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Predicting Dallas’ 2010 Depth Chart/53-Man Roster

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Below is our projected Cowboys’ opening day 53-man roster and depth chart.  It is also the one we think will be the team’s greatest ticket to success.  We have listed a few of the intriguing aspects of our projections at the bottom of the post.

**UPDATE:  The Cowboys just signed guard Montrae Holland to a two-year contract.  We had originally had him being released and have since changed our projected roster, removing Travis Bright.

1. Tony Romo
2. Jon Kitna
3. Stephen McGee

1. Felix Jones
2. Marion Barber
3. Tashard Choice

1. Deon Anderson

1. Jason Witten
2. Martellus Bennett
3. John Phillips

1. Miles Austin
2. Roy Williams
3. Dez Bryant
4. Patrick Crayton
5. Kevin Ogletree
6. Sam Hurd

1. Doug Free
2. Robert Brewster

1. Kyle Kosier
2. Cory Procter

1. Andre Gurode

1. Leonard Davis
2. Montrae Holland

1. Marc Colombo
2. Sam Young

1. Jay Ratliff
2. Junior Siavii


1. Marcus Spears
2. Igor Olshansky
3. Stephen Bowen
4. Jason Hatcher
5. Marcus Dixon

1. Bradie James
2. Keith Brooking
3. Sean Lee
4. Jason Williams

1. Demarcus Ware
2. Anthony Spencer
3. Victor Butler
4. Brandon Williams
5. Curtis Johnson

1. Mike Jenkins
2. Terence Newman
3. Orlando Scandrick
4. Cletis Gordon

1. OJ Atogwe
2. Gerald Sensabaugh
3. Alan Ball
4. Michael Hamlin
5. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

1. L.P. Ladouceur

1. David Buehler

1. Mat McBriar

1. Dez Bryant
2. Cletis Gordon
3. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
3. Kevin Ogletree

1. Dez Bryant
2. Patrick Crayton
3. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

Dez Bryant (R)
Sean Lee (R)
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (R)
Sam Young (R)
Jamar Wall (R)
Sean Lissemore (R)
OJ Atogwe (from Rams)
Marcus Dixon (from practice squad)

Patrick Watkins
Bobby Carpenter
Pat McQuistan
Duke Preston
Steve Octavien
Stephen Hodge
Flozell Adams
Ken Hamlin
Jamar Wall (R)
Sean Lissemore (R)

Some points of interest

  • We expect FB Deon Anderson to make the squad despite his current legal situation.  If Anderson is suspended for a long period of time, however, expect undrafted rookie Chris Gronkowski to be the guy.
  • We expect Dez Bryant to begin the season as the #3 wide receiver.  As of now, we actually believe there is a solid chance the Cowboys keep six wide receivers.
  • We don’t expect Dallas to address the offensive line in free agency.
  • If the Cowboys cannot trade Marcus Spears for a reasonable price, expect him to be on the team and for the Cowboys to carry five defensive ends to make room for the up-and-coming Marcus Dixon.
  • Expect rookie Sean Lee to immediately compete with Jason Williams for the nickel LB job.  That leaves one Bobby Carpenter out of the mix.
  • The Cowboys seem to really like the versatility and athleticism of seventh-rounder Sean Lissemore, but we think he will have a tough time making the squad.  His best bets would be for a current defensive end to get traded or to beat out Marcus Dixon for the final roster spot.  We don’t see the latter scenario happening, and Lissemore probably cannot be counted on to immediately be an effective backup to Jay Ratliff inside.  Thus, Junior Siavii will probably make the team and Lissemore will have his work cut out for him.  He could also benefit from the Cowboys keeping just five wide receivers.
  • Curtis Johnson has so much promise as a pass-rushing OLB that we don’t think the Cowboys will let him go.  Putting him on the practice squad would likely result in another team signing him.
  • Unfortunately, we think Texas Tech rookie cornerback Jamar Wall is going to have a tough time making the team.  Due to the versatility of both Alan Ball and rookie Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Dallas may just keep four true cornerbacks on the roster.  If so, Wall will compete with Cletis Gordon for the last spot.  The coaching staff loves Gordon and he is a darkhorse candidate to return kickoffs this season.  This is a toss-up, but we believe Gordon has the slight advantage as of now.
  • Fans will be happy to know that we do envision the team signing one free agent–Rams FS OJ Atogwe.  We think the presence of veteran free agents such as Atogwe and Darren Sharper allowed Dallas to truly focus on selecting the best player available in the draft.  Atogwe’s addition wouldn’t preclude the Cowboys from keeping five safeties (again, AOA and Ball can be considered hybrid players), but it would likely mean Patrick Watkins would be released.
  • David Buehler will be given every opportunity to win all kicking duties.  If he struggles, the team will obviously have to sign another guy.  The most likely roster casualty?  Probably Curtis Johnson.
  • Dez Bryant will probably begin the season as the primary punt and kickoff returner.  This will likely be just for 2010, as his emergence at receiver would pave the way for AOA to take over return duties.

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19 Responses to Predicting Dallas’ 2010 Depth Chart/53-Man Roster

  1. john coleman says:

    Bryan McCann is high on your list. Or have we traded him allready. I have him making the team. Hurd and Spears are history. I also have Watkins staying. I have not considered Atogwe, but concede it could happen. I also had Brewster as a guard, but I thought Holland was gone. Which meant McQuistan and Young at tackle. Two questions I have. One is what about Travis Bright? the other is, how does the release,waive,clear waivers thing work? To get guys to the practice squad.

  2. Yeah, I had Travis Bright making the team until they signed Holland. With no backup center other than Procter, you know he is going to make it. Thus, there isn’t much room for Bright.

    As far as McCann, it will be tough for him to make it, particularly since the team drafted Wall and seems to like Gordon a lot. If they keep 5 CB instead of 4 (not including Ball or AOA), he’s got a shot.

    For the practice squad, the Cowboys can place up to eight players on it, but they can be signed at any time by another team. There are a bunch of intricate rules for getting guys there, such as having not played in more than nine regular season games. What will happen is Dallas will make the final cut to 53 and they will take the eight best players who got cut but not signed by another team and give them contracts for the p-squad (which aren’t very much at all….something like 5,000 bucks a week).

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  4. john coleman says:

    What’s up with trying to get rid of Holland, then resigning him? JJ is cheaping us in an uncapped year. To me, you don’t dangle a guy, you want. Obviously, it saves us money. However moves like this clog the pipeline for young players. We have the same old tired guys as we had. How does Bright develop? They brought in 3 UDFA guards and 1 G/C. How good do you have to be to be better than Procter,McQuistan, and I thought Holland. We whiffed on oline in the draft. I’m pulling for Young, but to me he is RT only. That makes 4 of them. If Free can’t play LT, it is 4. I’m happy with the first 3 picks, after that whiff.

  5. I will be the first to admit that I simply don’t know how effective Holland can be due to a lack of film on him. Without that, I can’t make any grand statements, but you’d think that if Bright is anywhere near Holland in talent (which is probable due to Holland’s departure from Denver and lack of PT in Dallas), the younger guy would get the nod. Not so, apparently.

  6. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I noticed Stephen Hodge was left off the list completely – is he no longer on the team?

  7. Tyrone…thanks a lot for pointing that out. We anticipate his release but for whatever reason left his name off of the list…I will fix it right now. Can’t get anything passed you guys…and that’s the way we like it.

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  17. waydro says:

    Someone please let jj know that we need and good Lt to protect t.romo on offense and we also need a good fs (quarterback) on defense if we intend on making a splash then dash to the superbowl …..

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