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2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List | The DC Times

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2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List

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1.  New Orleans Saints

Until someone takes them down, New Orleans is the top dog.  They are explosive on offense, make plays on defense, and have one hell of a coach.

2.  Dallas Cowboys

A home Super Bowl?  Dallas is perhaps the league’s most talented team, but the Cowboys have got to show they can step up when expectations are through the roof.

3.  Indianapolis Colts

We don’t really like the Colts in 2010, but with Peyton Manning at quarterback, they are always going to be in the hunt.

4.  Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is the real deal.  If the Packers’ two-year old 3-4 defense gels this season, watch out.  This could be the Cowboys’ toughest opponent all year.

5.  San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are the Cowboys of the AFC: loaded with talent, but yet to take that next step.

6.  Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre may be the most annoying player in the NFL right now, but as long as he comes back, Minnesota is going to be in the playoffs.

7.  Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens always draft well, but now they finally brought in a play-making wide receiver to aid Joe Flacco.  If the offense can put up top-five points, they will be nearly impossible to beat.

8.  New York Jets

The Jets are this year’s sexy Super Bowl pick, but let’s slow down a bit.  While their defense is ridiculous, this is still a team with a second-year quarterback.

9.  Houston Texans

Yes, the Houston Texans at No. 9.  This team has less holes than you might think.  If they can get even average play from their secondary, this team will be in the playoffs.

10.  New England Patriots

The door may have closed for New England.  Coach Belichick has had success with veterans in the past, but at a certain point you need youth.  They are only this high because of one man: Mr. Gisele Bundchen.

11.  Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan will rebound in 2010 and the addition of cornerback Dunta Robinson will really help Atlanta.

12.  Philadelphia Eagles

Quarterback Kevin Kolb is obviously the key to Philly’s success.  We think he will put up pretty big numbers (including in the interception category).

13.  San Francisco 49ers

The Niners have been close to breaking out for a couple of years now.  The transition to a spread offense will help them immensely.  Still, they have to win a lot of close games because they don’t have much explosion on offense.

14.  Pittsburgh Steelers

Even with Big Ben out for 4-6 games, the Steelers are a good (not great) football team.  Leftwich can hold down the fort for the first month of the season.

15.  Miami Dolphins

Henne has the big arm necessary to get Brandon Marshall the ball.  This team will take big strides this season.

16.  New York Giants

The Giants’ defense soured on them last season.  They made an obvious attempt to improve it through the draft, but it probably won’t help much in 2010.

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4 Responses to 2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List

  1. john coleman says:

    Interesting! I agree with the majority. One and two, you have to, until someone proves otherwise. Both teams will once again benefit from their divisions. I will take a wait and see on the Chargers. I think they are weaker on defense and with there holdouts, who knows. I disagree with Cinncinnati being so low. They have some help for Chad, which also helps Palmer. They also have a good defense and running game. Those are championship traits. I’m not annointing them, but the year end tragedy last year, adversely affected them. I have to give them top 10 at least. The Ravens have to beat them. Don’t count the Tuna out either. The Jets won’t surprise anybody this time around. Finally, 30,31, and 32, are a crapshoot. I will agree that Gailey has his hands full. But it all hinges on his QB situation. If one of them plays just solid they might escape 32.

  2. I have the Bengals low because of their consistency. I definitely think they can make the playoffs and even win the North, but I don’t think they can beat a good team in the playoffs three/four straight times. A team like the Ravens can do that.

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