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Dallas Cowboys OTAs: Inside Perspective with ILB Jason Williams

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We will begin a “Training Camp Battles” series shortly, and one name certain to be mentioned there is Cowboys inside linebacker Jason Williams.  Williams will have to fend off second-rounder Sean Lee for nickel linebacker duties.  I spoke briefly with Williams about this competition and the importance of OTAs.

Q: How are OTAs going?

A: OTAs are going really well for me right now. I feel like I’m getting better every day, which is all I really want.

Q: Do you feel you have a much firmer grasp on what is expected of you in your second year?

A: Yes, I have a better understanding of what is expected of me from not only the coaching staff, but also my teammates.  It is much easier to play football when you already know the playbook, so now I can just let my athleticism take over.  OTAs are also a great way for the veterans to build chemistry with the new guys.

Q: How important are OTAs? Are they more about installing the plays or building chemistry?

A: OTAs are extremely important. They are a combination of both–install for the younger guys and chemistry for the older guys, particularly the older guys taking on new roles.  Like I said, though, OTAs can be used for the older guys to build chemistry with the rooks and for everyone to just come together more and more every day.

Q: How much of a loss do you believe it is for a player such as Patrick Crayton to not participate?

A:  I don’t think it is a huge loss for Patrick, but I do think it’s a pretty big loss for the young receivers.  With him not there, that’s just one more vet that they aren’t able to learn from right now.

Q: There are a lot of potential training camp battles for various positions, including yourself and Sean Lee.  Do you think these are good for the team in general and do you personally embrace the competition?

A: Yes, I feel they are really good for the team because sometimes the only way you get to see what someone else can do is when they are being pushed.  I definitely embrace any challenge set before me.

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4 Responses to Dallas Cowboys OTAs: Inside Perspective with ILB Jason Williams

  1. Vince Grey says:

    Nice to hear Jason welcomes the competition, but all in all, I’d bet he would be pleased as punch with some no name free agent competing with him rather than a 2nd round pick many viewed as 1st round material.

    Even though he played well last season, I think Brooking is viewed by the organization as a short term solution. I say the Cowboys would be thrilled to get one more solid season out of the man, and then the plan is to move on to either Lee or Williams by 2011, assuming there’s football that year, naturally.

    Of course, old Keith might just decide he’s got more than one good year left in him and put up a scrap!

  2. Jonathan Bales says:

    I agree. You don’t get to the NFL unless you are a competitor, but I’m sure he’d rather compete against a lesser foe.

  3. john coleman says:

    I’m hoping there is no fending off period. I hope it ends up being a season long rotation. I believe this is going to be like Scandrick and Jenkins. Both of these guys have a shot at long careers, IMO. Bradie is going into his 8th or 9th yr, so we need his future replacement also. If this duo can stay healthy we’ll be OK.

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