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Report: Spears, Carpenter, Hurd, Others On Trade Block | The DC Times

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Report: Spears, Carpenter, Hurd, Others On Trade Block

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The National Football Post is reporting that the Cowboys are actively shopping defensive end Marcus Spears, inside linebacker Bobby Carpenter, wide receiver Sam Hurd, free safety Patrick Watkins, and guard Cory Procter.

The news really doesn’t come as a surprise, perhaps outside of the language of the claim.  Michael Lombardi is reporting that these players are being “shopped around the league” and “for the right price.”  The “right price” for all of them except Spears may just be a draft pick (no matter how late).  The Cowboys could also package a player and a pick in a deal to move up.

Spears’ value is a bit of a mystery.  It is unlikely that a team would surrender more than a third round pick for him, but that could even be stretching it considering he is a restricted free agent.

Spears may have hinted at his departure on Twitter, stating that he doesn’t want to leave Dallas but is unsure of what his future might hold.

We recently predicted the Cowboys would trade a veteran player on draft day.

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18 Responses to Report: Spears, Carpenter, Hurd, Others On Trade Block

  1. Omar says:

    Are they hoping that a team sends them an extra janitor or something for Barbie? That stadium must be a bitch to clean.

  2. Hahaha…be real. We both know Barbie isn’t worth a janitor. He’s much less.

  3. Frank says:

    I’d offer spears and barber to new orleans for jammal brown. I think he was pretty good before getting hurt last year. Sean Payton knows them.

  4. Unlikely the Saints would want either player.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    It would be nice to pick up a 5th round for Hurd or even Crayton. With as deep as this draft is, a 5th round pick might equate to a decent P/KR and slot receiver.

    It’s just amazing what an uncapped year will produce . . . an overal #9 pick (Ted Ginn Jr) traded for a 5th rd pick. A starting LT and FS cut (both would have contributed quite a bit of $ toward the cap if there was one).

    Regardless of what happens, I think Jaamal Brown would be a nice pick up for a 2nd round pick. Whichever LT is drafted is most likely to sit behind Free or Columbo for the 1st and maybe 2nd year. Jaamal is proven and would be a much better backup than whatever LT would be avail in the 2nd. That would leave the #27 pick to be traded away to get back into the 2nd to pick up Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett. If trade isn’t possible, either Mays or McCourtey or Brown or Tate should be avail.

  6. I wouldn’t trade Crayton for a 5th pre-draft, but perhaps during it if they have someone they like and know will be available.

    The Cowboys’ brass apparently has so much confidence in Free that at this point, he is more secure as a starter than Colombo.

  7. john coleman says:

    If nobody picked up these guys in free agency, why would they want them now. Is that a sign of the quality of the players? Or is it a sign that people don’t want to do something they think might help Dallas? Could it be that they know JJ will trade them away for Nothing? You know a pick and a player, or two players for a 2nd or 3rd. Player value seems to be way down. What’s your take?

  8. Player value is certainly way down, but I don’t think any teams would be interested in giving up a mid-round pick for multiple players. If a player isn’t worth a 7th-rounder by himself, he just isn’t worth anything to another team. Packaging a bunch of “trash” together doesn’t add up to create value. In some ways it is worse, as a team would have to use multiple roster spots on players another team could release.

  9. Martin says:

    I wouldn’t really call this breaking news. The Cowboys have had Bobby C up on the block since ’08. As for Hurd, Watkins and Procter, they probably won’t even command a seventh — except maybe Hurd, he could become a third receiver in this league. Procter is just garbage, there is no other way to say it. Watkins is a good special teamer, but apart from that, he isn’t much at all in the way of being a safety.

  10. john coleman says:

    It seems to me that we are going to have to give up starters to get anything. A few candidates could be Spears obviously, Crayton, and Bennett. I think we are going to have a hard time with trades. We just don’t have any value to shop. That IMO is why this draft is so important. If we can come up with a guard and corner, whocan play, then next year we are in business. We could shop aging, but still good players, like Kosier, Davis, and Newman. Also giving up a few of next years picks is an option to accomplish this. We could recoup the picks. Brewster’s development is a big deal for us. I know this is a long post, but this concept just clicked. In reality, this draft is not about this year. That could explain the low value for vets around the league. Teams are trying to get younger, but more importantly, reduce vet salaries. 2011 is an unknown, and who knows what happens with the cap and the CBA. Actually JJ talked about this very thing at yesterdays press conference.

  11. I don’t think anyone who is “on the block” would command anything other than Spears. Hurd could probably also be used to move up in a later round, but I doubt I team would use a pick on him without getting one in return.

  12. Yeah, it kills me to see Newman potentially leave Dallas but next year might be his time. Same with Kosier, but he is a FA after this season so Dallas won’t get anything for him. Brewster’s development is a HUGE deal because Colombo is not the long-term answer at RT IMO. Who would you select at 27 if Pouncey, Iupati, and Anthony Davis were all available?

  13. john coleman says:

    I would have to go with Iupati. He canpotentially play LG,RG,LT, and RT. Pouncey has no shot at tackle. Davis has Work ethic questions. If JJ does as he says, it seems the lights have come on. I think he is finally understanding how to be a GM. Balancing talent, youth, and value. He has always been a businessman. Give Bill and Wade a chunk of credit, and throw Stephen a slice.

  14. john coleman says:

    It’s here, and after the weekend, I may be second guessing my last comment. Looking forward tto the Twitter.

  15. Interesting. I would go with Davis due to my lack of confidence in Free at LT. It isn’t that I don’t think he can play well, but more that no one has seen it yet. Davis’ work ethic concerns scare me, so that pick is dependent on him coming in to work hard (something the Cowboys have hopefully determined to either be the case or not).

  16. Yup me too. Justin and I will be arriving in New York around 3 pm. I will tweet sporadically leading up to about 7pm when I will kick it in to high gear. I’m really hoping to be able to get the picks up ASAP and hopefully just before they air on TV. At the very least you can expect funny pictures and smart-ass comments.

  17. Christopher Lester says:

    Cleveland really reach taking Haden @ # 7

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