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Cowboys News and Notes: 5/11/10 (Sean Lee, Alex Barron, Dez Bryant) | The DC Times

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Cowboys News and Notes: 5/11/10 (Sean Lee, Alex Barron, Dez Bryant)

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We agree, but only if Buehler shows he is not ready to handle all kicking duties.  The extra roster spot freed up by retaining just one kicker may seem minuscule, but it can really make a dramatic difference.  Players such as Marcus Dixon, Curtis Johnson, and Patrick Watkins will become huge Buehler fans this summer.

Still, kicker is such an important position that the Cowboys must make sure they are comfortable with whoever is kicking field goals.

Interestingly, the Patriots called Dallas.  Pats’ owner Bob Kraft opened with, “Hi Jerry, are you in the dealing business?”  Also significant is the fact that Coach Belichick appeared to be on the phone with the Ravens while Mr. Kraft was finalizing the deal with Jerry.  Said Belichick, “Hey Ozzie (Baltimore’s GM), Dallas is coming up here in front of us, unless you want to take it.”  This was followed by a prompt “okay” and Belichick hanging up the phone.

The draft is a cut-throat business, and the Patriots do it about as well as anyone.  Luckily for Dallas, the Ravens weren’t willing to make the move for Dez Bryant.

You probably know we are very high on Williams.  From a physical standpoint he is basically a rookie, but he does have a year of mental reps under his belt.  Williams is also immensely athletic–by far the defense’s fastest non-secondary player.  Lee also has underrated athleticism, however, so this will be an exciting battle to watch.

Cowboys’ undrafted rookie safety Barry Church, Pre-Draft

Overall, this was a great trade for Dallas.  Barron has disappointed thus far in his career, but so did Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis before joining the ‘Boys.  Barron has the right mindset to turn his career around.  We expect him to be the primary backup to Doug Free at left tackle, with Free moving to right tackle in the event of an injury to Colombo.

The Cowboys also rid themselves of Bobby Carpenter–the player we determined to be (by far) the worst on the entire defense last season.  We gave him a “D+” overall grade.

We actually don’t think Dez Bryant will receive enough targets to be in the 65-70 catch range.  Expect Roy Williams to open the season as the starter and for Bryant to attain somewhere in the vicinity of 45 catches for 650 yards and four touchdowns.

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