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Dez Bryant, Cowboys Rookie Mini-Camp Update and Photos | The DC Times

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Dez Bryant, Cowboys Rookie Mini-Camp Update and Photos

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We normally wouldn’t write about rookie mini-camp, but there is so much attention surrounding Cowboys’ first-rounder Dez Bryant that we felt obligated to report on his initial performance.

First, the bad:  Bryant was noticeably fatigued.  He bent over to catch his breath after multiple plays and took his helmet off when other players did not.  Bryant admitted in a post-practice interview that he needs to better his conditioning.

Coach Wade Phillips said, “I think Dez said he lost nine pounds today.  He got the message.”

Wide receivers coach Ray Sherman added, “He’ll be fine.  It’s a good learning experience.  I told them in the beginning, ‘One thing you guys don’t understand is you’re going to run more than you ever have in your life.’  And they kind of look at you like, ‘OK.’  And then they get out here and we put them through everything and they see what you’re talking about.”

The good news is that conditioning is something which can be achieved through hard work.  It isn’t a natural talent, meaning Bryant will be fine for the start of training camp (assuming he is as dedicated as we believe).

Now, for the real good news: other than his lack of conditioning, the “new #88” looked sensational.  He caught everything thrown his way, including a couple of one-handers.  With the recent struggles of a few big-name Cowboys receivers being dropped balls, this will be a welcome change to Dallas fans.

Bryant also ran fairly crisp routes for a rookie.  He displayed his athleticism, quick change of direction, and did an excellent job of attacking the football.

Of course, we must remember that this is just mini-camp.  However, the “bad” of Bryant’s camp debut will change.  The “good” is here to stay.

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9 Responses to Dez Bryant, Cowboys Rookie Mini-Camp Update and Photos

  1. Craig Kocay says:

    I hear this guy is pretty good.

  2. Jonathan Bales says:

    Haha he’s not bad.

  3. Jonny Danger says:

    Loving this guy had to do some research on him, heard so many bad things about him to find out it was all false. The jealousy and ignorance of other teams fans on Dez is outrageous. Anyways, man what a treat it will be to watch Miles and Dez on the field now if only Roy gets it together(I’m one of his few fans, loved him in friday night lights lol) I may fall over for joy.

  4. Jonathan Bales says:

    Yeah hopefully Dez can actually take some of the pressure off of Roy. I think Roy will have a productive year.

  5. john coleman says:

    If he can do half of what he did the last three days against Jenkins and Newman, we are in business. By far,FAR, the best WR prospect we have had since Irvin. If he is just on the field, he will worry D coordinators. I didn’t think we would go receiver, but I’m glad we did. It is way early, but he might have people calling JJ about GM jobs. Sean Lee is going to shock people too, IMO. His combine drills were very good. He seems to have better feet and change of direction than a lot of the DBs. Really a good knee bender and can flip his hips. Also had an impressive mini camp interview. Early on this looks like the best draft we have had since Jimmy J. I’m almost giddy and Ansah hasn’t hit the field yet. Good luck with stories, seems like it may be quiet until OTAs.

  6. I can always find stuff to write about….with the quiet part of the offseason looming, you can expect to find more film study articles coming.

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