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Cowboys Poll: Which training camp battle are you most excited to watch? | The DC Times

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Cowboys Poll: Which training camp battle are you most excited to watch?

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8 Responses to Cowboys Poll: Which training camp battle are you most excited to watch?

  1. Starred-For-Life says:

    Your wide receiver selection was off (despite its popularity).
    I’m more interested in Hurd vs Crayton. We know what Crayton brings to the table. We know what his ceiling is.
    What’s Hurd’s? We don’t know, because he hasn’t been given his shot (despite doing everything we’ve asked of him, and doing it the right way).
    If we keep Crayton, it means we’ll have to cut someone. And that’ll probably be Hurd. But why would we do that, Hurd is younger and cheaper, and while we don’t know how he’d handle more opportunities, we do know that he’s got great hands (at least in practice). It would shock me if he wasn’t at least as good as Crayton, and it wouldn’t shock me if he was better.
    If we don’t cut Hurd to keep Crayton, that means cutting who….. Ogletree (not an option).
    So my poll option would be Hurd vs Crayton vs Ogletree. We also shouldn’t rule out Titus Ryan (although he’s a long shot). But if his routes look polished, and his hands are solid, speed cannot be taught. He should be receiving long looks for special teams/ returns.

  2. I like Hurd as well, but I don’t think keeping Crayton means he (or Ogletree) gets cut. I think there is an excellent shot the Cowboys keep six receivers.

  3. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I think the most IMPORTANT competition is Bueller. The kicker usually leads the team in scoring every year and as we saw last year in the playoff vs. Minn, missing a field goal has a huge impact on play calling later in the game.

    Let’s say this upcoming year, the Boys have offensive scoring trouble just outside the red zone (from 30 yards on in). That equates to a 47 yd field goal (or closer). Last year, the league average FG made from 40-49 yeards was 73% (186 made of 255 attemps). The Cowboys averaged only 46% (6 made of 13 attempts). Given the same # of attemps this year equates to 9 made field goals (another 9 points).

    It may seem small but Dallas lost two games last year by 3 pts or less (Giants and Chargers). In fact, Folk missed a FG in the Chargers game…

    Without the ability to make ciritcal FGs from beyond the 40, the Boys game plan will be drastically different.

  4. Oh yeah…I definitely know the importance of a kicker. Have you seen my analysis of how many “wins” a kicker is worth per year?

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    I will check that out.

  6. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    You and I think alike…

    I know it’s early, but I think there will be some faily high-profile players leaving the Boys either by mid season or next off season. Those players are Roy Williams or Patrick Crayton and 1 of the three DEs. I would suggest the Boys seriously consider trading for a Kicker (and possibly a few draft picks).

  7. I would have to agree with that assessment (of the players leaving), but I dont think they are going to trade for a kicker. At worst, they will sign a free agent.

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