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Ready to Rumble: Roy Williams vs. Dez Bryant

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Good news ladies and gentlemen: Roy Williams has regained his confidence.  It appears that way in the surface, at least.  When recently speaking with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Williams said:  “This ain’t my first rodeo. . . But I know in the back of my mind and the back of his mind, [Dez Bryant] wants to play.  The only way he’s going to play is to get No. 11 off the field, and that’s going to be tough to do.  But it’s going to make us better as a football team.”

For a player who was visibly humble throughout last season and into this off-season, almost to the point of appearing shaken, that is quite a confident quote.  Williams maintained this new-found swagger as he vowed to limit his 2010 dropped passes.

“It won’t even be half,” Williams said about the drops.  “Do you want to take that bet?  I won’t even come close.  I promise you.”

So what are we to make of this “new” Roy Williams?  Some analysts have criticized his attitude, claiming that his on-field play has done nothing to justify it.

We, however, couldn’t be more excited about what we are hearing from Williams.  In an article we published about a month ago (before the selection of Bryant) titled “Supporting Roy E. Williams as Starter in 2010,” we explained why we believe Williams will make a turnaround this season, proposing that the first step in this transformation would be a resurgence of Williams’ confidence–almost to the point of being brash.  We wrote:

Williams primary offseason priority shouldn’t be running routes, or catching balls, or hitting the weight room (of course none of those things are discouraged, Roy). No, Williams should do whatever he can to regain his confidence. His mojo. His swag.

And what is the best way to regain one’s ’swag’? By competing of course–a task Williams is relishing this season. “I’m here to fight for my job,” Williams has claimed. “I’m ready to battle. I think I will win. That’s my mentality.”

So get that swag back, Roy. Be cocky. Be brash. Talk smack–and then back all of it up on the field.

Come September, we will find out if Roy E. Williams has truly regained his confidence. We will find out if he is ready to compete. Most importantly, we will find out if he is a true champion.

Never bet against a man who has nothing to lose.

Now, we assumed Williams primary competition would come from Kevin Ogletree, not the consensus top rookie wide receiver–a player who already has seemingly everyone within the Cowboys’ organization gushing over his talent.

No problem, though.  If Williams wasn’t set to receive a perhaps much-needed kick in the butt from Ogletree, he has certainly had a fire lit under him due to the addition of Bryant.  There were mixed reports on the effect of Bryant’s mini-camp success, but the person who may have benefited most from it, ironically, could be Williams.

Ultimately, there is nothing new about the “new” Roy Williams.  Instead, we are finally getting a glimpse of the “old” Roy Williams–the one who flourished at the University of Texas and in Detroit. . . the true Roy Williams.

That player was always ready to compete.  Luckily for the Cowboys, it appears the “new” Roy Williams is eager to do the same.

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9 Responses to Ready to Rumble: Roy Williams vs. Dez Bryant

  1. Omar says:

    hopefully this is true, i hope for roy to get better and is good to support him instead of throwing trash to him

  2. Jonny Danger says:

    Show us you can actually be “the Man” Roy, I may be in the minority but I still greatly want you on this team.

  3. Omar,
    You are right. Roy is an immensely talented player and while he will be the first to admit he deserves some heat for his play last season, he also, as a Dallas Cowboy, deserves our support right now. Get on the Roy E. Williams bandwagon now so you can tell your friends “I told you so” at the end of the season.

  4. You are definitely in the minority Jonny, but that isn’t a bad thing. Continue to support Roy…I really think he will have a turnaround season in 2010.

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