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53-ManCowboys Roster Projection, Version 2.0: Year of the Undrafted Rookie? | The DC Times

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Cowboys 53-Man Roster Projection, Version 2.0: Year of the Undrafted Rookie?

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The second version of our 53-man roster projections is here without too many alterations from the first attempt.  At guard, we substituted Travis Bright for the recently released Cory Procter.  We can’t say we aren’t happy to see Procter finally gone.

At cornerback, we replaced Cletis Gordon with Bryan McCann.  Coach Wade Phillips likes Gordon, but after further thought, the return skills he offers are less imperative with rookies Dez Bryant and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah on the roster.

Of course left tackle changes with the addition of former Rams tackle Alex Barron.  We expect him to take second-year man Robert Brewster’s spot.

The last change came at safety, where we replaced free agent O.J. Atogwe (still a possibility, but a slim one) with undrafted rookie Barry Church.  It may be a stretch to predict two undrafted rookies (McCann and Church) to make the squad over two drafted ones (Sean Lissemore and Jamar Wall), but we like what both undrafted players have to offer.

1. Tony Romo
2. Jon Kitna
3. Stephen McGee

1. Felix Jones
2. Marion Barber
3. Tashard Choice

1. Deon Anderson

1. Jason Witten
2. Martellus Bennett
3. John Phillips

1. Miles Austin
2. Roy Williams
3. Dez Bryant
4. Patrick Crayton
5. Kevin Ogletree
6. Sam Hurd

1. Doug Free
2. Alex Barron

1. Kyle Kosier
2. Travis Bright

1. Andre Gurode

1. Leonard Davis
2. Montrae Holland

1. Marc Colombo
2. Sam Young

1. Jay Ratliff
2. Junior Siavii

1. Marcus Spears
2. Igor Olshansky
3. Stephen Bowen
4. Jason Hatcher
5. Marcus Dixon

1. Bradie James
2. Keith Brooking
3. Sean Lee
4. Jason Williams

1. Demarcus Ware
2. Anthony Spencer
3. Victor Butler
4. Brandon Williams
5. Curtis Johnson

1. Mike Jenkins
2. Terence Newman
3. Orlando Scandrick
4. Bryan McCann

1. Gerald Sensabaugh
2. Alan Ball
3. Michael Hamlin
4. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
5. Barry Church

1. L.P. Ladouceur

1. David Buehler

1. Mat McBriar

1. Dez Bryant
2. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
3. Kevin Ogletree

1. Dez Bryant
2. Patrick Crayton
3. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

Dez Bryant (R)
Sean Lee (R)
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (R)
Sam Young (R)
Jamar Wall (R)
Sean Lissemore (R)
Barry Church (R)
Bryan McCann (R)
Marcus Dixon (from practice squad)
Travis Bright (from practice squad)
Alex Barron

Patrick Watkins
Bobby Carpenter
Pat McQuistan
Duke Preston
Steve Octavien
Stephen Hodge
Flozell Adams
Ken Hamlin
Jamar Wall (R)
Sean Lissemore (R)
Cory Procter
Cletis Gordon
Robert Brewster

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26 Responses to Cowboys 53-Man Roster Projection, Version 2.0: Year of the Undrafted Rookie?

  1. Jared says:

    Wow. Can’t say i disagree one bit with the way you have this. Tim McMahon did this about a week ago, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why he had Stephen Hodge making the 53 man cut. The only thing that i might have changed (and this is really getting nitty gritty) would be Cletis Gordon for Bryan McCann. And that’s just a hunch. One other possibility that i think could get in is Steve Octavien. Nice projection.

  2. Thanks Jared. Pretty cool we have almost everything the same since there are a lot of good camp battles. I feel pretty confident in my projections, but Young, Siavii, Dixon, J. Williams, Curtis Johnson, McCann, and Church will all have to fight for their jobs.

  3. john coleman says:

    My first thought was WOW also. I agree with 90% of this. I hope you are right on McCann. I’ll be surprised if CJ makes it. I’m also curious with the Brewster projection. You must know something that I’m unaware of? Then the exodus of Lissemore and Wall. I’m guessing you are thinking they go to the practice squad. Also there are several names ; Tepper,Costa,Teofilo,Sicko,Tow-Arnett, Brock, Aumavae, Ryan, Gronkowski, Holley, Johnson, Woods, and L.Williams. Are they gone way early? What is the schedule for roster reductions?

