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Cowboys Release Three

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The Cowboys have released safety Pat Watkins, tight end Scott Sicko, and wide receiver Terrell Hudgins in their first round of roster cuts.  The team needs to be down to 75 players by tomorrow.

Watkins release was inevitable.  With his injury history and young, promising rookies behind him (Owusu-Ansah, Hamlin, Church, and McCray), there simply wasn’t a spot for Watkins, even with his solid special teams play.

I also didn’t anticipate the release of Sicko, at least not so soon.  The Cowboys were able to coax Sicko into signing a free agent contract with the team, so they obviously liked something about him.  His play in the preseason was poor, though, and it’s probably never a good idea to save a roster spot for someone who may not be 100 percent committed to football.

With only DajLeon Farr and Martin Rucker sitting behind Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett, however, I thought Sicko would at least stick around for the last preseason game.  His ability to motion and transition into an F-Back type role is something Bennett can’t really do.

His release means the Cowboys might be willing to run less two-tight end sets in 2010.  This makes sense with the weapons they have at receiver. 

It is also good news for fullback Chris Gronkowski.  I still don’t think it is a good idea for the team to retain two fullbacks, but maybe they envision Gronkowski as more of a fullback/tight end hybrid who can fit into a role similar to that of John Phillips, circa 2009.

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2 Responses to Cowboys Release Three

  1. john coleman says:

    Yeah, Gronkowski makes the team by default. I think Sicko got scared after he got his bell rung. It could also mean the Cowboys will keep two TEs and Gronk. Which IMO would necessitate a shift to more 3 wide sets. I do think somehow, someway we need to get the ball to Marty B more. He will absolutely punish DBs trying to tackle him. I think in general this team needs a mean streak. As far as Watkins goes, everybody saw it coming. Hudgins had no real shot because of nt being 100% healthy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the practice squad. If Sicko is committed he might end up there as well. With all of the TE acquisition you knew something was up. Phillips getting hurt was a bigger blow than most realize. I personally believe he was better than a lot of starters league wide. I would also expect some more mild surprises in the upcoming cuts. Hamlin for example could be on the bubble. Depending on how they feel about Ansah’s progress and McCann’s abilities. The numbers won’t allow all of them to stay. Your boy Anderson might be a casualty as well. Although I agree that Gronk is not ready as a blocker. It’s going to be interesting.

  2. I don’t think the Cowboys should keep Sicko at all. Football isn’t exactly something you can half-ass, and he’s obviously not 100 percent committed. I think the Cowboys saw that or he wouldn’t have been released in the first round of cuts.

    Hamlin and Anderson will both be interesting cases. No matter what, you’ll see some “surprises” simply because of numbers. A lot of people think they’ll keep both Church and McCray, but I can’t see that.

    But you’re right, I will be very disappointed if Anderson leaves. With all of the lead blocking the fullback does in this offense (even after a shift to more three-receiver sets), they’ll be sorry they let him go. Further, I think you can get Gronkowski on PS.

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