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The Blonde Side: Gentlemen, Prepare for Battle!

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The time is here.  We have all been counting down the months, weeks, days. . .HOURS until our Dallas Cowboys take the field again as a team, and the wait is over.  We can officially drown ourselves in 24/7 gossip and analysis of the Boys’ every move (on and off the field) without looking completely obsessed.

The Dallas Cowboys are en route to training camp in San Antonio, but I feel like I am sending my ‘Boys off to basic training for the military! I n a sense, they are going to prepare mentally and physically in a way similar to members of the military when joining an Armed Forces Unit.  I don’t know about y’all, but if we were going to war, I would feel completely confident with the Cowboys as my Army, protecting my rights!  The team we have developed is looking stronger than ever and with a little team bonding the next few weeks (maybe they’ll take some lessons from their neighbors, the Rangers), we should be unstoppable.

The team is packed with potential and as long as we can maximize each player’s potential as a functioning member of the team, I think this could be our year!  With all of the AMAZING Twitter/Facebook messages players have been sending out, I know everyone is ready to devote all of their time and energy into making this year a great one for us all.  What do you say?  Super Bowl 2011 in Cowboys Stadium, Cowboys vs. ______________ (fill in the blank)!  I say Cowboys vs. Saints. . .winner takes Kardashian! 😉

What are the ‘Boys saying?

Dez Bryant (WR/#88): via Twitter

“Shout out to all of my die hard Cowboys fans”

Tashard Choice (RB/#23): via Twitter

“Welp last night before camp I’ll prob try not to sleep and play call of duty all night cause come tomorrow. I’m goin down the green mile.”

Michael Hamlin (S/#36): via Twitter

“Headed to training camp. San Antonio here I come”

Miles Austin (WR/#19): via twitter

“One more day until training camp…get ya mind right”

“On the way to San Antonio. Ready to work hard as ever. Shout out to all the Cowboys fans!!! Come to practice and check us out!”

David Buehler (K/#18): via Facebook

“On the bus driving down to San Antonio to start training camp… Gettin my mind right to get this season started. I hope everybody is ready for this to be an epic season for the Cowboys! :-)”

Martellus Bennett (TE/#80): via Twitter

“Cowboy Fans follow me I will keep u posted on camp day to day from a players POV. #RootForTheCowboys or become a 18 wheelers bug shield”

“#RootForTheCowboys or chew glass”

“#RootForTheCowboys or sky dive with no parachute.”

“#RootForTheCowboys or bungee jump with fishing string”

“#RootForTheCowboys or kick rocks with open toed sandals”

Tony Romo (QB/#9): via FAKE Facebook

“Training Camp starts tomorrow. I am ready to go. And we got Dez signed up today he is a Cowboy.”


Welcome back NFL and fans!  It’s going to be a tough year so gentlemen. . .prepare for battle!

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3 Responses to The Blonde Side: Gentlemen, Prepare for Battle!

  1. Greg Joyner says:

    Amber Leigh, I love you and everything. Even after you broke my buddy Gavin’s heart. But the Cowboys and Saints couldn’t be in the Superbowl together. They are both in the NFC.

  2. I think she meant NFC Champ game.

  3. Amber Leigh says:

    Of COURSE I meant in the NFC Champ game… duhhhh 😉

    Just had to make my Kardashian reference to get a few hits 😉 … <3

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