought in Aikman and Parcells brought in Romo.

    After Jimmy was fired, here is the illustrious list of QB hires: Drew Henson, Quincy Carter, Anthony Wright, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner to build a team around. Then a bunch of washups that really dont build to the future such as Brad Johnson, Bledsoe, Testaverde, Randall Cunningham, Jason Garrett, Wade Wilson, Rodney Pete, Bernie Kosar, and more. There we go JJ… we need more of that – yuk.

  20. Clint Stoerner would have been one of the best QBs in the NFL history if he didn’t, you know, suck.

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