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Report: Cowboys Love Jordan Shipley, Could Deal Crayton

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Good news for all of you on the ‘Jordan Shipley to Dallas’ Bandwagon (that includes us)–Rivals.com is reporting that the Cowboys ‘love’ the Texas slot WR/returner enough that they are possibly looking to move Patrick Crayton.

The report claims the Cowboys want Shipley in the third round but are interested enough to invest their second round pick in him.  Apparently they agree with us that upgrading the return spots is a primary team need.

The bad news for the Cowboys is that this information, which they obviously had been attempting to hide, has been leaked.  Might this make them more likely to draft Shipley in the second to ensure he becomes a Cowboy?

What do you think?  Is Shipley worth a second-rounder?  A third?

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31 Responses to Report: Cowboys Love Jordan Shipley, Could Deal Crayton

  1. john coleman says:

    No way do I use a 2nd rd pick. This guy may prove me wrong, but I don’t think he will be near as effective as a pro. If we do draft him he needs to be returning day one. He is also a 6th year college guy. Which means his pro career is shortened by two years. Let New England have him. We need someone with more speed. I’ll take McClusters over Shipley. Especially in the 2nd. Craziness like this is why we have one playoff win in 12yrs. If we trade somebody and get 2 or 3 more picks, you can take a chance on him. Also with the McCluster combine 40 vs. his pro day 40, it makes me wonder about any combine times. I think Shipley was slower at the combine also.

  2. john coleman says:

    Also concerning Crayton, I think he has been very dependable and consistent. I’m not saying keep him. I just think he is under appreciated. All of our WRs are affected by our TE production.

  3. I would also take McCluster over Shipley. Shipley in the 2nd is too early–let’s hope they don’t do that. I am higher on Shipley than you though, so anything in the 3rd or after is fine with me (although I wold prefer the 4th).

  4. Crayton is an under-appreciated player–you know what you are going to get out of him, and sometimes it is nice to have that on your team. Just curious John…who do you prefer in the slot and returning..Crayton or McCluster?

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I truly don’t get all the concern over WR. Austin is the #1. Williams will be on the field (at least for the 1st part of the season) as JJ had declared. Crayton is a SOLID 3rd receiver and Hurd and Ogletree are competent backups in 4 WR sets or if one of the above should get hurt. Bottomline, the Cowboys do NOT need a WR.

    Now, they could stand to upgrade the return game. And, another backup CB would be desireable since K. Hamlin is gone and Ball will probably spend more time at FS than CB. That CB should be a return type CB (like AOA) as well as a special teams helper.

    Shipley is not better than Crayton at this time. He may get better, but unless you project him to start or play prominent minutes either this year or next, then you shouldn’t be spending a 2nd round pick on that person.

  6. Good analysis Tyrone. I agree AOA is a great fit and I would love to see him in the 2nd, but hopefully Dallas didn’t put themselves in a position where they MUST take a LT and FS in the first two rounds. The depth behind Free really scares me.

  7. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I agree – however, I think that Dallas may trade out (down) of the 27th pick for 2 2nd round picks (coupled w/ a player possibly). I think Vladimir Ducasse, Chad Jones and AOA are all quality 2nd rd picks.

    Those three picks, coupled w/ the progress of M Hamlin, Brewster and Williams as ILB, the Boys will be set.

  8. john coleman says:

    I’m not high on Crayton as a return man, period, although he was adequate. McClusters size scares me, but I think he plays bigger than he is. Now that he improved his 40, I feel much better about him.

  9. That’s a good point–a trade back could net them a player like Nate Allen, Ducasse, and then another pick (probably around a 3rd, depending how much they move back). Don’t forget with how deep this class is–a 3rd is basically as good as a 2nd in most drafts.

  10. We love McCluster too, as you know, and would love to see his name called at pick #59. People tend to place too much emphasis on Crayton’s two return touchdowns. The sample size is much too small within one season to see significant results on returns–a guy has to pass the eye test. Who passes the eye test more, Crayton or McCluster? Hmmmm…

  11. douglas a besmer says:

    i can’t believe sam hurd keeps getting over-looked as #2 receiver! his special teams hussle cannot be over-looked,he is the next t.o.!

  12. Haha well I don’t know about the next T.O., but he is overlooked. Still, I think Ogletree has a better shot of becoming the #2.

  13. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    You want some good game footage of Hurd – take a look at the Denver game. When the Boys were inside the 5 (and Roy W was hurt due to trying to catch a high pas and was blasted by the FS), Jason Garrett called not one but TWO slants to Hurd. Both were broken up.

