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Dallas Cowboys Mini-Camp Coverage: Three-Part Video Series | The DC Times

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Dallas Cowboys Mini-Camp Coverage: Three-Part Video Series

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6 Responses to Dallas Cowboys Mini-Camp Coverage: Three-Part Video Series

  1. john coleman says:

    I love anything on the new guys. Keep it up. Dez is a beast. He will be an impact from week 1 at WR. I really don’t want him returning, and risking injury. We should have other good options, Ansah, Ryan, Gordon, and McCann. Lee is impressive too. He seems to have great lateral agility and change of direction. Then in the interviews, he seems to have good football IQ. Both he and Dez seem to have great attitudes. I’m also looking for an Olineman or two to impress in the camps. Probably, Young or Tepper, as both are experienced, and should pick things up quickly.

  2. We disagree on Bryant–I think he should begin his career as a returner, with AOA slowly transitioning into the role. Of course, I wouldn’t be upset with AOA back deep from the beginning as he is a dynamic returner as well, but Bryant certainly seems more comfortable catching punts. Perhaps Bryant on punts, AOA on kick returns is the way to start. What do you think of that?

    Lee reminds me of a more dynamic Keith Brooking. Of course Brooking has the experience to be better this season, but Lee is a great leader and almost a safety stuck in a LB’s body (but with the power of a LB).

  3. john coleman says:

    I keep replaying the absence of Felix. The Dez returning thing is the same. If he is WR ready, play him there. The first few games even if he is a decoy, the opposing defenses won’t know it. If it comes down to him being on the field or not, then yes on punts.

  4. I think the Cowboys need Bryant back on punts (even if he is a starting WR) IF he is BY FAR the most explosive option back there. Yes, you want to protect your best players, but PR/KR is becoming basically a starting position. I think AOA will eventually win both jobs, but he needs to become more comfortable fielding punts before he can take over full-time.

    So, I suppose we ultimately disagree on Bryant’s usage on returns (I think he should return regardless of his WR status)….interestingly, Justin (our other writer) agrees with you.

  5. john coleman says:

    If we look at Josh Cribbs, you are right, hands down. Ultimately, it’s what makes the Cowboys the best they can be.

  6. You are right…I would anticipate the team opening the season with Bryant on punt returns and AOA/Cletis Gordon (if he happens to make the team) on kick returns.

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