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Cowboys Video: Miles Austin's Contract, Dez Bryant's Role | The DC Times

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Cowboys Video: Miles Austin’s Contract, Dez Bryant’s Role

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We recently took a look at some statistics on the location of the 2009 catches for Roy Williams and Miles Austin.  Both players flourished in the middle of the field (although Austin was outstanding everywhere), leading some to believe both could see more time in the slot this season.

Although we don’t really care for Ed Werder (and by that we mean we cannot stand him and think he is a sub-par gossip columnist), the video below detailing the Cowboys’ wide receiver situation is worth a look.

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2 Responses to Cowboys Video: Miles Austin’s Contract, Dez Bryant’s Role

  1. Jared says:

    Agreed. Ed Werder never asks questions that are in a positive light. I think it was him in the Dez Bryant interview that asked him 3 different times, back to back to back about the mom/Jeff Ireland situation after he said repeatedly that he didn’t want to talk about it. It’s people like him that really turned me off from journalism (that and the lack of compensation ; ) ). And, if you take, for instance, Chris Johnson’s contract (5years 12 mil), who was chosen 24th overall 2 years ago, it comes out to an average of 2.4 mil a year. I know he gets the signing bonus, but when you average it out, it’s less than what Miles will make this year (3.2?).

    Luckily Austin has a great attitude, and even said in this video, it’s twice what he made last year. And if Austin comes out and doesn’t perform like he did last year, and Jerry had already given him a big contract, you know he’d be eaten alive by the media (Jerry paid a one year wonder). But Austin isn’t stupid. He’s seen what happened to Tony, Roy, and DeMarcus. He’ll take care of you, and it will probably come in the middle of the season. Of course, Werder failed to mention any of that.

    Say what you want about Terrell Owens, but the guy was baited by Werder at least once a week when he was here. I think that was what Jerry Jones meant when he told Owens that this was bigger than him or Terrell. That no matter how Terrell acted, he’d always be a distraction, even if it wasn’t his fault. That’s why teams are scared of him. Owens, in my opinion, is a victim of the media at this point, even if he did it to himself. You’re telling me the Chargers would rather have Josh Reed as insurance instead of the caliber of a Terrell Owens?

    Ed Werder is a disservice to the sports reporting industry. His type of reporting is filled with drama laced gossip that sounds like it came from an episode of 60 minutes (nothing against them).

    Sorry for my long-winded assault on Werder. He’s just a hot button topic with me.

  2. Jonathan Bales says:

    Great points and I couldn’t agree more. Werder is a terrible journalist. You’re right about him asking Dez about the Ireland questions–repeatedly–while Dez was clearly trying to move on from it.

    I also agree about Owens. He is a distraction now not because of anything he does in the locker room, but simply because of the media circus that follows him. In Dallas, I loved T.O. as a player, but because of people like Werder, the team had no choice but to let him go.

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