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Pre-Draft Day Final Notes

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  • I just spoke (briefly) with Texas safety Earl Thomas.  I mentioned the rumors concerning Dallas trading up to select him and he said he hadn’t even heard anything about it.  It is funny how media can sometimes dig so far into a player’s draft stock that we know more about his future than he does.  However, Thomas said he would love to become a Cowboy.

  1. Scouts often take pictures of the board because coaches will sometimes move players around to their liking.
  2. The Cowboys were the first team to utilize computer in the draft process.  “We were 15 years ahead of anybody,” said Gil Brandt, the former VP of player personnel.
  3. Jerry Jones & Co. love to eat barbecue in the War Room.
  4. Jerry was once so deep in trade talks that he nearly forgot to submit the Cowboys’ pick to the league.  Son Stephen Jones had to (literally) dive across the table to phone it in.
  5. The Cowboys have all 31 of the other teams on speed dial.
  6. The final decision on who to draft comes down to (yup, you guessed it) Jerry Jones.  When he makes the decision, Jones like to call the players himself, some of whom hang up on him in disbelief.
  • We will be posting an Ultimate 2010 Draft Guide for you tomorrow morning.  It will have our mock drafts, big board, list of potential Cowboys’ picks, a link to our live draft blog, and everything else you need to be prepared for tomorrow night.
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4 Responses to Pre-Draft Day Final Notes

  1. john coleman says:

    Just looking at the Draft Guide and clicked over to prospects. I started looking at Ansah’a film, and a few thing jumped out. This guy is simply a playmaker. He also looks like a RB. Is it me or does he play downhill. He has a safety looking game with return skills. I know the competition is not 1A, what is your gut on this guy? Allen looks good on film too.

  2. john coleman says:

    Whew! Excuse the finger slips. Too early.

  3. AOA can simply play. Yes, it is DII, but he is so dominant there that I think he can become good value. I had the chance to see him play live a few times because I have a friend who went to Indiana of PA, and it was a treat.

    He had a visit with Dallas a few weeks ago and I think either Cook or him have a great shot of going to the ‘Boys in the 2nd round (Cook also visited with Dallas). They both can play both CB and FS, and I think the Cowboys will really covet that ability.

  4. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    The only problem w/ AOA is that he’s projected to go early 2nd round. The Boys would have to trade down from 27th to do so or trade up after picking at 27.

    I think he’s a player as well but there’s little chance we could get him unless we truly believe he’s the FS of the future.

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