    Hurd may be overlooked but when it mattered, he didn’t deliver due to incorrect body positioning (the slant is the hardest pass to defend if the receiver plays it correctly).

  14. Those are good points. Let’s not forget he was going up against Champ Bailey, but your point is well-taken. Proper positioning SHOULD lead to a TD in at least 1 of 2 passes.

  15. soldierhorn says:

    I am a huge Longhorn fan but no way do I use a 2d for Shipley with such glaring needs at left tackle, safety and cornerback.

    However, if they could package something to address the glaring LT or Safety position, then they could/should pick Shipley in the draft. For instance, the Ravens have several “needs” including CB, MLB, and WR. After their playoff exit, I think they finally realized the receiver is the biggest need. Derrick Mason is continuing to age, while the other receivers just can’t step up their game enough to be a threat down the field.

    If Dallas could package something like a CB (Ellis, Eatman or Newman) and a WR (crayton) to get Gaither, then absolutely… get a dependable 3rd receiver in the draft. Shipley is going to make some team a very good possession receiver, IMO. Dallas could also trade down their 27 pick to get an additional pick in order to address several needs with 2-4 round players. JJ needs to quit falling in love with “stars” and start building depth with youth.

  16. Who are Ellis and Eatman? haha Who are you talking about? Those aren’t players on the Cowboys’ roster?

  17. soldierhorn says:

    you are right.. just checked… it looks like they are not on the roster any more.

    I guess my idea of packaging other teams needs to fill obvious Cowboy needs doesnt make sense because the names in parentheses should be changed. ok…

  18. No problem…but you are right that trading down out of the first is a legit possibility.

  19. Omar says:

    I like Shipley and I want either him or Gillyard. While I feel that a WR corps of Austin/Williams/Crayton/Ogletree/Hurd has potential, there’s two guys who had pretty rough years last season in Williams and Crayton, and a guy who came out of no where and was a top three WR in the league…it’s highly unlikely that Austin
    is able to fully replicate that again due to natural regression and the league better prepared for him with WRs who can’t catch half the passes thrown at him. I’d prefer adding some depth. Gillyard, McClusters, or Shipley would be pretty good picks.

  20. I like all of the guys you mentioned. The problem is there is little chance of Gilyard or McCluster being available in the back of the 3rd (Shipley has a shot) and the Cowboys should probably focus their attention on other positions in the first two rounds.

    Still, because all three players return, if they are really high on Dallas’ board and available in the 2nd…I say why not?

  21. Omar says:

    Bigger needs my man, bigger needs…lets say they get a player like Iupati or Pouncey or even trade up for Trent Williams or someone in the 2nd, and Nate Allen’s available in the second…I’d rather have him than someone like Gillyard. Or the other situation, lets say they move up to get Earl Thomas, and a player like Vlad Ducasse is available…I’d rather have him than Gillyard too.

  22. Of course….I would take both Allen and Ducasse over Gilyard too.

  23. Omar says:

    Oh I gotcha, if Gilyard is the only 2nd round player available, that the Cowboys like then fine, but I’d rather have Allen, Ducasse, and Spikes over him, and likely more. Maybe even a Reshad Jones, Chad Jones, TJ Ward, or Morgan Burnett too…but probably not.

  24. Of the guys you mentioned, I would only take Allen, Ducasse, and Burnett over Gilyard. I have Spikes rated higher but I think he will drop far enough that obtaining isn’t unrealistic.

  25. Omar says:

    There’s talk of Spikes dropping all the way to the 5th round, his measurables suck and while his game film is legit the teams that run a 43 defense have legit concerns over whether he’ll be fast enough to succeed in their schemes. I can easily see him being late second pick.

  26. Late 2nd rounder, or late 2nd day?…I don’t think he will go before the 3rd

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  28. Erik says:

    I really want Shipley to be a Cowboy but I think you only take him in the 2nd if you can work a trade to get an extra pick in the 2nd round.

  29. I think the 2nd is too high. If they really want him, I think moving up slightly in the 3rd is a better option. It isn’t that his talent doesn’t justify a 2nd rounder, but rather that his perceived value won’t justify it.

  30. Skipper says:

    As a big Texas fan I love Shipley, but have all the folks here forgotten the many surgeries he has had? The guy is a physical wreck – so much so that Mack Brown tried to talk him out of playing football anymore three years ago. I would not draft him at all…

  31. I’m sure every team is aware of his injury history, but it didn’t seem to affect his play in 2009 that much. Still exhibited great COD and body control.

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