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Cowboys News and Notes: 6/8/10 (Patrick Crayton OTAs, Tony Romo U.S. Open)

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Perhaps Crayton realized the team is not going to release him (at least not just yet) and cannot find a suitable trade partner.  We are still projecting Crayton to be in Dallas this season.

Romo started his second round off poorly anyway, but this could at least silence some of the unenlightened who (still) think Romo isn’t totally committed to football.

The cover 2 Bryant saw at Oklahoma State is much different than what he will see in the pros, however.  In the NFL, most teams run a “Tampa 2”–a defense that sends a speedy middle linebacker to the deep middle part of the field (the weakness of a traditional cover 2).  Thus, sitting down in the middle of the field behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties won’t be as easy.

Cowboys Minicamp Questions

Dallas is the NFC’s No. 1 team, which might be a stretch with New Orleans and Minnesota still lurking.  Surprisingly, he has the Chargers as the league’s top team.

These rankings seem off.  We are definitely No. 1.

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4 Responses to Cowboys News and Notes: 6/8/10 (Patrick Crayton OTAs, Tony Romo U.S. Open)

  1. craig kocay says:

    number one in our hearts

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  3. Jonny Danger says:

    Other then I don’t go anywhere else this is easily my favorite source for the Cowboys.

  4. Thanks Craig and Jonny…appreciate the support.

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