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NFL's Top 10 QB/WR Combos: Where Does Romo-to-Austin Check In? | The DC Times

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NFL’s Top 10 QB/WR Combos: Where Does Romo-to-Austin Check In?

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Fox Sports recently listed the top 10 QB/WR tandems on the NFL.  Tony Romo to Miles Austin checked in at number four on their list. Having already ranked the league’s starting quarterbacks and top 25 wide receivers, we wanted to take a crack at creating our own list of the league’s premier QB/WR duos.

1.  Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne

Our #2 quarterback and #6 receiver have been doing it for years–consistency means something.

2.  Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson

Johnson is the league’s most dominant wide receiver and Schaub allows him to make plays.

3.  Tom Brady to Randy Moss

We don’t particularly like Moss’ overall game (lack of effort/blocking), but he is dynamite when the ball is in the air–particularly when it comes from the hand of the best quarterback on the planet.

4.  Tony Romo to Miles Austin

We agree with Fox Sports on this one (uh oh!).  Another year like 2009 will shoot Romo-to-Austin up the rankings.

5.  Philip Rivers to Vincent Jackson

We nearly put Rivers/Jackson ahead of Romo/Austin, but the latter are both slightly better athletes than the former.

6.  Drew Brees to Marques Colston

Colston is an underrated player, but this combo is this high because of the signal-caller.

7.  Brett Favre to Sidney Rice

How much longer will this duo be playing together?  Rice, like Austin, must prove he can be a consistent player in 2010.

8.  Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings

Jennings is a solid #1 WR, but Rodgers could be All-World with a pass-catcher as athletic/explosive as a few of the others on this list.

9.  Matt Ryan to Roddy White

The scariest thing about Ryan-to-White is that they have only just begun.

10.  Joe Flacco to Anquan Boldin

Of course we need to wait to see how Flacco and Boldin mesh, but the parts are all in place.

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