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Roy Williams Says Right Things in Bryant Pad Issue | The DC Times

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Roy Williams Says Right Things in Bryant Pad Issue

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By Jonathan Bales

After rookie receiver Dez Bryant brushed off his refusal to carry Roy Williams’ pads as a non-issue, Williams is doing the same:

If he doesn’t want to take the pads, he doesn’t have to take the pads,” said Williams. “It’s not a big deal. We’ll just move on. We talked about it. He wants to concentrate on football. We’re going to let him concentrate on football. But, when we go out to eat, I’m gonna be a little bit more hungry and a little bit more thirsty.

Williams is saying all of the right things, but presumably he is frustrated with Bryant’s refusal.  Williams’ intentions were really to accept Bryant onto the squad and, by invoking a traditional act of “hazing,” attempt to become closer to the rookie.

Bryant views the request as disrespectful, but he is wrong.  The act is not demeaning because there is more meaning to it beyond simply lugging pads a few hundred feet.  Williams, and just about every other rookie in the NFL, went through the same thing.  It’s a tradition that can bond players–particularly ones fighting for the same job.

Fortunately for the Cowboys, Williams isn’t make a huge deal out of the situation.  Let’s hope his attitude doesn’t sour if Bryant continues to miss the point concerning the veteran/rookie relationship.

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5 Responses to Roy Williams Says Right Things in Bryant Pad Issue

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Roy said this because the situation has been handled internally (as it should). Notice, Dez came out and said that he was unfamiliar w/ the tradition and that he will do what the vets tell him to.

    Dez isn’t unfamiliar – don’t believe that bull. Dez was once a freshman at Ok State and I’d be pretty surprised if the upper classmen didn’t have the freshman do some sort of hazing type act.

    Even if they didn’t, tradition really shouldn’t matter. A senior member of the team asked him to do something. He should do it out of respect. No asking why, no attitude or rolling of the eyes. Roy says to carry his pads and Dez should’ve said “No problem.”

  2. You’re right about it being handled in-house. Dez learned his lesson, which is most important. I believe I remember hearing Witten say rooks need to do things the vets ask and it would be handled by the team. Ware also said if he asked a rookie to do something for him, they would be doing it. Think Dez got the message when guys like Witten and Ware speak up?

  3. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    Ya know, the Cowboys have truely matured as a team. This whole incident was fairly small but was blown up due to the fact that it was the Cowboys and that they were the only team in camp.

    I would surmise that a few years ago, if the same or similar thing would have happened, it would have created much more waves throughout the team.

    Good on the Boys – now let’s go win a bowl.

  4. Imagine if T.O. was involved.

  5. Tyrone Jenkins says:


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