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Cowboys Videos: Homecoming with Emmitt Smith | The DC Times

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Cowboys Videos: Homecoming with Emmitt Smith

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Excellent video of Emmitt Smith back home.

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2 Responses to Cowboys Videos: Homecoming with Emmitt Smith

  1. Tyrone Jenkins says:

    First of all, let me say that I am a die-hard Cowboys fan thru and thru.

    But I just gotta mention…Emmitt Smith was a very good back. A Hall of Fame back. But let’s keep his achievements in perspective.

    His entire career he was blessed to be on a team that had a HOF QB, HOF WR and HOF TE as well as Pro Bowl talent on the O line as well.

    In most surveys from experts on who the top 10 RBs of all time are, he rarely if at all breaks to top 5.

    I love Emmitt for who he is (a great man) and what he did for my favorite team. I’m not trying to hate on him, as he is truly a HOF caliber football player, but jut wanted to add perspective to the greatness that is the Cowboys at the time of his reign.

  2. I’d agree he isn’t the best RB of all-time (although I do think he is top five), but this weekend is just about celebrating his greatness, whether he was the best or the 100th best.

    We should have some good stuff from Canton for you in the coming days.

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