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Penn State LB Sean Lee: A Case in Value | The DC Times

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Penn State LB Sean Lee: A Case in Value

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In our last post, we warned you to be leery of the Cowboys selecting either a free safety or offensive linemen in the second round.  Our exact words:  “You would think free safety and offensive line are the primary focuses right now, but don’t rule out another ‘value pick’ if a top-rated player drops.”

Now while we personally disagree with the Cowboys’ scouting of Penn State linebacker Sean Lee as “top-rated,” it is obvious they placed great value upon him.  The team yielded their second and fourth-rounders this year to a divisional rival in order to move up just four selections to draft him.  In comparison, Dallas simply slid back from the third round to the fourth after a move up the same number of spots in the first round.

Our feelings on Lee’s game are irrelevant now–he is a Dallas Cowboys and we will embrace him as such.  We will have more on Lee tomorrow.

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18 Responses to Penn State LB Sean Lee: A Case in Value

  1. Jonny Danger says:

    Sapp and Norwood still on the board I want them both. Go get em Dallas I doubt any of the tackles left are better than Brewster/Free.

  2. Jonny Danger says:

    Any chance Olshansky could be moved to DT and Ratliff to DE? Jay seems out of place in the DT position just my opinion.

  3. David Mark says:

    Wow…great YouTube video! I have no idea how Cowboys are going to fix their lack of quality depth at OL or S. They didn’t get blown out by Vikings because they lacked good WRs or LBs. Still, how can you not get excited by Bryant and now Lee? I think a lot will depend on what personnel moves the Cowboys make after the draft.

  4. john coleman says:

    Rd 1 I was happy, because of value, and what we gave up. However, I am not happy at all with this one. It seems, we were concerned, with positional need to me. I also think moving up, what 5 spots, and giving up something to do it was insane. I’m not saying Lee isn’t a good player, But how do you pass up Brown at 59th? If Lee doesn’t come up big, this is another one we will be talking about for a while. They really have confidence in Free. I’m OK with that, against my better judgement. The real concern is no depth at tackle. No way is Brown not better than McQuistan. Now, after giving up a pick for Lee we will be lucky to get one decent olineman. We can’t get anybody to take our guys on the blocks either. How have we been winning games? Just think people knock Romo, and nobody wants who he has been throwing to. I guess we will end up just cutting Carpenter. In 5 years will Lee be the same. BTW we just drafted one of those guys who is 6lbs. heavier than people who were too small to play ILB. As of now, JJ seems to want FLASH to put butts in seats. I think we are in the making money business. Again, Dez helps, but this one, has me scratching my head. Sorry for the baby rant. Maybe we will get lucky with 2 or 3 UDFA linemen.

  5. Yeah those would both be great value, but I couldn’t imagine the feelings of the average fan if you’d tell them the Cowboys wouldn’t address LT/FS in the first five rounds of the draft.

  6. No. Ratliff is a Pro Bowl DT and one of the top three in the NFL. How does he seem out of place to you?

  7. Yeah, you are right about the post-draft personnel moves. If the Cowboys can land a player like Atogwe, all is good.

  8. Shocking to me was two of the players left on the board…Charles Brown (like you said) and Morgan Burnett. How do you like Lee THAT much more than those two players that you are willing to give up your 2nd AND 4th rounders for him?

    Anyway, yeah, Barbie is probably on his way out. No way he beats out Jason Williams for the nickel job this year IMO.

  9. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    To be honest, I understand the thought process JJ and Phillps must have had. They brough Bryant in for a visit and fell in love w/ him. Regardless of how many WRs we have. they TARGETED him and were lucky in that he fell to 24.

    As far as Lee goes, I think he’s a good player. If you look at his stats, he’s fairly decent and played in the run happy Big 10. But, to move up and give up a 4th to do so, I just cant see it. I think we should have stayed at 59 and take our chances the Lee was still there. If not, there was always Burnett (who we also brought in for a visit). The potential bust factor is to great with Charles Brown.

  10. Yeah, I would have really liked Burnett there, but the Cowboys just selected Akwasi Owusu-Ansah in the fourth. He could possible be moved to FS, so I really really like that selection.

  11. Omar says:

    No this was a horrible move, you don’t embrace the move or the player…you don’t root against the player, but if you think the move sucks, it’s your responsibility as a fan to criticize it. If you can’t criticize a move made by your own team what moves can you criticize? I got through this shit in baseball (Yankee fan, born in Dallas…back when I was getting into baseball the Rangers were just for bored Cowboys fans, moved to the midwest when I was like three too, Yanks got me an A in Science in like 4th grade due to EC and then 20 bucks from my old man…and I spent a few summers in the New York, so that’s why), I can’t criticize Joba Chamberlain without being called a “troll” a “Sox Fan” or a “B-Jobber.” Much like in baseball I recognize the fact that Joba Chamberlain is not the same pitcher after the injury and spent the better part of 2009 blowing asshole galore and I greatly want him traded; YET I don’t root for him to give up runs when he comes on the mound. I also recognize that Sean Lee is a reach and a decision that I disagree with, and I wish that Vlad Ducassee and Brandon Spikes were on this team instead. I will still root for Sean Lee on Sundays, but I still highly disagree with the move. You don’t yield a 2nd and 4th in to move up four spots in the second, ESPECIALLY in a loaded draft and ESPECIALLY when your starting FS and LT spots are blank, I can understand doing it to get Nate Allen when Philly or a team that needs a safety picks in between the spot you moved up to and the spot you originally had…but I don’t get it for an undersized LB when you run a 34 defense, if you ran a Tampa 2…maybe, but when you run a 34 defense I don’t get it. Awful move.

  12. I disagree that you can’t embrace the player while still disagreeing with the move. Do I think it was a poor decision? Yes, but I also realize where the team is coming from. They had a top 16 player (on their board) available in the 2nd round. and they made a move to get their guy.

    I don’t like Lee’s game or his upside, but I will still embrace his addition to the team. Still, you can believe we will have a criticism of the trade up posted by tomorrow. Full draft grades on each pick will be up then.

  13. Omar says:

    I’ll root for him, but I still wish that Brandon Spikes or Vlad Ducasse was on this team instead of him. On the bright side he can’t be worse than Barbie…right?

  14. Haha well I hope not!

  15. john coleman says:

    How do you have Lee top 16, and nobody else does? Again, I like him as a player. It’s just giving up another pick, when we didn’t have to. Plus, Brown is still out there.

  16. Well I don’t personally have him there haha..in fact I think he has limited upside. Also agree COMPLETELY it was a poor move to give up a 4th for him. If it wasn’t for Bryant and AOA, I would be disappointed with this draft. Right now I give it a B to B-, although I will think about it more and have final grades up tomorrow.

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