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“22 in 22" Day Three, Emmitt Smith: "Jerry Rice wouldn't be Jerry Rice without Joe Montana." | The DC Times

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“22 in 22″ Day Three, Emmitt Smith: “Jerry Rice wouldn’t be Jerry Rice without Joe Montana.”

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“22 in 22″ Day Three, Emmitt Smith: “Jerry Rice wouldn’t be Jerry Rice without Joe Montana.”

Note: This is the third part of a 22-part series.  Click to view Day 1 or Day 2.

Some might call it the single most defining moment in a player’s career.  Others might say it’s what it takes to be the best.

But, if you had to pinpoint the single most important quality it takes for you to reach sports highest pinnacle of success–where your dreams could one day become immortalized into the Pro Football Hall of Fame–what would you say it is?

What truly separates the 260+ players on this team from the 20,169 players on all other teams since pro football’s inception in 1892?  Surprisingly, it is not what you might guess.  It’s not ambition, luck, or talent.  The characteristic that defines the crème of the crop and what our own Emmitt Smith is made of is. . .commitment.

The commitment to become an all-time champion. . .

The commitment to defy all odds and win multiple Super Bowls. . .

The commitment to do whatever it takes to surpass the “unbreakable mark” and become the NFL’s all-time rushing leader.

To commemorate Emmitt’s achievement, Dallas Cowboys Times presents “22 in 22″: a tribute to perhaps the single greatest running back in NFL history.

In our “22 in 22″ Series, you will find various pictures, videos, and sound clips from Emmitt that we gathered while covering his Hall of Fame induction.

Per NFL rules, we can only post the video and audio clips for a 24 hour period, so be sure to check back each day as we commemorate the career of Emmitt Smith.

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Special thanks to Lorei Reinhard and Eddie Canales, both of whom worked with our own Dave Kraft (bio coming shortly) in Canton to garner some awesome and unique footage of Emmitt which you will see over the next 21 days, as well as Nick Reinhard and Chris Canales (co-founder of gridironheroes.org) for their video editing assistance.


Watch a clip taken by Dallas Cowboys Times reporter Dave Kraft from Emmitt Smith’s media session (below) during which Smith talks about the importance of having a talented surrounding cast.

Emmitt is firm in his stance that a lot (perhaps most) of a player’s success comes from the quality of his teammates.  It is quite an interesting stance for player who, despite all of his obvious talent, is rarely considered the best at his position (all-time) due to the immense talent that surrounded him.

How much of Emmitt’s success was due to the quality of players on the Cowboys during his career?  Certainly some, but one look at his game tape (or his six straight 1,200+ yard rushing, 45+ reception, double-digit touchdown seasons) lets you know he was one of the best to ever play the game.  As we showed in our study on Smith’s chances of breaking college football’s all-time rushing record, he has been great (really, really great) everywhere he’s been.


Note: Per NFL rules, this video will only be available for 24 hours.  Visit NFL.com for more info.

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“Time Warp 22”. . .Remember when?

January 21, 1993:  The Triplets’ first Super Bowl

Coming off a season in which he rushed for a league-leading 1,713 yards, Smith led the ‘Boys to a 52-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills.  He rushed for 108 yards and a score in the victory.

Super Bowl XXVII

Emmitt’s Road to Canton, Part II

Below are more Dallas Cowboys Times pictures from Hall of Fame Weekend.  Today’s photos feature Emmitt ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell outside of the Hall of Fame building.

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