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Cowboys OTA News and Notes: 5/17/10 (Patrick Crayton, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant) | The DC Times

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Cowboys OTA News and Notes: 5/17/10 (Patrick Crayton, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant)

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Stephen Jones said the club knew Spears would be away due to a scheduling conflict (what, does he have a second job?).  Crayton’s absence, however, is likely tied to his disappointment in his current role with the team.  His agent said he will attend future voluntary workouts and all mandatory practices.

Williams has apparently regained his swagger, telling owner Jerry Jones “I’m back” after making an outstanding catch along the sideline.  Even Mike Jenkins said, “Roy came out on fire today.  That’s the best I’ve seen Roy since he got here.”

Williams also mentioned he has embraced the addition of rookie Dez Bryant and the subsequent competition.  We wrote an article a few days ago on this topic.

We aren’t sure how we feel about a current starter being the primary backup at another position, as the loss of Gurode would then affect two positions.  The Cowboys will likely have all three players (Kosier, Holland, and Bright) battle it out in camp.

We will let you guys comment on this one.

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6 Responses to Cowboys OTA News and Notes: 5/17/10 (Patrick Crayton, Roy Williams, Dez Bryant)

  1. john coleman says:

    First, who cares. We can cover both of these absentees. Second, Roy and Tony reportedly have it together. Roy and Dez both made plays. I’ll take Jenkins word for it. Third, if it happens, I believe Holland played pretty good when called upon. Any of them are an upgrade to Procter. Last, I have already e-mailed Mr.King and let him know, he’s off his rocker. We are top 5 at least. He has GB at 1 and SD at 2. Last time I checked that should be NO and Indy. They didn’t get worse in the offseason. What’s up with the Carolina thing? They get rid of their best defender, arguably, and still have no sure help for Smith. I’m not annointing them until they prove it. They are better at QB, IMO. We get no respect, and I like it. Maybe we will play with a chip on our shoulders.

  2. Haha I love that you e-mailed King. I hope the disrespect for Dallas continues, as the team thrives when they think they are being dogged, but I don’t think it will. There are sure to be a ton of reporters who pick Dallas to be the first team to win a SB in their own stadium.

  3. Jonny Danger says:

    Let the clown king do what he wants he is only lowering his credibility he must take a lot of notes from NBC. I canceled my SI subscription a long time ago and almost never watch ESPN for the same reason. Anyways excited about the news from camp. Wish I could have seen Roy and Dez play and seen how good they looked along with Jason Williams and Sean lee really looking forward to seeing them play as well.

  4. john coleman says:

    You know though, even the guys on the NFL network shy away from the Cowboys. The Playmaker is with us for the obvious reason. Everybody else seems to be in a fog. How can you not see the talent on this team? Everbody talks about LT. I went back and looked at the Minnesota tape, and focused on Free. He acquitted himself very well IMO. At times he was almost man handling Allen. Then the safety issue, but Ball played without much fanfare. So if we didn’t hear anything, means he didn’t do anything news worthy. The only downside, that means he didn’t do anything great either. I believe he will be fine. The Cowboys are everybody’s superbowl anyway, so we just need to go take care of business. I’ll let you know if King answers.

  5. Haha if King answers I would be shocked. He might be more likely to respond to you on Twitter.

  6. If only more than 80 people could hear this.

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