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July's Hot Cowboys Babe, Part II: Cara Lee | The DC Times

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July’s Hot Football Babe, Part II: Cara Lee

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Name: Cara Beth Lee

Age: 25

Website: Find me on Facebook.

Astrological sign: Pisces…I’m a fish but NOT out of water.

Heritage/ethnic background: I’m your All-American girl.

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico/Artesia, New Mexico

Profession: Promotional Model and Student

College/Degree: New Mexico State University/Double Major: Communication Studies and PR/Law and Society.  After graduation, my next step is to attend law school at SMU in Dallas, TX.

Likes: Baseball, the smell of rain, fast cars, motorcycles/atvs, moto-x, paintball, outdoors, boating, cheer stunting, hockey, the color red, mascara, a great pair of heels, all music, learning and trying new things, helping others, Monty Python, British comedy, Dallas Cowboys and dancing!

Favorite physical feature on a guy: His tushy!!  There is nothing better than a nice bubble butt!

Top three qualities you look for in a man: 1) Has to be a Christian 2) Has to be genuine with a good, loving, giving, caring heart with a sweet soul 3) He has to make me laugh.

Best way for a guy to approach you: Genuinely with a smile on their face and without a cocktail in their hand

Best place to meet guys: In church, charity event, a sporting event and through friends!

Best Advice for Guys: Don’t wear shades indoors (especially white shades), wear your hat correctly, dress appropriately, always smell good and if you speak to me, speak to me with the utmost respect.  If not, keep walking.

Worst pickup line you’ve heard: I went to a fortune teller and she said you were my future!

Favorite TV Show: Oh I have a few!  House, Glenn Beck, Big Bang Theory, All the housewives (OC, NJ, NY), Rules of Engagement, anything on Food TV and The History Channel

Favorite Movie: I LOVE movies so it depends on what genre! Star Wars (all of them), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, You’ve Got Mail, The Notebook, Finding Nemo

Favorite Book: The Bible and anything on WWII

Favorite Food: All of it!! I love trying new foods too!

Favorite Music: Anything that moves me!

Favorite Chuck Norris joke: Some people wear Superman pajamas, Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

Best Physical Feature: My eyes or smile…but you tell me!

Biggest Insecurity: Like any woman, probably my size.  I’m only 4’10 and very petite so I have to work extra hard to keep it this way.

Years as a Cowboys Fan: 23 years and counting

Thoughts on Tony Romo: Shape up or ship out.

Favorite current Cowboys: Jason Witten, Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo

Favorite all-time Cowboys: Emmitt Smith, Tom Landry, Troy Aikman

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: Super Bowl XXX….What a game!!!

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3 Responses to July’s Hot Football Babe, Part II: Cara Lee

  1. cara says:

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cara says:

    Thanks! You can find me on fb!

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