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The Blonde Side: Texas Pride

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Marty B at FC Dallas game

Lucky for me, Dallas is swarming with pro sports teams.   We have FC Dallas (MLS), the Dallas Stars (NHL), the Dallas Mavericks (NBA), the Texas Rangers (MLB), the Rough Riders (MiLB-Texas Affiliate), and of course. . .the one and only Dallas Cowboys (NFL).

The athletes that make up these teams are from all over the country (better yet, the world), but it is their support for the surrounding teams which really sets Texas apart from other areas (must be the southern hospitality y’all!).

In the off-season, Martellus Bennett (#80 – Tight End), reps his FC Dallas jersey with pride.  You can always catch him at the home games at Pizza Hut Park.   Marty B is VIP no matter what field he is on.  He even has a custom designed FC Dallas, #80, Bennett jersey (big surprise)!

Miles Austin (#19 – Wide Receiver) and Kevin Ogletree (#85 – Wide Receiver) were often spotted courtside at the Mavs games this season.  Even Tony Romo (#9 – Quarterback) has been known to attend a game or two!

Derek Holland in his Felix Jones jersey

Derek Holland (#45 LHP – Rangers) and Tommy Hunter (#35 RHP – Rangers) came out to support the ‘Boys in Blue last season (despite the fact Hunter is a die-hard Colts fan) and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of them this year. (I wonder if Felix Jones would rock a #45 jersey to a Rangers game to return the favor?!)   This duo of pitching excellence is also known to hit up the Mavs games in their spare time, while Holland is quick to support the Dallas Stars as well!

Jason Williams (#58 – Linebacker) and KO (again!) were at the ballpark to see the Rangers beat up the Royals with a 13-12 win over KC.   The Rangers have been struggling to get the bats moving this season, but could the pre-game presence of the ‘Boys on the field have started a fire?  I think so! (Just look below at the pics Williams took from the game!)

The fact that the Dallas-area athletes support each other helps bring the fans and the pro sports community together.   I love how these men are truly appreciative and dedicated to playing for our teams, and they enjoy showing a little TEXAS PRIDE!

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7 Responses to The Blonde Side: Texas Pride

  1. Rich says:

    Amber, How do you get tickets to all these things?

  2. Amber Leigh says:

    Hi Rich!

    I have season tickets (for a little over half of the season) for the Rangers…which are AMAZING seats. Sometime the radio station I work for has extra tickets for us as well (Mavs, Rangers, Stars, Rough Riders). I work every Cowboys home game with the station, and have a friend who can give me the FC Dallas tickets :)… Really you can get the tickets from just about any where around here! Except Cowboys!

    <3 Amber Leigh

  3. Tyler Smith says:

    Any idea if (when) Miles Austin will be DJing again? What clubs does he usually go to?

  4. Mark Matir says:

    Yeah I saw your other post were you wrote Austin was DJing. Also, I’m as out of shape as Tommy Hunter,,,can i play baseball too lol?

  5. Amber Leigh says:

    Tyler: Miles doesn’t DJ at the clubs … he does it as a hobby, and has the equipment at his house (although I think he should DJ at the clubs!) He goes to Deux, and a lot of the Cowboys are often at Thrive, Deux, and Wish (last night Marcus Dixon was out at Thrive). Hope this helps!

    Mark: I think a lot of the athletes like to DJ in their spare time (Miles, CJ Wilson – LHP Rangers, Heath Pearce – FC Dallas) so maybe there is a connection with music appreciation and athletic ability?!

    AND Tommy is a very big guy! He is about 6’5″ and has a ton of muscle mass (his thighs are about the size of my waist!) he is one STRONG guy! SO if you can throw as hard as he does (and take a line drive to the ribs without even flinching) then heck ya!!! Let’s get you in the MLB! :)

  6. Omar says:

    Hate to be a dick here, but…MLS gives soccer a bad name…really. Watch like a Chelsea/Man U match and compare that to an MLS game…it’s night and day.

  7. Lol…I can’t comment because I know literally nothing about soccer, but A.L. may have some thoughts for you.

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