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The Blonde Side: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

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By Amber Leigh hartman

For those who haven’t noticed, the new stadium for your Dallas Cowboys is located particularly close to a certain major league ballpark (The Ballpark in Arlington).

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the Texas Rangers (a.k.a the baseball team that plays across from the Cowboys)!  In the spring and summer months, the Rangers are constantly running amazing promotions and hosting fun events to bring people out to catch a baseball game.  The team breaks its back to get people to the games, when they really deserve a sold out crowd based on talent alone.

The Rangers strive to promote a “team first” attitude on personal gain within the organization.  The entire team is supportive of one another and the togetherness shows on and off the field.  Right now the Rangers are tearing up the A.L. West and are tied for the best record in baseball with the New York Yankees (who pay their three starting outfielders a combined salary the equivalent of our entire roster).

The Yankees have no problem filling the seats. . .so why should we?  This is TEXAS Y’ALL!  I need some state pride to kick in!  I think everyone should take a look at this amazing team and start supporting the Cowboys’ neighbors a little more this summer!

Want some tips on how to beat the heat and have an amazing time at a Rangers game?  Here are some of my insider secrets on how to keep your night cheap and fun. . .so take me out to the ballgame!

  • If you have kids (or eat a lot) spring for the all-you-can eat-seats!  You will end up spending just as much at the concessions trying to eat moderately, and at least you can stuff your face!
  • Wednesday nights are “Dollar Hot Dog Night” at the ballpark, so get a hot date. . .and a cheap dinner!
  • Friday night fireworks are EXTRA romantic and pretty in the ballpark.  Take your leading lady on a surprise date! (Sports + Romance = Home Run)
  • Pack a lunch!  Don’t want to spend money on ballpark food?  BRING YOUR OWN!  You can have a bag full of anything you would like to bring. . .just make sure it’s finger food! (NO METAL, ALUMINUM OR GLASS!)
  • BRING DRINKS!  You can bring a 12×12” collapsible cooler into the ballpark, so stock up on your favorite soda, sports drink and water!  Just remember, no glass, aluminum or metal AND make sure the bottles are sealed.  (They will not allow you to bring alcohol into the ballpark, but the content inside your sealed, acceptable bottle is your business!)
  • Win tickets from a radio station or check the web for free ticket giveaways.  Less popular series and weekday games are always a little less busy and the security is very nice about letting polite, friendly fans sit just a little closer than what they paid for!
  • LEXUS owners get free valet!  Or CAR POOL with another couple, then split the cost of valet!  $30 so $15 each isn’t bad! (Don’t go there. . .I know what you pay for Cowboys parking!)
  • Check the Rangers website for their Buy One/Get One free tickets! (or any other great promotions they are running!)
  • Go to a game with a concert after.  Make it a date night!  You just paid less for the ticket to the game than you ever would at a concert, and you’re right next to the entertainment.  You’re welcome.


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4 Responses to The Blonde Side: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

  1. Omar says:

    Amber, you’re confusing the infield and the outfield. The Yankees starting outfield is Brett Gardner (who makes 425K a year), Curtis Granderson (who makes 5 million), and Nick Swisher (who makes 6.75 million) a year…all together that’s just over 12 million a year. The Yankee infield OTOH, costs quite the pretty penny. I’m unsure when this was written, but the Rangers are also five games back of the Yankees.

  2. Amber Leigh says:


    It was written a couple weeks ago when the Rangers were tied for first in baseball with the Yanks.

    I think with our aquisition of Cliff Lee we have a competitive advantage in pitching and hitting … we will definitely put up a fight this year.

    Texeira, Jeter, and A-Rod alone can eat up our entire salary budget. I don’t post concrete facts, or stats … I was exaggerating a little, but the point is the Texas Rangers are holding their own and deserve a little credit! :)

    Thanks for posting! <3 Amber Leigh

  3. Omar says:


    The Cliff Lee acquisition (even though sending Justin Smoak to a division rival as of now looks extremely dumb, especially since Cashman made it known that he badly wants Cliff Lee and Lee has said on multiple occasions that he’s taking the money at the end of the year) should at least make it so the Rangers aren’t playoff pushovers. Before hand, they were favorites to win the West since the Angels still don’t really understand roster construction, but it looked like they’d be bounced after the first round in the playoffs…now, OTOH, their team actually looks like it could make things interesting for Tampa, New York, or Boston. With a rotation of Lee, Lewis, and Holland (once he returns from the DL) they might be able to advance in the playoffs. You’re absolutely right more people should come to Rangers games. Baseball needs to market itself to youth more than what they are. I recall a saying a while back along the lines of “The Cubs have nothing to complain about being hard up for luck, there is no franchise more hard up than the Rangers, for in Texas there is no such thing as Rangers fans, only bored Cowboys fans.” It’s bullshit because the Rangers have assembled a great farm system, aside from a few dumb trades Jon Daniels seems like he “gets it,” and their division is pretty damn weak so they always have a good shot to make the playoffs. Hopefully this new ownership group will end up spending at least as much as the Twins do currently. The fans need to do their part too, even though in July, Dallas is no place to watch afternoon baseball…night games should still be legit. The point remains, more people should go to Rangers games.

  4. J. Morris says:

    Hey Amber,
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    Much Love,

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