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Cowboys News and Notes: 6/14/10 (Power Rankings, Anthony Spencer) | The DC Times

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Cowboys News and Notes: 6/14/10 (Power Rankings, Anthony Spencer)

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Bennett has himself been accused of sometimes acting childish, although he appears to be headed in the right direction now.  He has drawn rave reviews during OTAs and mini-camp.  There aren’t many balls to go around, but we expect Bennett to have a much more productive 2010 season.

They counted 30 no-huddle plays last season, although we tallied just 28.  Of those plays, just two were runs (for six yards).  The 26 passes went for 151 yards (only 5.81 yards-per-attempt).  We also noticed that 25 of the 28 plays were out of Shotgun.  Ultimately, the Cowboys are probably better served sticking to their normal offense.

We will put out our own Power Rankings in the near future, but this is as high as we have seen Dallas.  It sure is a slap in the face to New Orleans to have them ranked No. 8 after winning it all.

We actually agree with just about everything Archer wrote, outside of perhaps Sean Lee being the nickel linebacker and the confidence in Alan Ball/Doug Free.  While we think both Ball and Lee have what it takes to succeed, the smart money is on at least one of them playing more poorly than expected.

Cowboys OTA Wrap-Up

  • Jerry Jones’ biggest concern for the 2010 season?  The schedule.

We’d have to agree, although we see the middle part of the schedule as the most difficult (as opposed to others’ thinking it is the end).  The Cowboys have five very difficult games out of a possible six from Week 9 to Week 14 (at Green Bay, at New York Giants, Detroit, New Orleans, @Indianapolis, and Philadelphia).

According to our numbers, Spencer racked up 28 more tackles as DeMarcus Ware and 1.77 times the hits-per-rush in 2009.  It is scary to think he will improve this season, but he will.  You can expect his sack total and coverage skills to get better in 2010.

We agree with the positives, but there are a couple of “suspect” items with which we disagree.  First, the running back situation should be fine.  Yes, there are injury concerns there, but the depth and versatility at the position makes it a strong spot for Dallas.  Second, we are rather confident about the Cowboys’ fourth cornerback.  Let’s not forget that whoever that player turns out to be is probably listed at free safety right now (either Alan Ball or Akwasi Owusu-Ansah).

This scares us a bit, as the last time expectations rose this high, Dallas exited the playoffs in the first round.  Nonetheless, this team is a completely different one–an emotionally stronger one.

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7 Responses to Cowboys News and Notes: 6/14/10 (Power Rankings, Anthony Spencer)

  1. Omar says:

    ” * The Cowboys have big dreams for the upcoming season.”

    If you ain’t got dreams you ain’t got shit.

  2. john coleman says:

    I hope Bennett shows up big this year. So people will get off his back. He is still really young. The power rankings are a crap shoot. As far as us being #2, on 1-53 talent, we probably are. Maybe even #1. But that’s why they play the games. #8 is too low for NO. They are the champs and thus are #1 until beaten. I will say again and have said before, they weren’t the best last year. Minnesota gave them the game. What was it, 5 turnovers and still OT? Moving on. Spencer could have a monster year. In fact, with Ware at 100%, we could be looking at leading the league in sacks. Our DEs could end up being singled up a lot more. As for the expectations, it’s up to the offense. If Free and Dez perform well, and we are healthy, the sky’s the limit. We have the potential to be dominant, if it comes together.

  3. Jonathan Bales says:

    I think you are right–as long as Ware and Spencer stay healthy, the Cowboys will lead the NFL in sacks.

  4. Jonathan Bales says:

    I think 30 sacks from those two guys alone is a reasonable prediction.

  5. john coleman says:

    I went back and looked at the rankings. Is it me or do you guys think SD is too high? Running back performance is often due to Oline issues and their D didn’t get any better. They have benefitted greatly from playing in the division they are in. Indy has that same benefit. Also I think people are overlooking Cincy. They got better with Bryant and Gresham. They were pretty good on D last year. Baltimore should be better, but I’m not sure about #3 and the Jets are too low. I also think Miami is going to surprise people.

  6. Jonathan Bales says:

    SD may be a bit too high, but they are still very talented. Their problem is V-Jax and McNeil have a solid chance of sitting out the first 10 games.

    I also think Miami is going to surprise people, but mainly just because Chad Henne is one of my best friends haha

  7. john coleman says:

    My comment on Miami is based on the fact that they have Marshall and have gotten faster on D.

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