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2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List | The DC Times - Part 2

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2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List

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17.  Cincinnati Bengals

We are low on the Bengals because, like their most vocal player, they are too streaky.  Could they make the playoffs?  Yes.  Will they advance far in them?  No.

18.  Arizona Cardinals

The drop-off from Kurt Warner to Matt Leinart is huge.  Beanie Wells will have a monster season and the Cards are aided by playing in the NFC West, but will it be enough?

19.  Oakland Raiders

Mark it down: the Raiders will contend for the AFC West title.  The defense is solid and Jason Campbell is light-years ahead of JaMarcus Russell.

20.  Tennessee Titans

The Titans came on strong over the last half of the ’09 season, but they have a bunch of questions surrounding them right now, i.e. Will Vince Young get suspended?  Is Chris Johnson going to hold out?

21.  Carolina Panthers

The Panthers’ defense is pretty awful and their only big-play threat on offense is constantly double-teamed.

22.  Chicago Bears

New Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz always makes his offense perform better, but it is usually at the cost of the success of the defense.

23.  Denver Broncos

What is coach Josh McDaniels’ strategy in Denver?  If it is to alienate and rid himself of the team’s best players, then he should have won Coach of the Year last season.

24.  Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are a sleeper in what we think will be a suddenly competitive AFC West.  They have a solid quarterback and a rejuvenated rushing attack.

25.  Washington Redskins

A lot of people think the acquisition of Donovan McNabb will make Washington competitive again.  We don’t.

26.  Detroit Lions

The Lions are finally on the right track.  After securing the offensive building blocks of the future, they are now concentrating on the defense.

27.  Jacksonville Jaguars

David Garrard is a stable quarterback and MJD is a beast, but the Jags’ defense (particularly their pass-rush) is atrocious.

28.  Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have finally secured their quarterback of the future.  Oh, now wait. . .

29.  Tampa Bay Bucs

The Bucs’ talent may actually be the worst in the league, but we like Josh Freeman.

30.  Cleveland Browns

And the award for the most awkward quarterback in the NFL goes to. . . .for the seventh straight year, Jake Delhomme!

31.  St. Louis Rams

The Rams are probably worse than the Bills, but at least Sam Bradford gives fans hope.

32. Buffalo Bills

The Bills have a ton of holes on both offense and defense, so their first-rounder was a player at arguably their strongest position.  Makes sense.

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4 Responses to 2010 NFL Power Rankings: The Initial List

  1. john coleman says:

    Interesting! I agree with the majority. One and two, you have to, until someone proves otherwise. Both teams will once again benefit from their divisions. I will take a wait and see on the Chargers. I think they are weaker on defense and with there holdouts, who knows. I disagree with Cinncinnati being so low. They have some help for Chad, which also helps Palmer. They also have a good defense and running game. Those are championship traits. I’m not annointing them, but the year end tragedy last year, adversely affected them. I have to give them top 10 at least. The Ravens have to beat them. Don’t count the Tuna out either. The Jets won’t surprise anybody this time around. Finally, 30,31, and 32, are a crapshoot. I will agree that Gailey has his hands full. But it all hinges on his QB situation. If one of them plays just solid they might escape 32.

  2. I have the Bengals low because of their consistency. I definitely think they can make the playoffs and even win the North, but I don’t think they can beat a good team in the playoffs three/four straight times. A team like the Ravens can do that.

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