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May's Hot Cowboys Babe: Kady Cannon | The DC Times

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May’s Hot Football Babe: Kady Cannon

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Name: Kady Cannon

Age: 21

Heritage/ethnicity: Italian, Hungarian, German, Swedish

Location: Abilene, TX

College/Degree: Tarleton State University–Marketing

Likes: Texas, hunting, fishing, camping, four wheeling, mudding, going to the lake, anything out doors, horses, football, basketball, music, Texas country, and of course the DALLAS COWBOYS!!

Favorite physical feature on a guy: Smile

Top three qualities you look for in a man: Personality, Maturity, Spirituality

Best way for a guy to approach you: Be natural, easy-going, and funny.

Best place to meet guys: Sports bars

Best Advice For Guys: Be confident but respectful.

Worst pickup line you’ve heard: Any ‘pickup line’ is a no-go for me!! Don’t waste your time sitting around trying to come up with pickup lines. They are tacky.

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Movie: Tombstone

Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Type of Music: Rock and Alternative

Favorite Chuck Norris joke: Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas to bed.

Your Best Physical Feature: My eyes

Your Biggest Insecurity: How I am being perceived

Years as a Cowboys Fan: 21

Thoughts on TO: I never really cared for him too much when he was with Dallas. I thought he was too cocky and overpaid.

Thoughts on Tony Romo: Love him to pieces! He needs to just get some confidence back.

Thoughts on Wade Phillips: Amazing coach! He is most definitely NOT a cupcake.

Favorite current Cowboy: Tony Romo

Favorite all-time Cowboy: Troy Aikman

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: The opening of the new Cowboys Stadium

Want to connect with Kady?  You can find her on Facebook.

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8 Responses to May’s Hot Football Babe: Kady Cannon

  1. Dave S says:

    Hey girl, you better take down these pics!

  2. Blake says:

    Hi Kady,

    Great pic for the CowBoys. You deserve much better professional quality photos.why would anyone tell you to take your images down? maybe there drunk.Ignore them is my suggestion.

    Your beautiful. I sent you a email to respond back to with suggestion and idea.

    Thank you


  3. Redskin says:

    As a fan of football, I occasionally look at the enemies websites to see how the less fortunate cope. This is without a doubt the first thing I’ve ever come across related to the cowboys worth viewing. You’re amazing! There’s always room on the SKINS bandwagon for someone like you.

  4. Hahaha well thanks! Welcome aboard to Dallas Cowboys Times Nation! All we needed was a pretty girl for you to convert…

  5. Redskin's wife says:

    You need to stay away from my husband – remember he’s got another little hottie in Texas, you’re not his only girlfriend. Just saying… don’t feel too special.

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  7. Kady Cannon says:

    Hey everyone! It’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve been the Cowboy’s Hot Babe of the Month so go check out NEW PICS of me on my facebook http://www.facebook.com/KadyCannon313

    SO much better than these old pics!! 😉 😉 GO COWBOYS!

    <3 Kady Cannon

  8. trish dove says:

    I sure do love that second one :))) you look great pretty girl :)

    You are so much fun to work with, Great personality and looks for days!!!!!



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