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The Blonde Side: Team Romo

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By Amber Leigh Hartman (Twitter: @texasaleigh)


We have just been informed that all of the recent major catastrophes, world hunger, the downfall of the United States economy, and every Dallas Cowboys’ loss all derive from one common source—Tony Romo.

Okay, maybe these comparisons are a little extreme, but enough is enough! I am tired of the Romo-hating, self-proclaimed “lifelong die-hard Cowboys fans” blaming every loss or mistake the Cowboys make on the quarterback.

When our kicker failed to perform last season, Romo stepped up to become the holder in order to benefit the team. Did he get any credit? No. Some analysts and so-called “fans” criticized the move as “dumb” and said “he’ll break his hand” and that “he can’t even hold the ball”. No matter what this man does (right or wrong) he is put down for it.

When I think of a Dallas Cowboys fan, I don’t think of a traditional football fan. I see the people who bleed silver and blue and who wear Cowboys gear year-round (because their wardrobe consists of 90% Cowboys stuff).

I see the people who stick by the team through thick and thin, win or lose, despite the bandwagon-jumpers or how much controversy they might create.

I see the people who save their money for a ticket to sit in the upper deck of the new stadium just to feel the energy of the game.

I see the people who include themselves as part of the team and say “WE had a great win last night”, “WE just couldn’t get it together”, “WE are going to the playoffs.”

Tony Romo is MY Quarterback. Is he going to mess up? Yes. Is he going to crack under pressure? Yes. Every player on that team is going to have their good days and their bad days—they are only human (though some look like Gods). Each member of the team contributes to its success or failure, and as FANS we should be supporting our players, not tearing them down.

I will probably yell at Romo during a game to get his stuff together, but I will also be yelling at the O-Line to block, and the receivers to get open or to learn to catch. I can do that because I have their back. If I hear negative comments about MY players, I launch into defense mode (like someone just insulted my momma!).

Think of it as a marriage—right now Romo is your brother-in-law who you can choose to hate but, when it comes down to it, you’re going to have his back because he’s family. If he ever cheats (gets traded), you can say or do whatever you want. You don’t have to be a Romo fan, but support your family.

We can’t control what the media reports or what analysts say, but we can show the world that the Dallas Cowboys have an army of fans who will immediately come to their defense. That is what being a TRUE fan is all about—loyalty.

As long as Tony Romo is the quarterback for MY Dallas Cowboys, for MY team, I will be loyal. . .I will be on Team Romo.

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13 Responses to The Blonde Side: Team Romo

  1. rick says:

    nice article. love this sight

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love this! And if anyone wants to talk smack about MY team (Texas Rangers) I’ll go into extreme defense mode too!! I’d take Romo as my brother-in-law anyways FYI.

  3. admin says:

    Hey Stephanie,
    I really like your blog. I put a link to it here on the site. Are you a Cowboys fan too?

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  5. Jose Muniz says:

    I agree; however, when you are stating something to support someone, you usually do not want to mention something with a lot of vulnerability. i.e. Tony Romo holding the snaps for the kicker. A lot of fans, and Romo haters, remember his botched move back there. It’s like the military, sometimes you have to respect the rank not the man himself.

    As for your ending remarks, I can’t disagree more, I am on Team: Dallas Cowboys, not Team Romo.

  6. I think she is right in writing about Romo’s mishaps, Jose, because loyalty is about supporting someone at their worst. Anyone can support someone when everything is smooth-sailing, but it is being supportive of someone when they are down that shows true loyalty.

    And I don’t think “Team Romo” and “Team Cowboys” are mutually exclusive groups. One can be a supporter of both.

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