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Cowboys C/G Cory Procter Released | The DC Times

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Cowboys C/G Cory Procter Released

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It may come as good news to a lot of you that the Cowboys will cut center/guard Cory Procter today.  Procter had previously signed a free agent tender with Dallas, but the money was not guaranteed.

The move comes as a slight surprise, not due to Procter’s skill, but his versatility.  With the ability to play center, we thought Procter had a great shot to make the squad.  No other player on the Cowboys’ current roster has much experience at center (other than starter Andre Gurode, of course).

The ‘Boys could be in some trouble if Gurode gets injured.  As of now, the primary candidates to win the #2 center job are Montrae Holland and Travis Bright.  Holland recently signed a two-year deal with Dallas, and Bright spent last season on the practice squad.

We believe Holland’s previous struggles at center make Bright the favorite to take over backup duties behind Gurode.

It looks like the band “Free Reign” will have to find a new member.

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10 Responses to Cowboys C/G Cory Procter Released

  1. Omar says:

    good news

  2. lol we will see if anyone…ANYONE…disagrees

  3. Vince Grey says:

    I wish Cory the best, because as far as I know he played hard. Just not all that well.

    But otherwise, big whoop. We cut a backup center/guard who was barely more than a solid camp body. Talk about a JAG (Just a guy).

    Obviously the Cowboys feel they can do better either with what they have or some other free agent.

  4. john coleman says:

    Somebody in Dallas is finally serious about winning some games. We just got better.

  5. Jonny Danger says:

    I liked Cory as a person but he never impressed as a player at least in my opinion. He was really are only real center behind Gurode well I guess there is Holland but not sure about him. It will be interesting to see who fills in if… God forbid Gurode goes down. Travis bright is on my list I like him the more I hear about him. Not sure if Kosier can play center but I think he could do it as well if all else fails. I was pulling for Procter but he is now out the door, wish him the best. Hopefully the band will not take to big of a hit from this move haha. Good read.

  6. Vince Grey says:

    I can’t believe all this drama over a backup center/guard who wasn’t very good to begin with.

    Once again it’s time for a history lesson:

    The start of the `95 season saw the Cowboys trying to get back to the SB after losing to Frisco in the NFC title game. However, there was what appeared to be a serious problem. Mark Stepnoski, our Pro Bowl center, had left in free agency. OMG! How would we replace this guy? Did the Cowboys draft a center with an early draft pick? No. Did they sign a hot shot free agent center for big bucks? Nope. (Likely, couldn’t have if they’d wanted to.)

    They signed 37-year-old Colts castoff Ray Donaldson.

    Ray actually played very well for several games, until he broke his leg and we had to start Derek Kenard, who was an old, fat, and slow castoff himself.

    The moral of this story is, we still won the SB. Amazing!

    That said, can you imagine the worry, discussion, and angst if that was today? Jerry would be reamed for losing a player like Stepo, and then roasted for not drafting another center in the early rounds, and then boiled alive for signing some old, creaky castoffs to replace the Pro Bowler.

    Now, some are seriously worried/concerned about a borderline backup center being cut? Gimmie a break people.

  7. John says:

    Just heard on Wade’s press conference that Kosier will back up Guroude. He’s played center before. Also Wade said they had tried Holland at center but it didn’t work out that well. He would step in though at left guard if Kosier went to center. Wade is likely only taking 7-8 on game day for the o-line. He said the versatily of the backups will be the key. Wade explained it in his press conference and it made lots of sense.

    By the way for those who think the O-line is the weak link of the team then you need to listen to Wade and Houck. They are deeper than ever at the O-line and that is why Houck says that it is easy to coach these guys.

  8. john coleman says:

    I’m thinking center is the easiest position on the oline. Let me clarify why. Because against 3-4 you have one guy period, the NT. You also have doubleteam help to either side. Against a 4-3, you are the doubleteam on a DT. Yes at times you have to get to the second level on a LB, but that is no different than any other olineman. The shotgun snap is the only question. I personnally think it is easy to get to people from the center position.

  9. The blocks might be naturally easier at center, but don’t forget the center makes all the calls for the line and must also snap the ball before blocking. From a physical standpoint–perhaps the easiest, but from a mental standpoint–the hardest.

  10. Yeah, Kosier will back up Gurode to start, which cannot be good news for Travis Bright. I would prefer that either Holland or Bright legitimately win the job so a Gurode injury doesn’t affect two positions, but the best guy should play.

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