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Miles Austin Reports to Workouts at Lighter Weight | The DC Times

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Miles Austin Reports to Workouts at Lighter Weight

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Miles Austin is in the building.  The up-and-coming wide receiver has joined his teammates at Valley Ranch this week for voluntary workouts.  Surprisingly, he said his absence was not contract-related:

“I was out in L.A. working,” Austin said.  “To be honest, I was really working hard.  I came back the lightest I’ve ever been, in shape already.  I’m feeling really good and looking forward to the year.”

Austin continued, “Not a power play, nothing like that at all.  It just came down to when I was working out there, I was really buying into the workouts.  Not only was I working out with a personal trainer, but I was running hills, running Runyan [Canyon], a lot of things.”

Austin apparently wasn’t lying about working hard–he is currently only 207 pounds.  While the lighter frame could help his speed, we are worried that it might hinder Austin’s ability to break tackles.

Austin weighed around 214 pounds last season, but players generally enter the season at a lower weight than offseason workouts.  Austin may have weighed 217 or more at this time last year.  Also, don’t forget he figures to lose a few pounds during training  camp.

Is this 7-10 pounds of weight loss going to make Austin that much faster?  After all, how much faster can the guy really get?

Still, we trust Austin is doing the right thing.  The organization is surely aware of Austin’s weight loss.  Perhaps his new slimmer body will allow him to be quicker in small areas, providing him the benefit of not having to break as many tackles.

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8 Responses to Miles Austin Reports to Workouts at Lighter Weight

  1. john coleman says:

    I’m with you and think the weight loss could help him get seperation better. Also may impact him positively toward the end of games.

  2. Yeah we will see how it affects him (if he does indeed report to camp this light). I have mixed feelings right now.

  3. john coleman says:

    You know we have discussed size and weight regarding other players. Such as Mays and him playing ILB at 230. But yet there are highly rated prospects at the same height and 6 lbs heavier. McCluster is another guy who is smallish. But again does an inch or two and 10 lbs make the difference. Do we really make too much of a few lbs?

  4. john coleman says:

    BTW, scout.com ranch report is saying the interest in Mays is for real and he is coming for another visit. IMO stuff like this is why we have 1 playoff win in 12yrs. How can coaches let arrogance and ego get in the way of good sense? I don’t think they would go to this much trouble for a smokescreen.

  5. I think we probably do make too much of both height and weight from player to player, but not weight fluctuation for the SAME player…if that makes any sense. Some guys carry 235 pounds well, and other don’t. So the difference between a 245 pound LB and a 238 pound LB is dependent on their play…it really doesn’t make a HUGE difference.

    However, within the same player, that same 7 pounds is huge. Ever lose even five pounds and notice how much quicker/lighter on your feet you are? So, I don’t think the difference between Miles and a 214 pound WR is nearly as great as Miles at 214 and Miles at 207. Does that make sense?

  6. About the report…you never know. Sometimes the Cowboys pass on players in whom they have shown a ton of interest. Other times they’ll select a totally “off-the-radar” guy.

    Hopefully their perceived interest in Mays will force another team to jump ahead and grab him so we don’t have have the make the decision.

    BTW…the Eagles are reportedly interested in drafting him and moving him to OLB, just like you said.

  7. Craig Kocay says:

    Whenever I stop working out, I lose a lot of weight too…

    Is it not possible that this new “light fast look” is just a result of missing work outs.

    I know if I came back from weeks of partying (even with a few mild workouts), I would say that I am in great shape even if I did not come back in the same form.

    It is hard for me to see why Austin would want to get any lighter. Why would you mess with what worked? Did that make any sense?

  8. I also don’t see the point of losing more than a pound or two because of the speed Austin already possessed. He was a tremendous speed/strength combo guy last season. Having said that, I don’t think he is missing workouts. He is a hard-worker and players tend to work quite hard when they see dollar signs. Austin hasn’t gotten paid yet, so he is likely doing everything possible to make sure he gets that big pay day.

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