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The Blonde Side: Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers? | The DC Times

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The Blonde Side: Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers?

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By Amber Leigh Hartman

A few weeks ago I attended an event put on by 105.3 The FAN at the beautiful Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington.  The event was called Father’s Day on the Star, and allowed for families (and Cowboys’ fans alike) to spend the entire day on the field.  There was amazing BBQ, entertainment, bounce houses, games, and an endless amount of things to do. Pictures could be taken anywhere, including on the star logo with an Emmitt Smith cutout, and even with some hot referees (wink, wink).

Some of the Cowboys’ current players (Stephen McGee, David Buehler, and Doug Free to name a few) and cheerleaders were present for autograph signings and pictures.  The line was around the stadium for people to get their brief interaction with the rising stars.  The turnout was such a success that the players actually all agreed to stay well beyond their scheduled time to please the fans (even after the cheerleaders left).

What could be better. . .Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers?

Though the event was a huge success and provided the optimal location for Cowboys’ fans to come together to enjoy the day set aside for the #1 Cowboys’ fan in our lives (all dads love the ‘Boys right?), there were still some “downers” who were complaining at the end of the day.  The fact that EVERY SINGLE player stayed well beyond their obligation (even the ones who are dads themselves!) was irrelevant to them.

People in line were asked to take pictures of the players and not ask for posed pictures, limit themselves to one autograph per player, and to keep the line moving.  Nonetheless, the players graciously took pictures with fans, signed more than enough memorabilia per person and did it all with a smile on their face (as they did at the Ballin’ with the ‘Boys Shootout).  The fans were taking advantage of the players’ generosity and in turn robbed fellow fans from the opportunity to interact with the team.

People are quick to put the blame on the athlete, the event sponsor, or on anyone but themselves in these situations.  Instead, we should all take a look in the mirror and truly acknowledge when we are responsible for taking advantage of the situation.  If people would have been satisfied with one autograph and candid photos, then the entire room could have probably gone through the line twice in the scheduled time.

I am just as guilty as the next fan of taking a little more than I should sometimes, but I think it is time we realize we aren’t the only “BIGGEST DALLAS COWBOYS FAN” out there.  It may be time to bring back the Golden Rule and treat others how we would want to be treated, especially when the “others” have such great taste in their favorite football team! <3

Check out some of the photos captured at the event by photographer Kyle Porter from the 105.3 The FAN website.

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2 Responses to The Blonde Side: Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers?

  1. Dan says:

    Thank you for writing this excellent article about fan etiquette. This should be required reading for all fans. By following a few simple rules, by respecting the players and their fellow fans, and by being satisfied with what is made available to them, fans will be able to enjoy these types of events for years to come. Great article.

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