  4. john coleman says:

    Oops! Forgot a couple of things. One, is cutting Wall and Lissemore admitting a draft whiff? Will they really do that? Two, with Hodge being injured can they cut him?

  5. I will get back to you on the roster cut schedule, but of the group of guys you named, I think only Sicko and Gronkowksi have a shot at making it. Of course both players are linked to D. Anderson.

    A player I love is Lonyae Miller, but I don’t see how the Cowboys would possibly make room. There is no way he stays on the practice squad, IMO. Someone will grab him.

    I do think Lissemore and Wall will be stashed on the p-squad, although I will concede that Lissemore is about 50/50 to make the roster. I don’t think Wall has a great shot (maybe 15%).

    The Brewster projection is a numbers game. It is unlikely the Cowboys will keep 10 linemen. It comes down to Brewster, Young, and Bright. Will they keep just three guards and one true center? Perhaps, but I see Bright make the cut after the release of Procter.

  6. As far as Hodge–it is unfortunate, but whose spot will he take? Jason Williams, I would presume. I can’t see that happening.

  7. Sam schillage says:

    I don’t see Marcus Dixon making the 53 man cut. He has a great story and much respect for him, but I don’t believe he the Cowboys will use a Roster spot on Dixon in order to develop a more promising player at a position with less depth. I like the Bryan McCann addition to corner. From what I gather he’s got some wheels. Is he faster than Cletis Gordon? I’ve also read Jamar Wall isn’t fast enough to play corner in the NFL, is that true?

  8. McCann is likely faster than Gordon. Wall is definitely fast enough to play CB, but not fast enough to play with poor technique. A lot of teams thought of him as a cover-2 corner, so he really needs to play with great technique in order to not get beat.

  9. Breton says:

    What gives Sam Young the edge over Robert Brewster as the 4th Tackle?

    While I like him a lot since he seeeeems to be a prototypical right tackle, does he really have more talent, and is he really more valuable, than Robert Brewster? Brewster was their second pick in last year’s draft, they must like him a little bit.

    Personally, I guess I would prefer Young since I feel he has a lot of long-term upside and that Brewster is just a big fat question mark, but I’ll end with how I started:

    What gives Young the edge over Brewster?

  10. From what I have been able to gather, Brewster hasn’t progressed as much as the coaches would like. The two will battle in camp, but Young is 1. a rookie, 2. like you said, a prototypical right tackle. With Free now pretty much a LT only, having a solid backup RT will be big (even if they use Barron as a swing).

  11. john coleman says:

    I don’t see brewster being cut, but you never know. Wasn’t he brought in with the thinking, he would end up at guard? I understand the numbers issue. However with Kosier coming up on a contract year and being a little long in the tooth, this is probably his last year. Holland is going into his eight year. Davis is already a question mark from what I hear and going into his 10th or 11th year. Not to mention Gurode and Columbo are 9th to 10th year guys. Finding somewhere to put him could be a problem, but he is essentially a rookie, and his draft status warrants at least one more season. If he gets beat out by a rookie then it is what it is. We may see another surprise exile of a vet.

  12. I think you are right that either Young, Brewster, or a vet will have to go. There are rumors that the Cowboys were interested in Jamaal Brown, so perhaps they are not that satisfied at tackle. I really think it comes down to Brewster, Bright, and Young. Perhaps you are right that Brewster has an edge because he could possibly play guard.

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  14. Rob says:

    The Cowboys interest in Brown at tackle was min and that was before they got Barron. The Cowboys in recent years have been drafting guys a year too late for my tastes. For instance they should have gotten a better safety, a better tackle, and better corner at least a year before now. I was calling for safety 2 years ago when Kenny Phillips was a senior. Next year they have to go corner, OL, DE, DT, and RB and safety if Ball does not work out. That’s too many positions to try to make up in the draft, so it would not surprise me for them to go free agent at OL and corner.

  15. I could see CB, but I don’t think they are going to address the OL again this season. The starters are set, and unless there is an injury, no free agent would be an upgrade over their current guys.

    At CB, the issue becomes whether Michael Hamlin or AOA can effectively play FS if Ball has to move back to CB, IMO.

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  18. Blue Eyed Devil says:

    Sam Hurd doesn’t make the team this year.

    That’ll free up a spot for an extra man like a Sicko, a Hodge, or another d-back.

  19. Perhaps. . .although that player will certainly have to be great on special teams (so Hodge is a real possibility).

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